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  1. This one is nicer. 😎 https://www.ebay.de/itm/Vectrex-lightpen/164438467780
  2. Suppose you have already bought it but if somebody else is interested too, I can make you a pen.
  3. For sale is a Nintendo SNES super Famicom controller modded for Vectrex. Cleaned, but some scratches present due to the previous usage. Buttons are mapped as follows: Nintendo Vectrex Button A - red Fire 1 Button B - yellow Fire 2 Button X - blue Fire 3 Button Y - green Fire 4 Left shoulder b. Fire 3 Right shoulder b. Fire 4 For use only on Vectrex, will not work on other systems! This is a digital controller, which means that few games that require analog joystick (like Hyperchase) will not work properly. Price: 45€/$50/£38 + shipping 7€ Europe / $13 world I have 3 pieces, if you buy more than one, shipping is the same and I can make some discount too.
  4. First one sold. The second one is now with fixed price or highest offer. http://ebay.us/yVnmV1?cmpnId=5338273189
  5. Was thinking about that but I have found this box just few fays ago and I do not have a propper sticker printed for the lid, I do not have I time to order it since auction is ending soon. I do not want to ruin it with some lazy diy bubble jet print. But I can provide some extra stickers used for the pen since I have a bunch I will not use, so you can stick it on the box if you think it is suitable.
  6. The VecXmas will be packed in nice cardboard box in which you can keep the pen while not used.
  7. Hi guys! I have made a special Xmas edition of the lightpen: This is the C version, with integrated controller connector. I will made also the B version with directional buttons instead of connector. So only these 2 will be made! If you would like to buy it, feel free to place your bid on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/163955121990 Happy bidding! 🙂
  8. Hi guys! I have one spare lightpen version B, since VectorPolaris has ordered it, but hasn't responded till now on a message (@VectorPolaris: this is also the last call for you if still interested) if somebody would like to buy it.
  9. Hey guys, read your private messages, I've wrote message to few of you that has ordered the pen but they are still unread.
  10. I will now close taking orders at least until I finish all on waiting list. After that I will decide if I will continue with making them or not.
  11. Ok, putting you on the list. Greetings from Slovakia (in Europe too). 🙂
  12. Hi Jacuk, I can put you on the list. I can make 2 pens a week so you'll have to wait a bit, maybe a month or so. As soon as I will made it I will let you know the payment details. Watch your private messages. Other guys too please check your messages, I have few not responded.
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