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  1. For the past month and a half I have been furiously writing a sequel to my first story. I finished it several days ago and it is now live on the site! Currently it is just a first draft, its rough around the edges but I feel it gets the story across. Now I'm just gonna focus on shorter stories because juggling over 25 named characters gets really exhausting and I just want to do something simple for a while. I wrote the story with almost no roadmap, I just knew where the story started and where it ended with everything in between comprising entirely of improv, I think it turned out rather well for what it is. http://alcadon.home.blog/alcadon-2-the-citadel/ As for the first book it's still in a constant state of editing limbo, I keep finding more and more spelling or grammatical errors that prevent me from wanting to put it up on Amazon. I'd also like to figure out how to get a print version so that may delay things further. (These are just stats for future reference cause I love editing on the fly and ruing the final word count) Started: May 16 2020 Finished: June 23 2020 Final Word Count: 104,829
  2. Orange juice:

    Pulp or no Pulp?

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    2. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      Some pulp.

    3. GoldLeader


      Either way plus what RT said :)

    4. GoldLeader


      Even a hand crank type juicer is a good option (Or mix that with a can of OJ :)

  3. I can't tell the difference between Whizzo Butter and a dead crab!

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      You try that around here, young man, and we'll slit your face.

    2. Wally1


      a dead crab tells no lies

  4. DoctorSpuds

    My Collection

    Pics of games that are currently in my collection, I'm boring like that. If you see A game you like or played back in the 80's leave a comment. approximately 90% of these games were found in the wild. These are the results of a year or two searching. Most of the games are fairly common but there's a few rarities in there. Everybody should do this for insurance reasons.
  5. Woo! Finally got a readable version of my book out! You can read it free on my site.



    1. GoldLeader


      Good Job Spuds!!!   I've written stories...Mostly for High School or College, and I've started 2, ..Wait make that 3 books...But to seriously see it through to the end ... Seriously,  and I cannot stress this enough,  I am impressed!   The thing here is...I, sometimes anyhow, prefer the independent, DIY touch...I knew (vaguely) this actual published author, writing romance novels for women,...and it just seemed so formulaic.  She was waiting for one book to be published (her 3rd book), and if it was a hit she would keep her pen name, otherwise she had another book in the wings to be published almost instantly under another pen name (Her 3rd pen name,...All at the direction of the publisher)...It was much more, ... , planned, and canned (Hey I rhymed!) than you would ever think...Like, she might as well have been in a Boy Band (Ha!) as far as things being manufactured and contrived were concerned...Ebooks, whatever the godforsaken hell that is, have really helped independent thought get a foothold and maybe have helped to level the playing field,  even if just a little...I hope I sometime find the time to read what you have worked on...Best of luck with it!!

    2. GoldLeader


      ^God!  This Dillweed sure knows how to make a reply way too long!

  6. Post whatever the hell you want, I don't really give a shit. Just don't be racist, that's where I'm gonna draw the line. If ya'll actually start posting here then this is gonna get real toxic so just don't get too offended and start complaining. As evidenced by the second post ya'll got no chill. Spam and whatever the fuck that is is heavily frowned upon.
  7. Perhaps... You gotta be in the right mood for Tomarc and if anything its best left as a conversation starter about Xonox or just bad/unenjoyable games on the system in general. It's definitely not the worst but probably doesn't clear the bottom 30. I'm finding myself growing very apathetic to most Parker Brothers games, I consider Amidar and Sky Skipper to be rather appalling and James Bond 007 is a disaster. They have some excellent games, don't get me wrong, but most of them fall into the realm of "meh" which might be worse. I'll actively play bad games to laugh at them but I'll never play Popeye or Star Wars or Frogger 'cause they don't make me feel anything.
  8. Nope. That's one of the more unique PAL region games most commonly found from companies like Quelle and Rainbowvision. It does exists in NTSC supposedly from several smaller South American publishers but there isn't much detail on Atarimania about them. Here's Motocross Racer.
  9. Yeah. Put the console on the floor, the cords are long enough, and operate the whole thing with your foot. If you have an UNO or Harmony cart you won't even have to bend down to swap carts. On the thread topic of terrible games I challenge everybody to find anything redeemable in Bomb's The Great Escape, I can't make any sense of it. Also... Opinions on any of Avalon Hill's games, they've all struck me as "interesting but not in a fun way."
  10. Foot but don't play the game there are better games to play
  11. Shout out to the best bootleg on the 2600: Curtiss™ curtiss_rainbow_vision_cart_2.thumb.jpg.2dc7ba18fb3d2195dbda11a5960cef92.jpg

  12. Okay, I'm shocked we've overlooked them so far... Strawberry Shortcake: Musical Mashups: It's got graphics and nothing much else. If PB had done something like Smurfs with it then it would have been golden, but all you get is matching. Pooyan: Any other version on any other system is preferable to the 2600 version. Sub Scan: It almost can't be classified as a game. Final Approach: Quaaludes the videogame.
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