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  1. Just added the Arcadia 2001 adapter to Rolo's cart family i own! Other super positive feedback for Roland!
  2. Bought the adapter for the VC-4000, and now i'll check if does he have an Arcadia 2001 one, i'd like to full optional my Rolo multicart! Thank you Rolo!
  3. Hi bought this card to give it a look, it works fine and i'm wondering if it can also emulate the spectre128 card... did anyone tested with a 128k apple rom? i'm waiting for a 27c322 eprom to try myself....
  4. Great setup, very nice work! I have a NTSC Aquarius too, in wich i made composite mod only, but it's my "boxed" (and quite new) ones, so i promised myself to not open it anymore!
  5. Yes, the pic was taken at first stage of test... i connected pin 1 too and got 16 colours in HDMI: i also added a "composite mod" getting audio and componend from RF input and routing them to the printer port, and using a TRRD to RCA cable
  6. Thank you, i'd never think in looking for an emulator's folder! I red about the RGB mod, but i've now perfect hdmi output, and made a simple composite mod wiring the comp and audio signal to the "printer" 3,5 jack, in my Aquarius (a Pal one) it works without any other components, with a TRS to RCA cable. The only issue is some white rumour in the SND line, i've added a filter and a resistor in serial without result, i'll work on it. I've the background rumour in the microexpander output too.
  7. i used the files in Bruce's blog to make my microexpander, i'm waiting for new ch376 since the old ones works only few minutes.. i also added an HDMI output using the RGBtoHDMI project created by stardot.uk users, and picking the digital RGBI value directly from TEA1002: Now... i'd like to play with Burgertime, but it seems not easy to find the .BIN file... any hint to get it (either than buy an Aquaricart)?
  8. Yes, i missed the link! found it and just ordered some, thank you!
  9. How can i get the miniboard for mounting the 9-pin mini din socket? I didn't found the gerbers files in the repository, any suggestions?
  10. Good news! please put me in list for two boards!
  11. Thank you Jimmy, i'm interested and have no hurry! I've a TI/99, a Colecovision, some Sega SC-3000 and some MSX machines that i'd like to upgrade to rgb, so i was thinking about ordering a small batch (5 pieces is usually the minimum) from one of the chinese pcb builder, but price is usually high for theese quantities... waiting for news from you and your friends!
  12. Great project! i'd like a couple of this boards if someone will make a batch!
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