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  1. Hopefully I can get a color one in the future but this is the most satisfying way to play for sure!
  2. And yes they where both tested on another tv before hand. Thanks!
  3. It was the fine tuning inner knob!
  4. Oh damn your right! I was wondering why the inner rings free spun even when not changing channels, I’ll try adjusting those while it’s on later tonight.
  5. Oh that’s fine I’m happy for any input! And thanks for the compliment I love being able to play Galaga at home! Sorry what sort of fine tuning knob do you mean? And I cannot pick up any channel or anything on channel 3 if that’s what you are talking about.
  6. Yes the channel is set to 3 as the tv is, just odd that I’m getting no picture. Hopefully it’s not something more serious...
  7. Hey Fellas, just bought an old tv and I am trying to hook up my Atari 2600 to it via a switch box but I’m only getting another type of static. When not connected the tv works fine and produces sound but I’m not able to get the Atari to show up on the tv. What I know: The 2600 works, and the switch box works. I’ve attached photos to see if I’ve done anything wrong. Setup: Tv model number: Tv with Atari off: Tv with Atari on:
  8. Thanks fellas! Odd color change, guess its just later production of its white?
  9. Congratulations Gray Defender! Might i ask what controller you where using?
  10. That’s an amazing score Steve! I’m still trying to reach enough for a patch...
  11. Johnrh


    I definitely agree fireball could have been done better but for a 2600 game I have some fun with it.
  12. Hello fellas I recently got a few supercharger games to bolster my collection and one of them is this copy of Communist mutants from space but it is a white cassette, Ive only seen it in black really so I was wondering if its different at all. Thanks. PS I am sure people will ask but no there are no stampings on the cassette of numbers or dates.
  13. Thanks for the tips! Ive probably put only about 5 hours total into it so I hadnt developed that strategy yet, definitely seems to be the smart way to go of resetting it when you get a low star..
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