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  1. Very much appreciate the update on the Majesco. No worries here. I just wanted to verify.
  2. I'm not in that area but I am able to do all of that work if you decide you want to ship the systems and can't find anyone local. Good luck!
  3. McWill are the majesco game gears still not officially supported at this time? The last comment I saw was that a firmware update was needed but that was at least a year or 2 ago.
  4. Yeah I was looking at the wiring fix and saw it in the corner of my eye. Always better to fix that stuff before it gets too bad.
  5. While you are in there. You should clean that green cartridge contact as well.
  6. As a small update. I have the newest revision prototypes in hand. These boards are currently in test and from my testing thus far they perform on par with the previous boards. Now that being said, I have begun to make modifications to the circuit from what citrus originally put out. All of these modifications are based on my findings from all of the installs. I believe I have located the source of the green bleed issue, as well as the dark/narrow line issues that those consoles were displaying. I am currently investigating a few other minor things I would like to see changed or improved. So no ETA on a new batch yet but hopefully in the near future.
  7. New prototype boards should be here soon. I have a few Colecovision consoles to test these on so with any luck I will be ordering the new batch very soon. On a different note, I have had 2 people report issues with green color bleed on white lines, specifically the lettering. It is most prominent in cases where a digital display and a scaler (Framemeister/OSSC) are in use but it might be visible on some PVM/BVM. In both cases there has also been an issue with screen brightness. If anyone has purchased a board from me and encountered this, please let me know. I am interested in finding a solution to this, if it is possible. On one board I had to use a much larger value pot for green to drive the signal down to spec. It was seeing 1VPP with the 5k pot maxed out. Again this has been limited to only 2 reports so far and the same RGB board does not exhibit the issue on a different Colecovision board. So I do believe it is the main board that is causing the heavy green saturation and dark image.
  8. While I am all for preservation, it is possible to composite mod the console without damaging the casing. My own personal RGB modded console has no holes cut in it. You also have to watch because some modern TV's won't even pick up the RF signal.
  9. That's why I said for testing. I didn't say I use it all the time. I have a proper manual switch as well if I want to do something beyond see if the Colecovision will display an image. Although honestly why even use the RF? The video output was never good and even a simple composite mod is exponentially better.
  10. There is no mod for HDMI on the 2600. Anyone offering it is probably just jamming a composite to HDMI converter inside. Your TV will do a better job.
  11. I normally use a Nintendo RF switch for testing them. It works fine to verify if a picture is coming up at least.
  12. Just FYI, I am almost out of stock on these. I will be ordering more but making a few alterations to the board. The changes will not be require current owners to upgrade. They are mainly minor changes based on data I have compiled. There also will not be a price change for the next revision. If anyone wants bare boards to build themselves, I do have a few bare boards of this current revision that I could sell without components.
  13. Technically it should. As long as it has the same series vdp equipped. I don't know if anyone has actually tried it yet.
  14. Couple things. First, how are you getting composite video? That board only produces component video, so you would need to pull composite video from the expansion connector and I would recommend building the proper circuit for it. Second, check for cold or broken solder joints on the board itself. They make those by hand and I have seen that on 2 boards in the past. Part of the reason I won't use them. Lastly, double check all of your connections. Make sure you are tapping the correct lines from the expansion bus. The pots on that board are brightness, blue, and red. Green is created by the difference between blue and red and luma on that board, if I recall correctly.
  15. No it's not similar to the boards made by Tim Worthington for those consoles. Signals are pulled from the VDP directly and converted to RGB. If you are looking to do this mod yourself, yurkie does not sell DIY kits.
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