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  2. Wanted to stay on one thread , New Items For Sale Fairchild Channel F Video Whizball and Atari 400/800 Trs-80 Ricochet Both are Complete, Pm me with an offer on either one, Thanks
  3. I send u atext on the site saying I am sorry, how to I keep adding new items to the same thread? Don't want spam again, thanks John
  4. Tempest is running this site not u, still learning how to add to current post so it's all one place . If tempest need to talk to me then he will pm me
  5. U got guts telling me it stolen property, Everything is from two people both former employees no high level this or that, So back off,
  6. If Intrest then pm me, thanks Gamecube Company documents with Printing sample disc Need For Speed Most Wanted 10-10-2005 Also Ps2 The Godfather limited ed. With Color pages n documents n Ps2 The Simpsons skateboarding with color page n many documents. No Discs For Those. Ds Lite Rock Band 3 Prototype Play Great
  7. If Intrest Pm me, PS3 Pre Alpha Dead Space 3 Four Diffirent Dates 8-24-12, 8-25-12, 8-27-12 and 8-23-12 Xbox 360 Pre Alpha Sims 3 Console - HH 2. 4-28-11
  8. Best price for these by pm I got was 105 for each, So for Star Raiders 400/800 poster I can do 125, For Atari 2600 Empire Strikes Back I can do 150 or Both For 250, U need to consider these are rare n You will not Find Any on the Net As the Former Atari Employee That I am Doing business With Was in Charge of The Atari Booth At The Computer n Gaming Shows Back in the Day n Kept Everything , The user who bought the Space invaders n Missile Command Posters Was Happy as These Came From The Same Source, I will have More Diffirent Ones Tomorrow Among Other Things. Thanks
  9. Forgot to mention the regular Empire strikes back poster with a tear n rip that sold for 160 on eBay is the same one except mine is cardboard display Version, Neither the star raiders or Empire strikes back can't be found on the net.
  10. The empire strikes back poster is advertising the Parker Brothers Atari, a little history back in late 70 until 1984 Atari had a large Booth Advertising their Latest Items n these Cardboard Displays were in Stand up Frames so the Public Could See their Latest Game's Being Release Doing the Year, Well went the Computer n Gaming Show For Store Buyers n Public These were Meant To Be Throw Away, Well This Former Employee Kept Everything the prototype games, shirts, jackets, buttons n pins, posters n Cardboard Displays, Whistles, Coffee Mugs with Atari logo n pix of Games on Them , keychains Etc Everything Atari n will be working with family for the next three months.
  11. By the way missile command contest is a Cardboard Display Which Sold n Happy Thankgiving To Everyone!!!!
  12. Taking Offers on these Very Rare Thick Cardboard Displays , From Former Atari Employee Where Missile Command Contest Poster Came From, First is Atari Star Raiders 400/800 Game n Second is a Empire Strikes Back Park Brothers Game Star Raiders Measures are a Little More Than 12 n a Half Inches Tall n Nearly 10 Inches Wide Empire Strikes Back Measures a little more than 12 n Half Inches Tall n Nearly a Tab More Than 8 inches Wide Now On EBay a Store Display Poster Version with A Tear n Rip Sold For 160 These Are Much Rarer
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