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    does it work ok? How does it feel?


    Any chance of opening it up and taking a picture, I would love to see the wiring job in that if it is possible... sounds like an interesting project someone did.

    Yep Its a Mod Job and it's quite messy. When being used you have to hold the controller backwards because it was wired in reverse. It also has a dead zone the size of Kansas

    Yes that is Duct Tape.

    CH Products Controller Mod 3

    CH Products Controller Mod 2

    CH Products Controller Mod 1

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  2. It seems that the blue label Activision games weren't the only ones prone to mislabeling I've got a Keystone Kapers that has the same exact thing. Though judging by the way this particular thread is going I doubt anybody really cares about the original topic of upside down labels, but hey... its fun, and finding weird shit is probably the best part of collecting. In my opinion, of course.


    Weird Activision Label Misprint

    Weird Activision Label Misprint

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  3. So I found this controller in a friend of mine's basement and he's convinced that it's worth something.

    Looking on Ebay and even doing a basic google image search we were only able to find variations of this joystick for IBM pc's and Apple II computers.

    Have you ever seen this controller before and what do you think it's worth if anything?




  4. I assume it actually does play Choplifter?

    I does play Choplifter... The Japanese チョップ on the chips translate to CHOP with the date 1/7 which in Japan (and most of the rest of the world is July first). I've found a picture of a known Choplifter prototype with the same stickers except in English http://hiddenpalace.org/Choplifter!_(Jul_1,_1986_prototype). And there is a faint border on the front of the cartridge where a sticker was most likely placed and later picked and peeled off.

  5. Anybody got any ideas? It's the only SMS cartridge I have with silver screws instead of black ones, and the only cartridge that has stickers on the chips. The caution sticker is absent with no signs of forced removal, it looks like it wasn't even put on in the first place. It's also the only Cart I have that uses third party chips (2 TI's and 2 Toshiba's) all the other SMS Carts I have use SEGA branded chips. If anybody can translate the (I think) Japanese that would be cool too.






    I'm looking for a friend here.

  6. A buddy of mine has had this Keystone Kapers with an upside down label for a while now and didn't know what to do with it. So i'm putting some photo's up here to see if anybody would be interested in it. I don't know if this is a unique error or if it's anything to really get excited over, but it's cool and weird.




    I'm still here.


    I hope so... But I've got some decent scans of these game's manuals and I was wondering if you would like them for the site?



    Desert Falcon



    Missile Command



    Mo Escape


    Sea Hawk

    Space Cavern

    Space War

    Star Voyager

    Summer Games

    Super Footbal



    Video Pinball




    Everything is cropped and looks fairly good. I'm just wondering is you want them?

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  8. Alright... So I've got got some manuals here that I have scanned and cropped, and I know that the site doesn't have these... So is there any way to get these to the mods? The HTML manuals are nice but they don't compare to the real thing.


    I'm asking for a friend here.

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