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  1. Okay USPS ya bastards. The package shipped From Madison, I live IN Madison, why is it in Oshkosh 92 miles away when you could have left it in the post office overnight instead of sending it to Milwaukee and then sending it to Oshkosh and then sending it to me in Madison where myself and the guy who shipped it live!?! Riddle me that!! 

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    2. GoldLeader


      I don't think I'm supposed to tell this trade secret, but...OK...I'll tell ya,..Jus don't go blabbing it all over, OK?   Every Post Office in the country and 92% of music stores have big guy named Roy in the back...You want answers,  Ya gotta get'em from Roy.

    3. thanatos


      They need to get the money's worth out of the postage paid?

    4. DoctorSpuds


      I figured it out! 

      It says guaranteed delivery on Tuesday July 16

      They had to pad out the delivery time so they just sent it somewhere else for a day to meet, instead of beat, that deadline. I mean, there's no way that they could have delivered it early, that would be preposterous.

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