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  1. The Deluxe popped up when I searched for the X on Google. The only apparent difference between it and the normal X is the addition of 10 "bonus" games; the Deluxe still seems to have wired controllers, no SD slot, no HDMI cable, and no paddles included. https://www.samsclub.com/p/atari-flashback-x-deluxe/prod23230006?&source=ifpla&itemNumber=980212303&CAWELAID=730010300002330128&pid=ps_Google_PLA_1933848446&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=350522976718&wl4=aud-477852679652:pla-457998122798&wl5=1027510&wl6=&wl7=&wl9=pla&wl10=1247713&wl11=online&wl12={productid}&wl13=&wl15=72146694153&wl17=1o2&veh=sem&kclid=25032ef4-0f95-4ff9-8917-f642e6a2d92d&gclid=CjwKCAjw9L_tBRBXEiwAOWVVCSH640ahK9BrrBAvM3Ykd_EIbQM6_FVF0AewsRMQJeENgINAdspXSRoCziIQAvD_BwE
  2. My Walmart has a few of the FB9 and Legends in stock at $21. Also, Target has the FB9 Gold and Sega '18 console on clearance at $40.
  3. Does anyone have any idea about the specs for this year's Portable?! I have had the 2016 model (very 1st edition with Jungle Hunt etc.) for 3 years and love it, but I have used it heavily and would at least like a backup model. However I'm not happy about the screen going down from 3.2" to 2.8" on both subsequent models. Hoping this year it goes back to 3.2"... An HDMI-out would be a plus, but as I have the FB9 it's not a necessity.
  4. So much better looking than the previous ones, it's adorable!!! And thusly equally disappointing that it doesn't come with the prior model's SD card slot. I wish last year they had done the cosmetic improvements, and this year was the SD slot.
  5. Yes, the wireless controllers for the 8 Gold versions use Bluetooth technology and are a vast improvement; the normal Flashback 8 has only wired controllers- can't go wrong there either.
  6. The screen is a bit smaller- 2.8" vs. 3.2"- however the picture quality/ color is a bit richer on the new one. There is a removable battery this time. I think I read somewhere on here that emulation had been improved a bit for the '17 Portable as well but I don't know personally.
  7. Interestingly, GameStop has the Activision version for $10 more than the Gold version... whereas on the AtGames site, they are the same price (which I found odd in the first place).
  8. This sounds like a very fun and resourceful book, Bill, especially for folks like me who are plenty nostalgic for Atari but can't pretend to know what I'm even doing sometimes during gameplay. I actually am not personally bothered there is "only" a paperback version- I tend to read and absorb information differently when reading from an actual book. I'll order a copy as soon as funds allow it; currently I'm just trying to pinch pennies to save up for the Activision edition.
  9. The Activision edition has popped up on GameStop's site with an 11/28 release date: https://www.gamestop.com/elect/consoles/atari-flashback-8-gold-activision-edition/156096?cid=fds_10000777&CAWELAID=120192760000114303 I wonder if there will be a Deluxe Activision edition; it'd be odd if not, considering every other Flashback this year has a Deluxe version.
  10. Historically, AtGames has made the majority of their profits from annual releases of new consoles around the holidays; they obviously figure the only guaranteed way to continue making annual revenue is by including more popular titles in small increments. Unless Flashbacks experienced a severe sales decline, the SD card slot may not be considered necessary and may work against their current annual release routine. Including homebrew games and 5200/ 7800 games on further consoles may be a good idea regardless of whether AtGames ever puts an SD slot on a home console. Also, units modeled more faithfully after the original units would be a big incentive, if not just for appearances (the addition of "real" wood-grain would be a good start). Cartridge support would be a huge plus, but apparently that is a more difficult/ expensive addition than a simple SD slot. Personally, I am just glad that there is a company producing Atari's every year, keeping the brand alive for new generations. I wish the Flashbacks were a bit higher quality and I certainly have issues/ nitpicks with them, but it is certainly better than nothing, and they are cheap when one factors in the collective cost of acquiring a real working Atari plus the included games' value. This year alone, they added 4-29 games depending on the model of FB, added wired controllers to the standard FB, and improved wireless joysticks for the HD versions. Compared with their recent track record of "improvements" (ex.: the FB7 having a grand total of 1 additional game over the FB6), AtGames seemed to put more effort into this year's batch.
  11. Unfortunately I doubt AtGames will ever slap an SD card slot on anything that isn't a portable. Now that home consoles with HDMI are being produced, it seems unlikely they would also give us the SD capability on those, too. I loooove having that on the portable, which I got last year, as well as the FB7. This year I would probably be skipping the FB8 were it not for the HDMI and additional games. If the 8 Gold (either version) also had SD capability, I probably wouldn't see any major incentive to get another FB for awhile. Adding games to their consoles every year gives us incentives to get the new model. I probably could have articulated that better, but that's my best take on it.
  12. I can think of a few possibilities, though others on here likely know far more about the technical aspects of the Portable: 1) Your unit has a defective A/V out (I have never had this problem and plug it into my TV often, via a multi-AV switch no less) 2) The cord isn't right. Every once in awhile someone has complained of issues getting their Portable to display on a TV, and sometimes trying a different cord has worked for them. Bad luck if it's this- I have several different types of that cord, and they all work perfectly on mine, including a cheap GE cord from Target. Other than that I have no idea. You may need to return it if the cord isn't the problem.
  13. I have been unable to find any site other than AtGames to order it, and of course, it has yet to say "in stock"- not to mention you'd be paying the full $80 to get it from them directly. Only the "normal" Gold edition is up for pre-order on sites like Target, Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop, etc. Bed, Bath & Beyond- who typically has a healthy stock of these in stores at a discount price (plus offers regular coupons)- only is listing online the standard def Flashback 8, and Target is stocking it in-store plus the new Portable as well. I agree 100% that there is some inherent confusion to this year's lineup. I am, for the most part, very happy that AtGames is clearly putting more effort into their product line this year, however, I'm also frustrated because of the varying game lineups and controllers for the different consoles. Here's why I am frustrated: 1) I don't yet have a working classic Atari wired controller, which the standard def FB8 happens to have a pair of. 2) I don't yet have paddles, which are $30 apiece and out of stock at AtGames- this is the biggest incentive to go with the "Gold Deluxe" (non-Activision version), which AtGames lists at $100- when you break it down that's a decent deal, however... 3) The Activision edition is arguably the best console offered, offering a total of 10 more games than the normal Gold version... however, it jettisons some of the best titles such as Jungle Hunt, Frogger, and Space Invaders- all I wish to play in HD. 4) Pac-Man and Dig-Dug only appearing on the Portable and not on the home consoles is understandable for financial reasons for AtGames- that's why the title options fluctuate- but not offering such popular titles on the more expensive models is odd. Also, the purist in me wishes the original 2600 version was the version offered by AtGames; I think they sometimes mistrust the power of keeping it simple and true to the originals. I'll probably end up swinging for the Activision version, but I wish this wasn't an oddly tough decision to make! I shouldn't have to own multiple 2017 FB's to possess all possible games and features. I hope next year the product line is less complicated. Ideally it would look something like this: 1 HD unit/ 1 SD unit/ 1 portable unit, with "deluxe" options (paddles/ wired controllers etc.) just as they offer every year. Last but not least, there should be a clear "top of the line" model which has everything the other "lesser" models has, and then some: a clear winner. It's understandable, for reasons others have articulated on these forums so well, that AtGames lacks cartridge & SD card support for the home consoles; some features such as that should be locked within specific models so future consoles can be produced. But asking whether the Activision or Gold version is better is to me like asking if apples are better than oranges.
  14. Sadly, according to Target, AtGames has delayed distribution of the Gold edition from next week to November 10: https://www.target.com/p/atari-flashback-8-gold-console/-/A-52604683 Other sites (Best Buy, GameStop) still list the 10/24 release date, but I assume that's going to change. Hopefully this doesn't affect when the Activision edition hits streets, though I presume it will- I have a hard time seeing them release both units simultaneously, especially when they had already planned to put some time between the different Flashbacks. Also unfortunate, at least for AtGames- releasing the Activision version possibly after Black Friday will certainly cut into their possible sales. I recall the same thing happening last year with the Portable, which led to me ordering straight from AtGames.
  15. Not actually new here; I've browsed this forum since first getting into the Flashback series last year. I'm breaking my silence because I finally feel I have something to share here that hasn't been, to my knowledge, even hushed about: two additional '17 "Deluxe" Flashbacks have appeared on the AtGames website. http://atgames.us/Atari-Flashback-8-Gold-DELUXE-AR3620X.htm http://atgames.us/Atari-Flashback-Portable-Deluxe-AP3228X.htm So far the only discernible difference is the Gold (Non-Activision) Deluxe Edition comes with paddles, and the Portable Deluxe comes with an A/V cord- both of which add $20 to the MSRP.
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