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  1. Today I found out that whale songs are the scariest things on the planet.

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    2. DoctorSpuds


      @Rogerpoco Well, I am a shallow bastard, I'm judging the boy based purely on its looks.

      As someone who has clearly immersed themselves in the many legged world of the insect, what insect would find itself on the patent pending 'not-nice bug' list? Is it an obvious choice, like a venomous/poisonous, bug (Spider, scorpion, wasp), or something that's just a pain to keep alive due to specialized environments, I know insects are pretty hardy but there's sure to be a few diva's out there.

    3. Rogerpoco


      Oh, Assassin bugs aren't hard to keep, but you do NOT wanna get bit by one!

      Centipedes-'pedes with a nasty bite can really hurt you, they are insanely fast, and they are a bit difficult to keep.

      Tarantulas are funny-there are mean ones, and nice ones, by species, and also dangerous and not dangerous ones, based on species(none actually lethal.)

      Most New Worlds are "nice", but the ones that aren't are especially ornery, big show of defense to scare you-but they can't much hurt you, mostly the bite itself, not the venom.

      Old Worlds, however, are mostly referred to as "ornamentals", i.e., don't ever mess with it, it'll hurt you.

      They mostly run and hide, they seem aware of their potent venom, but if it tags you, you'll likely go to the E.R., haha!!!

      Scorpions, not quite the same, but similar-you can handle "Joe" over here, who kinda looks the same as "Pat" over there, but Joe won't ever sting you, and Pat will kill you.


    4. DoctorSpuds


      So, much like any other pet/companion with the looks being generally off-putting to many. Now I'm wondering if there's anybody crazy enough to try and be a 'wasp-keeper'

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