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  1. Spring 2020 ends June 20 but they might be talking Southern Hemisphere so could be Dec 2020. Really if you look at it, did they ever say 2020? So it could be an unnamed future spring.
  2. 5x7


    I appreciate you sharing this!
  3. Now you've made me go out and pick some up. I think it was the juicy lime bathing in a sea of caressing bubbles...
  4. This is so awesome, space invaders variations didn’t get tried often because of the huge number of presses. Imagine going for 100 and going past it!
  5. I like boutique sauces but when in a pinch enjoy Texas Pete. I ran out and had to get a sauce from the supermarket and got Texas Pete Hotter. It’s uncomfortable straight, and doesn’t taste as good imo to the original, it not like Atari VCS in that it’s inexpensive and you can try it today.
  6. This thread is horribly off taco, so... are these any good?
  7. The motion makes me feel i'll, but I'm more sensitive than others.
  8. I wonder if it crashed there at the end.
  9. Oh my that needs to be their store! It’s the friggin launch title! (Ship missing due to flicker)
  10. Don’t want to go too OT but “BITD” both the Supercharger and CBS advertised their hardware as an improvement so the ARM doesn’t seem fundamentally different than those, or the unadvertised Burgertime RAM, SARA RAM, or the DPC chip. Last Pic is the ARM logo, put it on every cart!
  11. That is awesome. Make sure the Pittsburg Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles get their cut.
  12. 5x7


    Amazing project. "Bitf*ck", really?
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