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  1. I love the picture of the controller on that gentleman's website. It's good to see that Atari have opted to follow in the footsteps of 'directional pad greatness' by aping the Amiga CD32 controller's d-pad. This is a sure fire winner right here.
  2. Ahh! So perhaps my long search a couple of years ago for this game was exacerbated by a misleading label? Haha!
  3. Hey all! I'm nearing the completion of a full Atari 7800 PAL release collection and I just need the H.E.S./Salu PAL release of Baseball! I'd preferably like it boxed! Anyone have a copy that they are willing to sell?
  4. In the words of Jim Lahey from Trailer Park Boys: "Birds of a shit feather flock together."
  5. I'm unsure if this is directed towards me, given that I had an interaction with someone extremely critical of me using a Skyhammer ROM in my new Jaguar GameDrive. I'll reiterate here. I'm not new to Atari and/or the Jaguar, I'm an avid collector of many systems and games, I continue to support homebrew and/or independent developers (even at a great personal import cost) and I will be purchasing Skyhammer for the Jaguar once I clear a couple of console/game sales. 😒
  6. I reported the tweets on that account more or less after they were posted, and I only just received notification on Twitter's action yesterday. It's ridiculous that it took months for Twitter to take 'action' on reported tweets.
  7. Well chaps... How's it going? I finally caught up on the 200 pages I was behind.
  8. That is one of the worst takes I have ever seen in relation to digital bullying, never mind bullying in general.
  9. Thanks. I used to be an English teacher, so reading Kieren's incessant ramblings gives me PTSD of a time when teenagers threw chairs across the room, mocked the merits of Robert Frost's poetry, and precociously pretended to have some semblance of creative writing skills. At least they were youths and not pretending to be a 'journalist' and a 'media personality' that Kieren Hawken has claimed to be. Honestly, pre-historic human cave drawings written in haemorrhoidal blood would be a more valid contribution to the retro gaming scene than the shite-drizzled scrawl of this incapable and incompetent imbecile.
  10. Let's be honest here... The Atari ST was shit in comparison to the Amiga. In fact, a lot of Atari hardware from the mid-80s to the mid-90s was shit, and I say that as a big fan of the 7800 and Jaguar. Kieren probably banked on the fact that the mid-80s to mid-90s Atari scene was such a niche area of interest and knowledge that he'd be able to earn platitudes and recognition as somebody within the retro gaming pantheon. His nefarious actions are ill-befitting of someone wanting to ingratiate themselves with the oft-lauded people who have undertaken, and continue to undertake, incredible research on historical accounts and occurrences of a nascent industry that could very easily be lost to the annals of time. But, rather than live vicariously through the work of others and praising the good work being done, Kieren Hawken decided to shit the bed and blame others for doing so. His attempts to obfuscate, undermine, enfeeble and damage the work and reputations of others led to what was at best (in his view) going to be a pyhhric victory, and at worst a scorched-earth-policy that only burnt his own back yard. Well, he fucked the goose up the hoop on this one and burnt his own back yard. We see you Kieren. Your attempt to exaggerate the presence, adoration and market share of Atari only belied your 'honest research'; these propitious schemes of yours, shored up by the shaky foundations of easily refutable claims by actual industry personnel, and your attempt to denigrate anyone who either was more successful or respected than you, or anyone who could shatter your illusory glass house of Atari dreams with stated, unshakeable factual evidence, have come to a head. Pull your fucking wotsit fingers out of your arse. No one is buying your shit. Get professional help. No one is buying your wank-tomes of Atari onanism that feature the writing style of a brainless hack who loves nothing more than to bash his e-peen for Atari even when the subject very definitely doesn't warrant it. Well done Kieren. In attempting to 'divide and conquer' the retro gaming community, you've 'united and submitted to' it. Your damage to your own reputation is now apparent for all to see, and hopefully your attempted damage to the reputation of others has granulated and dissolved into the nothingness that is ironically your apparent worth. Most of all, and perhaps the most damning to you, is the reputational damage you have caused to the Atari-centric retro gaming community that you claimed to have adored. Like Medea, you have waged a nonsensical revenge-war on others, and killed the reputation of the scene you most 'love'. Now, when anyone sings even faint praise towards the Atari Jaguar or other associated Atari hardware and software, people will assume your sticky wotsit fingers will have played a part in it - even if only by association. Fuck off Kieren, and don't come back. You are a self-aggrandising, misogynistic, hate-filled boil on the arse cheek that is the retro gaming scene and people want to be able to sit down without pain or having to suffer the oozing pus that is your constant modus operandi.
  11. No-one: Still no-one: Absolutely fucking no-one: Kieran: "Thanks for your support and praise guys, and thanks to those who have wronged me for apologising."
  12. Yeah, I remember seeing Kieren have that 'exchange' with Julian Rignall on Twitter and I was astounded by his brazeness in pushing his claims as indisputable facts. I'll be honest, I wasn't even aware that the Atari 7800 was even a thing when I was a child as the Sega Master System (and to a lesser extent the NES) dominated the UK and Ireland console market. Mean Machines covering the GX4000 before the 7800 was most likely down to the massive media fanfare and marketing budget behind Alan Sugar's console. Atari had next to zero resources in comparison at the time with little prospect of top games and future developer support. His grip on reality, as seen with his handling of 'facts' and in his retro gaming guerilla war against others, is lacking. He needs to seek professional help before he causes more irreparable damage that could unfortunately have negative permutations for his family. He has overplayed his hand for far too long and the many disparate elements of the retro scene have finally pieced together their experiences of him. It paints a sad, self-alienating portrait of a man who can't help but inflate the importance of Atari and dick-ride their lesser-known and less regarded systems. And I say that as someone who loves the 7800, the Lynx and the Jaguar without irony.
  13. I have finally just caught up with all of this thread after seeing the fallout emerge over the past few days. I've had limited experiences with Kieren but I have interacted with him briefly on social media. I always felt that he was a bit of a Walter Mitty, making spurious claims with little to no referencing that didn't stand up to reasonable scrutiny. His reactionary social media presence, even based on my limited interactions with him, always saw him butting into any Atari related discussion on Twitter. Quite a few times, I've seen him claim that Atari held a majority share of the UK console market in the late 80s and early 90s, which is frankly laughable; other instances saw him interject in conversations about the Jaguar library, claiming that there were far more titles to be included as 'official' releases (citing many recent homebrew and demos) than the original official release library of Atari in their day. His Atari related flag-waving and gatekeeping never seemed to actually encourage people to want to get involved in what is actually a welcoming and enjoyable community - he was always on the offensive and exuded a sneering sense of elitism, faux-superior knowledge, and self-aggrandisement. On another note... I remember seeing a 'System Overview' video of his many years ago (I can't remember which one, other than it was dreadful) and was struck by him claiming that he used to be a professional football goalkeeper. My bullshit radar immediately went into overdrive. Actually, now that I think about it, the video in question was possibly on the Atari Jaguar given that he was taking about the large controller in his tiny hands. Anyway, he has proven himself to be a ballbag.
  14. I was in that group solely to watch the unfolding shitshow. Unfortunately I couldn't bear to watch anymore mental gymnastics, inanity and blind fanboyism (despite how funny it might have been) so I had to leave. It really is a tinpot dictatorship over there.
  15. I had to join their 'supporters group' to see how bad it is. I've seriously regretted it. They truly are unmitigated psychos living in a world of myopic confirmation bias.
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