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  1. Hey Shawn, The hardware is similar and we do plan to show it off in a video before they are released. You are correct that it's better to release it ourselves and that is what we plan on doing! For the Indiegogo campaign, we had that up (for a slightly more expensive price) for some early adopters that missed the boat. The Indiegogo campaign is now completely over, and anyone who wants to get one does have to pay MSRP. We just wanted to give our community a longer window to pick it up!
  2. Thanks King_Salamon! We may be hinting at that soon!
  3. We plan on making many more! Just not going to use Kickstarter in the future. As we have now Kickstarted the brand! (terrible pun).
  4. All I can say about that right now is that it is a closed system that boots directly into the game. Thanks for commenting!
  5. Hey all, We are NewWaveToys (the creators of Replicade) and we are back with our second and final Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/529306246/replicade-mini-tempest-arcade-machine-replica-12-t Just like last time, we are going for a truly authentic feel with our Tempest machine, just in 1/6th scale. It is completely licensed through Atari, which allows us to use all the original art as well as the original ROM. If you are interested, please come check us out as there are only 8 days left on the Kickstarter!
  6. Thanks imstarryeyed! ​Those would all be awesome ideas!
  7. Hey Mckafka99, We do have different pricing on our Indiegogo marketplace, as our first prices were for the earliest of adopters. The pricing is still good, as it is still well below the MSRP!
  8. Hey Lucifershalo, Sorry for the wait to get back to you. We now have a marketplace on Indiegogo if you want to check us out. Here is the link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/replicade-mini-centipede-arcade-machine-replica-videogames#/
  9. Thanks thevnaguy! Let us know when you put up the video and we can give you a shout out!
  10. We are starting with Atari, but we have other stuff in the works as well! All of those are possibilities!
  11. Hey Mckafka, the only difference is in the price. Even at the Trackballer level, it is quite a discount from the MSRP! Thanks for commenting!
  12. Hey Jumpman 1981 (great name), It is a limited run item, so there is always that possibility, but we still have plenty available on our Kickstarter!
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