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  1. CIB Jaguar and working Jaguar CD just rolled into my local game store... I wish I had 500 bucks to spare.

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    2. bluejay


      Maybe a CIB C128D?

    3. thanatos


      Dang.  And he's probably paid $200 for all of it.

    4. DoctorSpuds


      The amount of cool shit he has in there... I could write several paragraphs.

      Complete CIB Supercharger set.

      Vectrex and ALL peripherals CIB

      Stargunner/Ram It CIB

      An original Odyssey CIB

      He had a Commodore SX-64 go through, he let me test that.

      A Prototype VIC-20/1001

      Dozens of prototypes and promo/review copies for 2600 games, mainly Activision and Telesys.

      He has so many CIB NES systems it's actually funny.

      He's got paraphernalia out the wazoo, everything from every generation.

      If it exists he probably had it at some point he's been around since the 80's.

      The place is crazy.

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