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  1. The front page is a mess, but the index of products seems to have a nice, easy-to-understand hierarchy: Text (best-electronics-ca.com)
  2. A troll acts abrasive to get more attention; he seems to want less attention.
  3. I’d like to see Hudson Soft’s weird home computer version of SMB.
  4. Never bought from Best. Perhaps I can be more objective? The article does point out that he’s done a good thing by keeping all those parts, developing new parts, etc. Seems to paint him as a selfish monopolist tho, which isn’t nice, even if the writer points out it’s an accidental monopoly. I sometimes wish I could afford to do the same. Makes me wonder if the writer’s ever worked in retail of customer service; sometimes the sale doesn’t seem to be worth the stress. Wonder where he gets the Atari tape. Doesn’t packing tape dry out? He’s bought 8,000 pallets over the years, most from Atari Corp’s closure...how big is that warehouse? 8000 pallets would take up over 120,000 square feet, assuming each pallet is 4x4.
  5. Happy Flag Day!

    1. retrorussell


      Awesome!  My Buffalo Bills flag is waving proudly in my front lawn!

  6. I hope no one here died; I could see someone's kids donating their parent's "old junk games."
  7. If I remember right, U.S. courts considered exclusive-dealing contracts per se violations of anti-trust laws till the late 70's or mid-80's. By the late 80's, the courts had decided that exclusive dealing contracts were ok, if they were to help maintain quality standards, so that's what Nintendo claimed when they were sued; they claimed that the lockout chip was needed to help maintain the quality consumers expected. Also, Nintendo pointed out that developers could release different versions of the same game on other systems; that's probably why you start seeing a few games get releases on both the NES & home computers by the late 80's. As long as they had different level designs, developers weren't violating their contracts.
  8. Just try to be nice to everyone. Then you don’t have to worry.
  9. I meant to use the Pareto principle, tho I might’ve stated it poorly & misapplied it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle Just trying to say that the people most likely to buy a lot of games will most likely care about latency.
  10. How long did they let consumers try the controllers?
  11. Weird question: I know you can install Windows on the new VCS, but can you install DOS? Not DOSBox or an virtual machine running DOS, but just DOS? Anyone tried? I've actually been wondering if it was possible to run DOS on a new PC without using some sort of emulator for a week or so now. Might as well ask here.
  12. The taco posts were funny at first, since the project wasn't handled all that well, but after awhile folks began attacking people because they liked the idea of the Ataribox.
  13. The 20% of people who make up 80% of the market will notice the lag.
  14. Wikipedia calls games like Bubble Bobble & Mario Bros Comical Action Platformers. Not sure if there’s a name for just Bubble-Bobble-influenced games.
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