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  1. Not going to lie, got a better response than I expected: Hopefully get some good news.
  2. Thanks for the reply mate, I’ll do exactly that. If/when I get a reply I’ll post an update.
  3. As per title, is there any way to update the Atari VCS Joystick firmware without a Console? Thanks! :)
  4. @SmokeMonster any further news on updating the JB firmware?
  5. Great to see such amazing work on the firmware! Thanks Kevtris! Can't wait to see these fixes some to the JB Firmware as well as some JB specific fixes. By uhh... whomever is doing that... >_> <_<
  6. Didn’t someone say that there is a bug with PAL composite video on the latest jailbreak firmware for the Nt mini? I’d test but I don’t have the cables. @Kevtris dunno if you can confirm?
  7. Still watching Leo's live stream video, but JPS on the ResetEra forums states these are some takeaways from the chat:
  8. Top comment on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPHWwuxn_z8
  9. Great news Kevtris! Thanks for limited and full RBG options, exactly what I needed.
  10. I've thought about it, but so far I've only participated in this thread.
  11. Thanks man, super informative. Got a few mates who are making a video on some top NES tracks from various games, helping them capture the audio with the Nt mini.
  12. @Kevtris Been messing with your NSF player on the Nt mini. Firstly, thank you for adding it, it's friggen awesome. I noticed there are these characters (A:00 L:00) that seem to relate to something to do with the Sample Channel. Do you mind telling me what they represent? Thank you!
  13. Glad to know this isn't just me. I tried Super Metroid the other day on the latest JB firmware and noticed a tonne of audio pops and crackles. I also noticed it while wearing headphones. Haven't had time to try much else since then, nor did I want to with the saving issue.
  14. Pardon my ignorance here, but if the Super Nt only outputs a signal in full-range RGB, what happens if my TV only supports limited range?
  15. Total ignorance here, why does everyone love the NTT Data Pad?
  16. Can someone list some games that aren't saving for them? Just got my SD card today, formatted with fat32format and I am transferring the files now. Would love to test some out so we can get this fixed.
  17. They said it only works with the same game from different regions. So for example you could load the US Megaman X3 with the Japanese Megaman X3 cart plugged into the Super UFO. Different game using the same chip do not work.
  18. It might work out! I don't care so much about the extra cores in the JB, but I will care about special chips. More than happy to fork out for the SD2SNES for these, but I don't want to do it unnecessarily, which is why I'd just like some more information. Edit: spelling
  19. Just got back working on Valentines evening and this is an awesome present! Thank you! Like others, I would love to know more information about who actually made this and if there is a chance we'll be seeing any special chips in the future.
  20. Its US$49.99 to Australia, so something similar I would think.
  21. Just a reminder for people who didn't see it a little while back, Wolf_ has been removed from this thread.
  22. Livestream was right in the middle of my workday! Hopefully the archive goes up soon.
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