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  1. Hi folks. I have been mostly using a Chromebook recently, and i am curious to see if emulators and assemblers are available for an ARM based Chromebook. Stella coding in ARM Linux? This would be nice
  2. At the time there was a firm guideline that games which were not set in space could not use a black background. Not that we wanted colorful games - but bright colors on black backgrounds would 'burn in' much more quickly. And the compliant employee that i was obeyed without question. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_burn-in
  3. man alive. total call out to http://8bitworkshop.com ! this is incredibly cool!
  4. i use the disassembly because i am more interested in coding for the 2600 than i am in playing the games :smiley faced emoticon:
  5. well. what an odd feeling. just got my dasm and stella. and assembled Pac-man for the first time in over 36 years. Some sort of time-warp. Mind boggling.
  6. well. happy to share anything i can remember
  7. well. i am really me. and i sort of remember 1981. it was a long time ago...
  8. yeah. well. so. does anyone know where I can find a disassembly of the good old 2600 PacMan? lots of details i don't remember
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