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  1. Thanks, I noticed Knight Rider is listed as a future 2600 release. I bet that would have taken a lot of hard work.
  2. 16982, never played this before. Pretty like so many Activision games.
  3. Man kicks my butt astroblast 20595
  4. Circus Atari: 1124 warlords Bonus: 9
  5. Fun game, I keep all the paddle carts together so I can enjoy them one after the other. 6A/B - 344
  6. all good games! Ms Galactopus 12875 City Defence 5469 Doggone it! 18989
  7. There were 6 moon landings (Apollo 11,12,14,15,16,17). Since you mentioned strings I know you must have been mistakenly watching the original ‘Thunderbirds’ instead.
  8. Based on past performance, I am highly skeptical but waiting to be proved wrong.
  9. I keep seeing folks say this, but what evidence is there for the 96? I only saw a pile of boxes. Sorry if I missed an unboxing somewhere.
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