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  1. The connector I have installed in the MSDEXP is good for thousands upon thousands of insertions. Both the cart connector and the expansion connector are gold plated as well. The main advantage to using it for CD games with the 32x still attached is that you don't also need to mess with the AV and power cables when you want to play CD games. With the 32x, you need to remove the AV cables and reconnect everything.
  2. In case anyone was concerned about stock, I still have a pretty healthy amount left from the first batch and have a second batch in production already. I expect to still have boards from batch 1 by the time batch 2 arrives.
  3. If you didn't see, my boards have been available for purchase for a few hours. Most are shipping same day or next day. Just depends on when the order goes in and when the Post Office run is. I am doing both US and International sales. Boards are all manufactured at the highest quality and all parts are sourced from legitimate electronics distributors. There are no AliExpress parts anywhere on the board and no cheap prototype JLCPCB, DirtyPCB, or other inexpensive fab houses in use. This matters as many of the places that specialize in prototypes have a thin solder mask that is easily rubbed off. Not the case here. All boards are ENIG finished in a 0.8mm thickness to ease soldering and prevent oxidation/corrosion. I also went with an extremely tight tolerance on R8. Specifically a 0.1% Panasonic Thin Film resistor. These are already tested, bagged, and ready for you.
  4. There was never a schematic for the PCB. It was made from that schematic. Anyone who wants to take it on is of course welcome to do so. I've been working on a replacement for a long time now but I have lots of projects and not a lot of time. So it is not a quick fix.
  5. It's near the beginning. Be prepared for a lot of support if you offer these for sale. The original circuit needs many modifications and I spent a considerable amount of time dealing with people who were upset about the quality. Along with the need for an oscilloscope to properly dial it in, which most users won't have.
  6. The schematic is posted in this thread. It's open source and has been around for 20+ years
  7. What is displayed on the LCD screen of the OSSC when you connect it?
  8. The OSSC is compatible with csync. The issue is the circuit used in the French Colecovision.
  9. In this same thread he's already been told. If he really paid 2k for someone to make one, they not only ripped him off but should have done their homework. The citrus board was adapted from published datasheets. I'm taking it further and will have something superior to any of the available RGB mods, except the F18. Since that mod adapts the digital signals and uses code to build RGB.
  10. Citrus does not have anything to do with the project anymore. He created the first revision and released it. I took over the project from him and have been actively working on it ever since. But ultimately, it is an open source project for anyone to work on/use.
  11. Yes absolutely. Just keep in mind that whoever sells the boards is ultimately responsible for providing support.
  12. Anyone can sell the colecovision RGB boards from citrus. The new boards I have been working on however, I have no intention of selling on eBay.
  13. Well it turns out I am correct. There is a mistake on the 2019 Lynx PCB that prevents access to VGA mode. You have to sever the trace to remove ground from the menu pad and allow VGA mode to be accessed. While this lynx is still weird in other ways, the VGA and LCD modes work now.
  14. So looking into this more. I think the newest revision boards have a mistake in them. The board I have here is new this year. I noticed that right away since the ground pad is no longer under the flex cable and it says McWill really big on the silk screen. It appears that the menu pad is ALWAYS connected to ground now. So no matter what you can never get into VGA mode. The only thing I can think of to try and stop this is to cut the trace leading to the via that is connecting it to ground. However I am wary of doing this since I believe this is likely a defect or a new change in the install that has not been disclosed to people. I'd love to get some feedback here from McWill himself.
  15. Yeah that is a perfect explanation of what I am encountering. I was considering just adding a separate button to control the mode switching for this customer. Since ultimately the VGA mode was what they really care about. The membrane used on the Lynx 2 has been problematic as long as I can remember, so it doesn't surprise me at all. Thanks for giving me hope that I am on the right path.
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