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  1. Guess who just bought the entirety of Star Trek: TNG on vhs... this guy! 😎

    What have I done?

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    2. GoldLeader


      Ya know what would be more fun (IMHO)?    If you bought all of them recorded to VHS with commercials intact!   (ducks)...Really!   I recorded some Dungeons & Dragons cartoons and Land of the Lost reruns,etc., in the 80's that way...Back when VHS was new and exciting,  and you never thought you'd be able to capture a TV show and have it available when YOU wanted to see it...and there were occasions in the past where my friends have asked specifically to see those complete with all the old commercials, and In The News segments, Schoolhouse Rocks etc. intact!   It is Truly far more entertaining than watching the same episodes on DVD...(It really captures the zeitgeist of the time)...

    3. Stephen


      Nice!  Now you have hi-def Troi in space spandex 🤩

    4. save2600


      Holy shelf space Batman!   🤣

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