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  1. In answer to #2 The 400/800 RF Shield was designed to conform to a very strict set of FCC guidelines because it used normal TVs as a output. Later the FCC relaxed these guidelines to be more in line with those computers with monitors dealt with, so a smallish sized hole shouldn't have a major effect on anything else because overshoots current (and any sane) regulations by a wide margin.
  2. Everything is working thx everyone. We still need to adjust the POTs to the correct image, I am getting everything setup for it right now. I am happy to have a working Atari, a 400 was my first computer.
  3. Still working but we made to the system test screen
  4. Just trying to get the system up, we are getting either a black or red screen (we are colorblind and the lcd is old). I have a voltmeter with discontinuity checking and that is about it. We were pulling up chips and reseating them to see if that fixed the system.
  5. Hi, I recently bought a 800xl which I am attempting to get working. We accidentally powered the system on with the GTIA off by one peg (to the right) . Did we permently damage it?
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