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  1. xucaen


  2. Is there any way to make retroarch see my analog gamepad as a paddle controller? 

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      These are questions for Google. lol

    2. xucaen


      I googled. 

  3. Can someone help me configure retroarch? It scanned and found my ST games but after that I don't see them.

  4. Sorry, I finally found the answer on reddit. I have to change the menu driver to xmb https://amp.reddit.com/r/RetroPie/comments/a3fnvf/how_do_you_get_the_windowsstyle_retroarch_menu/
  5. I installed Retroarch for android off of Google play and it looks nothing like the images I've seen. I got games to run but how do I get that shiny blue interface instead of this b&w industrial ui?
  6. sorry, I couldn't resist. 🖖😁✌️
  7. I can do that. Send me a PM. 😎
  8. That second card next to the video card that you're not sure what it is, to me it looks like some sort of IDE or SCSI hard drive controller card with an external port. ✌️
  9. I'll give this one more chance. I'm open to discussions about price. But it my last Jag game so it won't take up too much space if no one wants it. ✌️
  10. I bought this in January 2017 direct from Songbird. I'll let it go for $70, that includes USPS Priority Mail shipping. This will be shipped in a small Priority mail box. I'll wrap the box in plastic (not shrink wrap) to protect it against moisture. (I'm attaching a pic as an example of how I wrapped up my other games that I sold recently) Larger Priority mail boxes cost more money to ship so if you need it shipped in a bigger box I can do that but I'll need a bit extra for the shipping - medium box is about $15 to ship so say add an extra $7 for a Medium box.
  11. Spring cleaning. That time of year when everything must go. Furniture, old clothes, rodents, and old video game cartridges. I have 20 Jaguar cartridges for sale. Why? because I need the room. My tight quarters is your tight quarters. Below, I've listed the names of each cart along with a price I came up with by searching eBay sold listings along with shipping price. I plan to ship Priority Mail using whichever box the carts will fit in. I'm thinking small flat rate boxes for 1 to 2 carts, medium for 3 or more, and large for something like 10 or more. To sweeten the pot I'll make a deal with you - if you buy 10 carts I'll knock 10% off the price. If you buy 20 carts, I'll take 20% off, 30 carts 30% and if you buy all 40 carts I'll take 40% off. Interested? Game Price Notes Super Burnout $45.00 FREE shipping Doom $45.00 FREE shipping Wolfenstein 3D $45.00 FREE shipping Alien vs Predator $45.00 FREE shipping Ultra Vortex $45.00 FREE shipping Tempest $45.00 FREE shipping Bubsy $40.00 FREE shipping Pitfall The Mayan Adventure $40.00 FREE shipping Raiden $40.00 FREE shipping Klax $30.00 FREE shipping Zool 2 $30.00 FREE shipping Hover Strike $30.00 FREE shipping Dino Dudes $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined White Men Can't Jump $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined Val d'Isère Skiing and Snowboarding $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined Kasumi Ninja $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined Dragon The Bruce Lee Story $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined Cybermorph $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined Checkered Flag $10.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined Total $630.00 $378.00
  12. Second vaccination today. 😎👍

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    2. Reaperman


      Oh good, now you don't have to wear a mask anymore...right?  Right?

    3. xucaen


      CDC recommends wearing a mask in public crowded places, I'll probably wear one whenever i have to interact with someone i don't know. When visiting family who have all been vaccinated we won't need masks. ✌️ 

    4. xucaen


      Cpu, my phone has a big crack across the back 😂 i expect it to fail any day now.

  13. I lowered my asking price for Iron Soldier and Club Drive. ✌️
  14. Hi Everyone, Just a quick update. I still have Iron Soldier and Club Drive left.
  15. In my version of Atari alternate history (in my head only) the Atari 400 was released in 1980 as the VCS II. The VCS III with 16 bit CPU is released in 1985 and NES fails in US. 32 bit Atari Checkmate released in 1990 and the 64 bit VCS IV released in 1993. 😎😇♥️✌️
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