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  1. So I just watched 'Bride of the Monster' directed by Ed Wood and y'know what?.. It ain't half bad actually. I've definitely seen much, much worse.

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    2. GoldLeader


      In general, I also like M. Night.  (Ducks!)  Though yes there is a part of me that automatically finds the flaw(s) in his movies while I watch them...I guess I think he is at least trying something different and I also admire imagination, even when it goes awry haha...

    3. Swami


      I too loved the concepts he had for his movies. 

    4. AtariNerd


      I think part of it is, is that they are usually shown open-frame, which, for Plan 9 at least, wasn't his intent. He wanted that one shown in wide-screen, with fair cropping on the top and bottom, probably with his notes to the specifics, now lost. So, yes, some of the duff set-pieces and technical faults, often opined about, might have been cropped out, making it just a little more believable. The performances are often frighteningly competent, given how few takes were actually done. There must have been some rehearsal..  

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