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  1. Thanks! Your answers are much appreciated!
  2. Thanks for answering my question... I'm sure that you are tired of it all. Another quick question... Will Gravitic Mines be available on your eBay store? I think that collects the VAT on purchase from memory.
  3. Great work on this game! I can't wait to purchase a fully released copy. A quick question though... do you know if Albert will restore shipping to the UK again? Unfortunately we are tied to the UK Brexit problem in Northern Ireland and it's preventing me from buying more Jaguar games from here. Ugh.
  4. Yes! Sorry for the late reply... I've been away and busy with work lately. I'll definitely take one!
  5. Hey, I'm sorry for resurrecting a largely dead topic, but I was wondering if you could please build an RGB SCART cable for me for payment? I recently got a Super Cassette Vision and can't play it as I don't have an RGB cable and the main seller is sold out currently. Thanks!
  6. E.X.O. looks great! I can't wait to see a release.
  7. I'm seeing people with their new copies of Last Strike and I'm just sitting here waiting for mine along with Crystal Quest for the 7800. 😟
  8. That seems potentially complicated for just having a blast on some of the Jaguar CD games. Hah! I just wanted to mess about with a few on the Game Drive as I already have a few CDs and the Jaguar CD unit.
  9. Ah, good stuff! I thought that I was going mad all day trying to get this to work. Haha!
  10. Is there any other way to convert CCDs to JCDs than with 'cd2jcd'? That doesn't appear to be working when attempting to convert CCD files sadly and I seemingly have no other way to play Jaguar CDs on my Game Drive.
  11. I have the same issue as mario64 sadly. No CCDs will convert to JCDs on CD2JCD. I've been trying to get Primal Rage converted but it just does nothing after I enter in the command prompt instructions.
  12. This video is fantastic. I see the thumbs down have also already been delivered by Kiere-I mean... Forza 77 and Joe Milano. Essentially, there is very little to dispute in this video. It's an exercise in highlighting the factual inaccuracies, careless 'writing' and plagiarism he so often engages in. Honestly, after seeing the contents of that publication, I've seen more legible, thought-provoking things written in shit on walls.
  13. Add me to the list please! Pokey & YM - Red 😁
  14. I love the picture of the controller on that gentleman's website. It's good to see that Atari have opted to follow in the footsteps of 'directional pad greatness' by aping the Amiga CD32 controller's d-pad. This is a sure fire winner right here.
  15. Ahh! So perhaps my long search a couple of years ago for this game was exacerbated by a misleading label? Haha!
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