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  1. Also on Ebay if somebody prefers... https://www.ebay.com/itm/163770702763
  2. I have next one for direct sale if you or somebody else is interested: 50€ to Europe or 60$ to rest of the world, shipping included. Same as previous on ebay, for description click link above...
  3. Nobody was interested here, so it's now on auction on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/163766991419
  4. Hi. I have a complete Vectrex game Berzerk for sale, it is in very nice condition, box is not much worn, stiff and just a bit torn on edges, manual has a bit dirty first page, cartridge is very clean and preserved such as the cartridge tray insert. Overlay has a surface scratches but not deep and not affecting play. Overlay sleeve is original but worn at opening. The price is 45€ with postage included to EU, or 55$ with postage included to the rest of the world. Send me a message is you are interested.
  5. Next one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/163737701902
  6. Hi guys! Pen is now listed on Ebay: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163736348999 Took me a bit longer to list it, but Vectrexroli has been very kind to warn me about a drawback of the lightpen, that blocking both ports might be a problem for users using multicarts with software menus so I have built and included in the offer also the Y joystick splitter so joystick can be connected in parallel with the pen. In future builds I will probably rather integrate the connector for joystick into the larger box (instead little box on the cables splitting point) so the there is less mess with the cables. So wish you the happy bidding!
  7. And what about Sony PS1 controller? I plan to mod few for Vectrex...
  8. Hi guys! Would realy like to make happy all of you, but I am quite bussy and I am software developer not hardware builder so to build these things manually takes much more time for me than to skilled builders. However I would like to build at least about 10 peaces, but can't promiss any dates, will see how things will go during summer holiday, maybe Ill find a time to make a few. I will put this one pictured here on ebay auction to give all equal chance to get it, will let you know when it'll be listed. The most annoying thing on building lightpens is moddifying the joystick connectors to fit Vectrex - its hard to make the cut so that it looks same every time and it does not look very well. I have got an idea to build a "Vectrex joystick cutter" either as some kind of pliers with which you could cut connector in single move, or as some kind of mold in which you would stick the connector and make cuts with knife or drill along the edges or gaps/slots. If I had such a tool I could make pens faster, so here is my offer: if somebody makes the VeciJoyCutter I will trade the lightpen for it!
  9. Interesting, can you please attach a picture of this prototype?
  10. Hi guys! Let me share with you my latest build! It is, what I believe is a first lightpen with buttons for Vectrex which realy looks like pen! I know that some guy has made one few years ago, but it was made I think with 3D printed case with a bit weird design in my opinion with all the respect to the maker. Short story behind this is, that I've bought my first Vectrex about year ago and I thought that I could try to make a lightpen for it, which I have by using the known guide from Playvectrex. When finished I found the usage by drawing with one hand and controlling by other a bit clumsy but I said to myself - OK, it is like it is, anyway I am not an artist and didn't wanted to use it much. But than few weeks later, new video from Vectrex Roli came out, in which he was talking about Vectrex controllers and said that "there is no lightpen with buttons, but maybe somebody will make one someday", which turned a light in my head and I thought that maybe I could be that "someone". :-) The rest is a history - I made a prototype which worked well, so I made a first s.n.001 which is already in possession of Vectrex Roli since I think he deserves it as an author of an idea. On these pictures is the second one I've made. So feel free to comment and ask any questions. :-) Thank you, Rastislav
  11. Thank you, I am glad you like it! :-) This one is also sold, but here is next one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/163711758473
  12. Hi guys! I have modded a Sega Megadrive/Genesis controller for my own needs but have tried also to put it on Ebay and to my surprise they are selling quite well, so I have now got a bunch of Sega controllers for modding. If you would like to have one too, check it on ebay: Sega Controller Modded for Vectrex If you would like some other button order or if you have some other special wish, please send me a pm and if I can I will gladly make one customised just for you. :-) Have a nice day!
  13. Hi guys, I am looking for an Apple Scribe thermal printer manual, but can't find it anywhere. Does somebody have a scanned pdf and can share it with me?
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