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  1. In total I already bought 2 Colocovision Consoles + Adam Computer expansion module 3 incl. printer, keyboard and replacement keyboard, tapes, manuals etc. etc. both sets as untested. I already got a new powersupply and waiting for the RGB mod kits - if the controller chips are faulty (replacement chips already ordered if...) both NTSC. At least I need one Colecovision + the Adam Expansion running. Are there any good manuals for testing / fixing and maybe other easy mods? Bought a "cheap" untested Expansion Module 3 - cheap yes don't ask for shipping + German import taxes...
  2. I might be interested to purchase one diskdrive - depends on price
  3. No, but I will rebuild a second one this weekend.
  4. Got my Sears Arcade II today, machine fires up so for now I need an AV mod. Any recommandations? Or a nice manual for using 2600er A/V mods soldered on it?
  5. tried on my other Atari 5200 this diy mod, but the only thing thats works is audio out... I tried this schematic, but no luck http://retrogame.cyberphreak.com/2017/06/05/atari-5200/maybe somebody has done this successfully and can send / show his soldered pcb (both sides). Thx... Still in the thinking to throw it all away and keep only the commdore stuff
  6. Well this one I plugged into my 5200 4port and getting only a black & white screen, no coloured one. Via antenna cable the screen is coloured... still no solution why...
  7. Okay, Atari 5200 4port Rev. CA0 no asterisk in serial power mod - done and works audio caps - recapped - audio via Sophia board REV B2 perfect video, here are some ... things via Sophia Rev B2 RGB output with bought RGB to Scart cable for Rev B Sophia boards I get on every TV a black & white picture - tested with several possible jumper settings via Antenna cable it's coloured no heated chips and the mentioned chips that can be responsible causing black & white are delivering more than 0V Any advice / hints / tips ??? Thx
  8. no asterisk within the SN label... we followed the lines specially for + so for the moment it powers on thx for help
  9. argh get only a damn black & white no color. Setup: Sophia board Rev. B2 Atari 5200 RGB to Scart cable from mentioned prefered shop.
  10. For purchasing it, please send a pn to Simius, he sell's it
  11. well I have a problem finishing the power mod. Like the manuals mention it should look like this https://www.google.com/search?q=atari+5200+power+mod&client=firefox-b-ab&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=uLm1bIWwpZgs_M%253A%252CW36HYdoraqNtlM%252C_&usg=AFrqEzd-SFe-f_Jd0ZXS4R-gAiqgTLqkbA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwir6buztercAhWS6aQKHcgaBkgQ9QEwDnoECAUQCA#imgrc=uLm1bIWwpZgs_M: But on my 5200 4port it looks like this: Any advice would be helpfull, didn't want to scratch something down...
  12. DarthVaper


  13. Well, one of my 5200er was making a clean picture but worst sound.
  14. nick3092 thx for your clearing answer.
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