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  1. "Slow Load Times," Or "Stadia's Commin' & I Don't Care"

    Based on "Blue Tail Fly," a.k.a. "Jimmy Crack Corn"

    Stadia's commin' & I don't care
    Stadia's commin' & I don't care
    Stadia's commin' & I don't care
    A streaming console's dumb!

    Verse 1:
    When I was a lad I didn't wait
    Cartridge load times were just great!
    I flip a switch, & then I'd play, 
    No waiting back in my day!


    Verse 2:
    Then disks came out; I was a teen
    We thought that they were really keen
    But then we found, don'tcha kno'
    CDs load really slow!


    Verse 3
    Now all games ya must install
    I think it means consoles' fall
    But Google's engineers think they have a fix
    After watching too much Netflix!


    Verse 4
    Alphabet thinks you can stream a game
    You ask me that's pretty lame
    How can so many users find
    Enough server time?


    Verse 5
    They announced their games the other day
    There's nothing I would like to play
    They're things we've all seen before
    I think we should show them the door!

    (Chorus, repeat till end)

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