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  1. My website has had 100,000 views! https://neocities.org/site/websitering

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      In an hour, day, month, or year?

    2. pacman000


      3 years. Not a great or anything, but still a milestone.

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      I can't wait until Google goes back to normal and sends us all more visitors.

  2. Is it weird that RealPlayer is outlasting Flash? 

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    2. pacman000


      And that's all it was designed for; the web streaming stuff was tacked on because it seemed cool at the time.

    3. SlidellMan


      It just so happens that Newgrounds just made their own Flash Player, and they are working on a better one called Ruffle.

    4. pacman000


      Looks like Adobe made activation codes for Flash 2004 avaliable for free: https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/macromedia-legacy-activation-error.html

  3. Why was Butterfree a memorial Pokemon?



    1. pacman000


      Memorable! I meant memorable! I don't know if this is autocorrect's fault, but I'll blame it anyways!

  4. "Slow Load Times," Or "Stadia's Commin' & I Don't Care"

    Based on "Blue Tail Fly," a.k.a. "Jimmy Crack Corn"

    Stadia's commin' & I don't care
    Stadia's commin' & I don't care
    Stadia's commin' & I don't care
    A streaming console's dumb!

    Verse 1:
    When I was a lad I didn't wait
    Cartridge load times were just great!
    I flip a switch, & then I'd play, 
    No waiting back in my day!


    Verse 2:
    Then disks came out; I was a teen
    We thought that they were really keen
    But then we found, don'tcha kno'
    CDs load really slow!


    Verse 3
    Now all games ya must install
    I think it means consoles' fall
    But Google's engineers think they have a fix
    After watching too much Netflix!


    Verse 4
    Alphabet thinks you can stream a game
    You ask me that's pretty lame
    How can so many users find
    Enough server time?


    Verse 5
    They announced their games the other day
    There's nothing I would like to play
    They're things we've all seen before
    I think we should show them the door!

    (Chorus, repeat till end)

  5. Toonarific.com is closing...

    1. RockyRaccoon


      Doesn't look like anyone's bothered to update the design or layout or navigation for years. Sadly that's what happens if you're not willing to get with the times. z.z

    2. pacman000


      Weirdly I like that style more than most modern sites. 

  6. Happy New Year!


    1. GoldLeader


      Happy New Year!!!

  7. Excite.com's accepting new email accounts again.

  8. The Wayback Machine now has an option to save a webpage & the pages it links to. Try it! https://web.archive.org/

  9. Curlie Now Has a Patreon If you want to support the community-based continuation of DMOZ, but don't have time to edit, this is a nice place to start. A very nice place; web hosting for large projects is expensive.

  10. Halloween is Approaching:


    1. wongojack


      Atari VCS Prototype:



    2. pacman000


      So it does fit in its case! ;)

  11. It's Friday the 13th! Time for ghosts, gobblins, & spoooooky things! OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO! ;)

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    2. atari2600land


      Not only that, there's a full moon tonight!

    3. pacman000


      A harvest moon; shine on folks!

    4. Isaiah Austin

      Isaiah Austin

      Oooh… very scary... :ponder:

  12. Given the date I fell like I should say something, I'm just not sure what... :(

    1. Wally1


      It was a sad day for the U.S.  I was in downtown NYC that day.  G-d help us all.


    2. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      many nations took a hit that day WTC was filled with folks from around the world...

      what you say is entirely personal.

      sounds to me like you feel the feels and don't know what to do with it, and that's natural.

      Just let people know you feel for them and can't express in words what that means...

  13. Judging from DuckDuckGo & StartPage, Badmovies.org is no longer a top result for the keyword "bad movies"





    1. carlsson


      I wonder if either of the major movie companies are buying SEO on that keyword?

    2. retrorussell


      That site really needs a new chief administrator or something.  No updates in several years.

    3. SlidellMan


      I agree with Retro Russell, BadMovies.org hasn't been updated in years. Therefore, I lost interest. I admit to liking Kooshmeister's cartoon reviews on their forum.

  14. Goodbye DracIsBack. :(

  15. I made a little Pokemon tribute section for my website: https://websitering.neocities.org/pkmn/menu.htm

  16. I prefer Friends Lists to Followers Lists; Friends seems humanizing; Followers makes me think of mindless zombies. (Classic hypnosis-zombies, not Romero-style ghouls.)

  17. Peach Nehi is back! (Maybe it's just a summer thing?)

    1. Flojomojo


      That sounds good. Is it a regional thing, too?

    2. pacman000


      I don't know if it's regional; in theory any Dr. Pepper distributor in the US should be able to get it.

  18. Happy Flag Day!

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      And to you too!

    2. retrorussell


      Flying my Bills flag proudly on my front lawn!

  19. Pokemon.com had the 1st episode of the TV show up for free today.

    1. CaptainBreakout


      Is that the one that causes seizuers? Sweet! Free seizures!

    2. The Usotsuki

      The Usotsuki

      That would be #38.

  20. The smallest astronaut never made it to the moon! :(

  21. Apparently, Lou Costello had a brief career as a boxer under the name Lou King. O_o

    1. GoldLeader


      Heard he once went to the car lot, and they said, "Are you gonna buy one or are ya just Lou King?"

    2. phoenixdownita


      In Oregon I saw a Pho place call Pho King Good ....

  22. I want an Asteroids TV show with this as its theme song:

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    2. GoldLeader


      A request by victimofcheese ... LOL

    3. DZ-Jay


      @Flojomojo: Buckner & Garcia played some songs in the Wreck-It-Ralph soundtrack. I thought that was a wise call. :)

    4. GoldLeader


      ^Good info DZ! I didn't realize that.

  23. I know they're not, but sometimes computers feel like magic.

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    2. pacman000


      Yes; there's a reason' tho it may be hidden from us.


      I went to the Himalayas, to speak to the Guru, to learn the mysterious ways of the Computer. Unfortunately he was an Amiga fan, & I wore my Atari shirt.

    3. Flojomojo


      I hear that if you send three hundred dollars to "Atari Game Box, LLC" you will know the true meaning of our powerless insignificance in the universe

    4. NE146


      Never believe it's not so!

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