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  1. It wonderful you were able to contact Larry Kaplan about bowling!
  2. I suggest unzipping and loading the rom collection here http://www.atarimania.com/rom_collection_archive_atari_2600_roms.html that is already organized in several excellent ways onto a blank sd card and trying that. I browse the homebrew forum for old and new roms. I would do forum searches for your other questions, although all controllers should work with the harmony. Some games use the right port so watch for that. I can navigate the menu with my paddles so if you can't do that, clean them.
  3. Excellent video as usual, the info on the source games and competing systems makes your videos unique, and valuable.
  4. 5x7

    Mystery Cart

    Pressure Cooker
  5. 5x7

    Difficulty A/B...

    You were supposed to turn it off to switch carts so the difficuly switches were the answer, I just wish they had made them project out a bit more.
  6. Thank you for doing these, I look forward to each one, they are a treasure. I am also so sorry for your loss.
  7. That was excellent, really look forward to these!
  8. I will add that Space shuttle included a very necessary overlay for 6 switch and four switch 2600s and I assume they never made one later for Jrs.
  9. 5x7

    New label

    Thats nice, I would also like an end label that works around the sd card and usb on the end:
  10. Ah, required lateral thinking...Great clue!
  11. I think that has to be it but I don’t get clue 1.
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