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  1. What do you do with a drunken sailor? What do you do with a drunken sailor? What do you do with a drunken sailor, early in the morning? Sell him a box branded Atari. Sell him a box branded Atari. Sell him a box branded Atari. Or just go get Tacos!
  2. This line made me laugh: "In the new Call Of Duty, you’re forced to fight Middle Eastern rebels. Why couldn’t they just be tomatoes instead?"
  3. Happens with every new industry. Some people see money, so they enter a market to make a quick buck. Then the market bites them. Too many quick-buck-makers, & the market bites everyone else too. That gets me thinking. I wonder if Leisure Time had a Pac-Man clone...
  4. I prefer Friends Lists to Followers Lists; Friends seems humanizing; Followers makes me think of mindless zombies. (Classic hypnosis-zombies, not Romero-style ghouls.)

  5. I'm interested in the Winderswan, but I've never even seen one in real life.
  6. This is different... This is more like someone bought Mcgregor's old land, & someone who hasn't been in town a long time comes back & thinks Mcgregor still owns it. There's little harm if the new owner produces the same quality produce, but if they're just talking about how great their farm is while producing nothing, then we have a problem. But only for a little while; eventually word will get out that new owners have taken over & that the farm's crops aren't any good anymore.
  7. For good reason. Suppose Mr. Mcgregor starts a farm. It thrives for awhile, but eventually things change, & the farm must shut down. A decade or so later, another farmer moves to town, also named Mcgregor. Should he be barred from using the name Mcgregor's Farm? No; the old farm is long gone. Even if someone remembers it, they won't associate the new farm with the old.
  8. I don't know; a brand is just a word, a mark. I'm sure you could put whatever trademarks which represented the brand into the public domain, but I don't think you could just take it off the market. Continued use is necessary to keep a trademark current; stop using a mark long enough & someone else can claim it. (I'm not a lawyer; this is not legal advice. We'd need a lawyer well versed in IP law to say exactly what you could do.)
  9. Don't most of these services have a web-based version? Couldn't an enterprising device maker just provide a browser with bookmarks leading to major streaming services?
  10. Ah, but if you expected the ap to continue to work as long as the hardware does that's still an extra cost. Especially for the Wii U.
  11. Similar to the current incarnation of RKO: "The company seeks out additional distribution and co-financing ventures for new productions as well as for sequels, remakes and live stage productions based upon its library of titles." http://rko.com "RKO is one of the oldest continuously operating movie studios, and occupies a unique place in the history of film making." Funny, I thought they stopped making movies in the 60's; that does give them a unique position: they were the 1st of the Big 5 to shut down. They are still better than Atari SA; they've actually helped produce a few things.
  12. I like Starship; it's just a simple target shooter with a space theme & simple 3D effect. What's not to like?
  13. That's too bad; I was hoping to see what he could finish.
  14. Epoch presents 40 bits of power!
  15. I have a TRS-80 /Model 100 Portable Computer at home. It was a higher-end laptop when it came out. (It even has a whole 32K of RAM!)
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