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  1. Okay so there are slightly more rules than NO POLITICS, so let me lay them out succinctly and simply.


    1. NO POLITICS: Nothing makes adults morph into children faster than politics. Keep that shit out of here!
    2. No Beef: If you have disagreements with, or just don't particularly like, another forum member please keep your drama to yourselves.
    3. No nudity or pornographic content, unless it is properly cropped so all the naughty bits are gone.
    4. Swearing is encouraged but please refrain from using or including pics with racial or offensive slurs, it may not bother you and it may not bother me, but it might bother someone and I don't want Albert breathing down my neck about this.
    5. Joke and meme theft is encouraged: Tagging the original poster or including a link is recommended but optional. We can all just reverse image search anyway.
    6. If you have doubts about a certain post or pic then feel free to use the Spoiler option to notify people that this might not be for them. This is also acceptable if things are particularly offensive and you want to give people fair warning.



    7. Depending on how many people actually join this club things might turn into a cesspit. If you see content that might violate the community guidelines, or the rules I've set forth here, please notify me by tagging me or DM-ing me and I'll give it a good 'ol looksee.
    8. This is a place to have fun, and everybody is welcome, if you request to join then I'll let you right in!
    9. Have fun!
    10. NO POLITICS! (Except in the free for all thread, go ham over there)

  2. I'm having to do a hefty amount of editing of my blog posts, formatting and adding images back. So as I'm going through and re-editing I'm noticing that as I update my posts they're being shown on the front page in the blogs section, and I'm just completely flooding it. Would it be possible to only have just new posts listed in the blogs section of the front page and not new posts and edited posts? I just don't want to bury somebody's post with my constant editing.

  3. It looks like the guys at Cracked decided to jump on the arcade craze like everybody else.

    I haven't been able to find any information on this particular issue and it seems to be fairly rare with the only one on Ebay being listed at $100 and with no sold listings. Here are scans of the magazine for all to enjoy. I'll have a download link to higher quality scans HERE




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