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  1. I’m interested in a kit as well when they become available!
  2. I’ll agree with you there I went a bit over board, I’m just one of the lurkers that has been seeing the Taco Thread Movement(tm) slowly build up momentum over the years and now that the vaporware box actually is arriving at peoples doors they still make fun of the people that backed it even if they where happy to do so. I just got pissed a bit when all I’ve seen is negativity over the years and I hop onto this new vcs made sub forum after receiving my console and it’s just the same old comments. I’ll agree Shawn that I might have had a stick up my ass.
  3. Surprise surprise amazing detective work! I just don’t get it, you fellas go on to insult me when all I’ve been trying to say is why are you all being a dick to the people that have one and enjoy it? Not everyone has to agree with your feelings and you don’t have to agree with mine. I just don’t get it, a few of you here in this thread are huge names on this site and I’ve never seen you fellas be such a dick about something.... this is the legitimate VCS sub forum right? I’m not in a meme section?
  4. It’s smaller than expected but it’s sturdy as hell, controllers feel a little light but are pretty firm and don’t feel cheap, and I’m usually used to an Xbox elite controller with double aa’s in it which adds a lot of weight. if anything the people that don’t think the console will be worth while should look into the controllers they made when they come out.
  5. I received mine Thursday so they should be arriving soon here for most backers I would assume, my kid loves the new version of the classic joystick! Pretty smooth on paddle games as well.
  6. There’s a reason the taco thread was nuked. Nothing good came out of that thread.
  7. I’ll lighten up, I’m just saying I’ve sat back and seen plenty people here make fun of the thing since it was announced 3 years ago. If you where never interested in it in the first place but spend your time crapping on it for 3 years? That’s just pretty sad.
  8. Man, you guys never will give up at wasting everyone’s time will you? if you funded the ataribox campaign it seems all anyone does is bully people for it here.
  9. Shut down again? Man I didn’t even get to see it when you brought it back lol
  10. Hopefully I can get a color one in the future but this is the most satisfying way to play for sure!
  11. And yes they where both tested on another tv before hand. Thanks!
  12. Oh damn your right! I was wondering why the inner rings free spun even when not changing channels, I’ll try adjusting those while it’s on later tonight.
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