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  1. I wonder if that's some sort of vindication getting a response 3x larger than you initially thought. It's such a niche product, it must've been tough to come up with a profit margin you felt comfortable with. I'm assuming the UK has dodged the Trump tarrif extravaganza so far, but that's an interesting point as that would fall back on the consumer at the end of the day anyway.
  2. @SainT I'm curious how you're feeling about the response to your product so far. I clicked the preorder button so fast when I saw it was available that my mouse almost exploded. I really appreciate your dedication to this old relic of a console and please don't let the negative commentary and vitriol spoil your incredible achievement and hard work. I'm also curious how Brexit may impact your production/shipping, though maybe you share the same curiosity...? Thank you so much for your hard work and I hope you're in better health these days.
  3. Sounds like the only thing left to test is Missile Command 3D in VR.
  4. More rewarding than the progress you're making is just knowing that you're feeling better. I'm really sorry for what you're going through and I hope your health will stabilize soon. Thanks for persevering and working as hard as you do!
  5. Oh cool! Can someone provide me a link for that? I'm honestly more curious about the price and how to acquire a Jag SD cart when those become available. I keep getting burned trying to get a Phoebe unit for my Saturn, and the Jaguar is a far more interesting console to me, so I just want to be prepared is all.
  6. I really like the shell and honestly, I wouldn't want it to look like any other cart. I completely trust the designer with this and it makes me wish I'd been around when he released the Lynx SD cart. I'm assuming this may be buried somewhere in the thread, but is it too early to ask about a price and how these will be made available?
  7. Whether or not something is underrated is completely relative, and for me I'm learning a lot about what people think are special games either to them personally or better as a collective group. I like seeing how people have a different opinion from my own and want to take that into account when I do my Jag video. Seeing so many people praise I-War was definitely a surprise for me, and equally surprising is the lack of love for Brutal Sports Football, but then I'm also very new to the forums here. A couple of people have mentioned some "ranking," is there some official ranking of Jaguar games that I'm missing out on?
  8. @PFG 9000 I liked Syndicate on the Jaguar a lot. I think it was just intimidating to get into because of the controls, but I found it more playable than say, X-Com and the PS1 at the time. On that note, Cannon Fodder was another one of my favorite games for the system that I thought translated very well without a mouse. I never noticed that about the other versions of Rayman, but that makes sense. I know they put a few more features into the PS1 version of the game, including an alpha version of Rayman 2 (back when it was going to be 2D) if you completed 100% of the game. I'm with you though, I always figure that as long as the controls are solid, then I'm more likely to blame myself than the game for failing.
  9. It's cool seeing all the I-War love. Definitely seems like an underappreciated game based on the response. It's funny you mention Skyhammer. I just saw the new Blade Runner last night and during most scenes where they were flying around the city it actually made me want to go home and play that game. Didn't Skyhammer use the AvP engine? I think you're right about that one being underrated too.
  10. A much younger version of me owned this game and I have to say I think you're right. It got a bad rep but it was super fun and I thought honestly the dialogue was pretty funny. "Get off me chump!" has been permanently engrained in my memory banks at this point. Super fun multiplayer as well.
  11. I agree that Atari Karts is great. The smooth framerate and actual scaling sprites definitely make it look technically superior to Mario Kart. Do you think AK also plays better than MK? Thanks for your take on i-War, that sounds like a game I have to give another shot now.
  12. I understand that Doom is already very highly regarded as a Jaguar title by Jaguar enthusiasts, I just think it deserves more credit beyond just being a great port of a great game. Sounds like it's getting the credit it deserves though if people are posting videos talking about the Jag version specifically, so that's cool! Can you give me some insight into what it is that you guys like about i-War? I don't dislike the game or anything, but I'm definitely curious to hear a fan's take on it. I love AotMP, and maybe just based on weirdness alone it could translate well to being a top title on a more popular console. Missile Command 3D is a good call as well, and wasn't that the only title that worked with the VR headset?
  13. I'm new here but not necessarily to the Jaguar library. I was looking for a thread on underrated/underappreciated Jaguar games and didn't find anything, so I'm sorry if I missed something. I feel like some Jag games don't get the love they deserve and I'm curious to get some other takes on this (either OG or homebrew titles). Here's my list: Brutal Sports Football -- I think this and NBA Jam are THE BEST 2 player games on the console and pretty much anytime I dust off my Jaguar I always gravitate towards this game. There's just something about watching old muscle heads with gray hair stabbing lizard men with knives and kicking their heads around the field. I love how Overtime is essentially a literal interpretation of "Sudden Death." I always felt the controls were excellent and I know that while it was originally released on the Amiga, they planned on ports for the SNES and Genesis. I'm sad we never got them, but the great pixel art combined with a cool single player tournament mode and pretty solid play mechanics has kept me coming back to my Jaguar for years. Doom -- I know Doom on the Jaguar gets some love, but I think it deserves more recognition due to it being the only port of the game coded by ID Software and became the anchor which nearly every other port of the game, including the excellent PSX version, were derived from. You could either spend all your parent's cash on a crazy expensive PC, play a handful of crappy console ports, or play the Jaguar version which still holds up today. Iron Soldier -- I hate mech games, but I adore Iron Soldier (never played the sequel). The first time I played this game and looked down at a tank shooting me from the ground, I was blown away that I could actually see my giant mech feet stomping the crap out of everything in the environment, including the poor tank! I still think the destruction on larger buildings looks pretty good, and this is still the only time I've ever felt like I was controlling this lumbering mechanical monster with a machine gun (and eventually a friggin' chainsaw). Rayman -- The original is still my favorite version of the game, and I know it's insanely hard and not perfectly balanced the closer to the end you get, but I still think this Jaguar game is one of the best on the console and pretty much any other retro console for that matter. Debatably the best looking game on the Jaguar, Ubi Soft really showed off how well the system could push a bunch of colorful sprites around the screen. The controls are pretty much perfect and the core gameplay is really fun, it's just the level design ranges from excellent to "huh?" after the first couple of stages. Power Drive Rally -- Another great looking Jaguar game, my only complaint with PDR is that the controls feel a bit stiff. Once you learn how the cars handle though, this is probably my favorite overhead racer in existence. There were some great ones for the Neo Geo, but I felt that you need ludicrous reaction time in those to survive, and I think that PDR found the perfect balance of warning signals and track design. This is another must have for me, even though I know it doesn't push the Jaguar very much, it just has a certain charm to it that you don't get in a lot of games today.
  14. I agree it was never really brought home properly, but some of the console versions were at least OK. Maybe I'm just hopeful because I thought Total Carnage turned out better than it probably should've.
  15. Lucky and Wild (not sure how this would work...) Marble Madness TMNT The Arcade Game Final Fight The Punisher Ikari Warriors Space Harrier Super Dodge Ball
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