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  1. @flashjazzcat thanks, I'll try changing CD4050. I don't like the idea of variable resistor for some reason But yes - it's the same monitor as yours (19 inch variant but everything else is exactly the same - m197wd). Worst case scenario - I'll use OSSC or something like that with mo other monitors (unfortunately that LG is the only RGB that I have). And yes - SYNC off composite is out of the question - I didn't pay for VBXE to have jailbars ;)). And - while on the subject - do you have any idea why SYNC/COMPOSITE generates jailbars (as opposed to "clean" sync from CD4050)? Perhaps there's a way to prevent that...? @tuf - I don't think so. I don't think it's as "advanced" There's also nothing in the menus to suggest it could be that... But - why is it losing audio as well?
  2. So.. my fully loaded 600XL saga continues (unfortunately). After "fixing" jailbars on RGB output I've noticed another rather worrying issue. The screen seems to be "dimming" randomly (ie. it can happen 5 seconds after boot or it can be OK for 5 minutes and then it starts doing this strange thing). Here's a short video (it doesn't really show the issue as it's rather low quality): https://photos.app.goo.gl/dxkF2muUQm4Ao6rf7 It seems like VBXE "turns off" the signal for a split second - both video and audio. Sometimes several times in a row in 2-3 seconds intervals, sometimes one or two times. Then it works OK for a few minutes and then starts again. I'm not sure if it's the TV (I only have one that has RGB input) but the same TV works perfectly when using s-video or composite signals. It could be just RGB/Scart input doing this (and not Atari/VBXE) - not sure. Has anybody ever noticed something like that with VBXE? Any ideas what can be wrong?
  3. OK, took sync form CD4050 and RGB picture is crystal clear... So the conclusion is: - use CD4050 as SYNC source - do not use XBOX360 s-video cable for s-video. I'm surprised how bad these cables are (and yes - I should have read the posts about these cables before buying.. two of them) - never cut the leads to required length before _fully_ testing everything (now I have to remake my whole 10 lead cable as I'm "testing" my new "contraption" ie. daughter board for DIN13 socket). Thanks guys.
  4. @flashjazzcat thanks, will try that tomorrow. Trying out another PSU was my next step but I'll definitely try changing CSYNC source...
  5. https://coolnovelties.co.uk/coolnovelties/atari-800-1200-65xe-130xe/306-1088xel-atari-8-bit-clone-rgb-scart-video-cable-0705693506555.html
  6. composite on monitor connector (top of the motherboard)
  7. yep - just reading about these "high quality" cables... But - I'm getting the same thing from VBXE (ie. RGB) which I'd assume should be jailbars free...
  8. yes, I'm getting these on RGB as well as s-video and composite. s-video cable I have seems to be good quality (xbox360 cable modded with Atari plug).
  9. Does anybody know what could cause rather ugly vertical "stripes" on my 600XL? See picture here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/E1VTwtXsP2mzadwC6 It's happening on composite, s-video (I did s-video "mod") and also RGB (VBXE)... I tried two monitors already... Any ideas?
  10. it's mine! I'll use it in any way I want!
  11. Has anybody heard about reproduction labels for 600XL..? Or perhaps some "template" I can use to print it? I recently did "deep" cleaning of my 600XL and forgot to remove the label/sticker and it got messed up to the point of no return... I'm not trying to sell the 600XL and/or pretend it's "original" or anything like that - it's just for me and "complete happiness" (as it hurts my eyes when I see that empty spot on the bottom of my Atari)..
  12. Same thing using sio2pc - freezes. But I used side2.com (I think - the other flasher that's on .atr disk and flashes "bank by bank"). Worked perfectly fine and now my SIDE2 is flashed. Tried what previously didn't work (ie. flashing from cartridge) and it now works perfectly. Thanks again! I think I'm done asking questions (at least until my SIDE3 arrives ;))
  13. I'll try to dig out my sio2pc. Was hoping I won't have to go through a stack of boxes (yes - I tend to put things in random places and forget where those random places are ;)) Anyway - thanks! I was worried something is wrong with my SIDE2 (which wouldn't be a big deal as SIDE3 is already on the way but still - might be useful for my other Ataris ;))
  14. A dream machine... Take good care of it.
  15. yes. 1088k Rambo. A few more "screenshots" here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/P7GM2xtZatFaucav6
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