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  1. So I just got in a risky buy off of Ebay. Tele-Games Warlords, Memory Match, Pong Sports, and Fireworld CIB for 14.77$. In a word, Rough. I opened one of them and saw a dead spider.

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    2. DoctorSpuds


      I don't know if these were left in a basement or an attic,  though from what I saw cleaning them I think Garage might be the right answer. Mold in the Fireworld box (meh) and the Memory match manual has been rolled up and has been soaked so it's glued itself together in a tube of hatred. Pong Sports and Warlords have a clean bill of health apart from a lot of yellowing inside the box. And judging from the color of the gunk I wiped off of the boxes, carts, and manuals, this guy was a heavy smoker but its been so long the smell has faded. Eh for 15 bucks that ain't bad. 

    3. nanochess


      Once I got a Atari 2600 Jr. that had an alive small cockroache inside, along several patches of cockroaches eggs. I sprayed alcohol over them, and these make a crackling sound. Interestingly the alcohol kiils cockroaches. Then it's only a matter of using a toothbrush with more alcohol to clean.

    4. Samuel Pedigo

      Samuel Pedigo

      Maybe the spider was just as disappointed as you to not see Spider Fighter in the package

      Let's just call him.. oh.. Jeffery

      Jeffery: "Can't wait, going to get it!, this will complete my collection!"

      (Climbs in box)

      Jefferey "BLEEEP! WHere the BLEEP is it?"

      (package arrives)

      Jeffery: "I see light"

      You: "OMFG A SPIDER!"

      Jeffery: oh dear, i'm about to be squished. (sigh) I should've gone to college instead, like mother said.

      Jeffery: "Can we not have peace you and I? Can we not ha-oh shit, nonononoNO!(SQUISH)

      RIP spider

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