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  1. haha yeah definately not vector graphics, but colorful and bright! whirring sound is in-game music :DDD controls are probably ok. gameplay is probably not so ok still, loved it as a child, what are you gonna do.
  2. haha that description must have triggered some old pathways in the old brain, right after submitting my post it came to me: "alien chase" is the name.
  3. I have vivid memories of playing this, it had a colour screen and pretty interesting gameplay, where you had to grab these red aliens flying around the screen and take them to your base. It was 2 player competitive so the other player could steal the alien from you and use it to score on his base. It's just capture the flag I guess! But I remember it very fondly. I caught a glimpse of it and can't remember what it was called. Alien... something? Can't remember. It was quite big, and each player would play on opposite ends of the machine, one with his own joystick. I'd like to find it some day, but not knowing what it's called makes it kind of hard. The pictures only show a tiny glimpse of the machine but if you know it, you know it. Thank you.
  4. Hello! Very interested, would you mind sharing a pic of the actual board inside? Have been bitten in the past. Thanks
  5. asra


    I wouldnt say hes backed off from the community, I exchanged a few PMs a couple months ago with him myself. Seemed nice enough too. I understand the frustration but spilling negativity on this thread is unlikely to get him to make it available to the public though (not directing this at any specific person, just something to consider).
  6. Hey Mitch thanks for your reply, would you mind sharing some details on the unit? "sony tv tuner" returns a lot of unrelated items. something like a model number or something would be helpful. Thanks everyone for your replies! UPDATE!!! Found this bad boy, should I pull the trigger? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Professional-Analog-TV-Tuner-RF-Demodulator-For-NTSC-PAL-B-G-PAL-I-PAL-A-/192480942287
  7. Hi Thomas thanks for your reply. 2600 was just an example of a console that came as rf-only back in the day. Mine is actually rgb-modded My use case is one of the old nintendo pong-consoles image quality as well as lag are things I care about, so you know any experiences or recommendations with this type of converter is very much appreciated. (I'd rather not use a VCR for this, thnx) thank you!
  8. hello! I have a question related to older machines that don't have any kind of higher-quality output signal other than RF-out. Typically a 2600 would only come with this type of video out option, so you'd have to tune the tv channel to be able to play. Fast forward 30 years, I do most of my retro gaming on a BVM which only has composite, component and RGB input. Is there any device that will somehow allow me to tune the signal in like we used to do on those old TVs and view it on my BVM? (via composite, component or RGB) I'm based in europe so 220v compatibility is preferred. I run mostly NTSC consoles but have at least one PAL machine so the device I'm looking for would ideally support both types. I've had a look through ebay and amazon but not getting any interesting results back. Thank you!
  9. asra


    Interested in buying a unit if there’s any available in the future!
  10. thanks moonsweeper I take it you didn't look into rgb-modding or composite-modding them? ty!
  11. hello! I recently encountered a wild atari 2800 (cindy, japanese model). can anyone on here confirm if it works with the harmony cart? http://gaming.wikia.com/wiki/Atari_2800 it was apparently released in the US later on, as the "Sears Video Arcade II". if anyone can shed any light, please let me know. I'm considering buying it but need more info. (I messaged the author of the cart a couple of weeks ago, no replies). also, if you have any info regarding how to get RGB out of this thing, please let me know. (I emailed etim about this 2 weeks ago or so to ask if ti might work with his board, no replies yet). thank you.
  12. asra


    Please include me on any kind of preorder list. Any colour is fine
  13. Hello I would also like to get one of these beauties!! Please add me to the list, my money is ready!
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