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  1. Lord Mushroom, is the game Bannercatch? Here is a YouTube vid
  2. 7800Knight, I found the game you are looking for. It is Haunted House and is part of the first Microzine package by Scholastic. Here is the link at Mobygames https://www.mobygames.com/game/microzine-1
  3. This game requires 2 joysticks. The left controller moves Indy while the second joystick controls your inventory. To start the game, press the fire button on the left joystick.
  4. This game is fun sped up on Game 3. Quite a challenge. I wish there was a speedup variation for another Parker Bros game...Amidar, I'm looking at you.
  5. I believe she is the artist that provided the sounds and voice of the pinball machine Xenon. Back in the arcades, that was my favorite pinball with the cool music and translucent ball tubeway.
  6. I found this ad in Electronic Games June 1983 (page 85) - it pictures Kamikaze Saucers box art and 3 other Atari 8bit games. Syncro Ad - Electronic Games June 1983.pdf Best regards, Emulator 67
  7. For me, the Atari 2600 games started becoming more arcade-like when they incorporated little neat features as a little tune or melody when you gain an extra life. I remember when I first played Demon Attack and I was very surprised to hear the little ditty when you completed a wave without dying. Music to my ears! Other games followed suit, such as Centipede, with its Charge! theme, and Crystal Castles. I have 2 questions regarding this: 1. Which other original Atari titles have these bonus life melodies? 2. What was the first game to have the melody? Is it Demon Attack? Regards, Emulator 67
  8. Cool topic! I liked the following games and their variations: Adventure - Game 3 (randomizer) - brilliant as it never makes the game tiresome! Atari Video Cube - Games 15-18 - self-play mode - a little mesmerizing to watch since I would rather NOT play Breakout - Variation 9 Breakthru - makes it more of a twitch game from the get-go Fireball - Marching Blocks variation - does get panicky with the blocks of doom marching down - always wanted to see the Mystery Fireball as mentioned in the manual (never did) Regards, Emulator 67
  9. I am fascinated by the unknown or lost games that are found in screenshots in magazines, catalogs, etc. Looking back to Post #126 on page 6 (sorry not learned enough to copy and paste), there were 5 screenshots on the HomeVision Repro Cart box. The first screenshot is Crazy Chicky for the CreatiVision. Not sure if that is an Atari version of the game or if it is the CreatiVision version, but go to www.videogameconsolelibrary.com and check their screenshots for the CreatiVision console. Since Locomotion and Stone Age are also for the CreatiVision and those were TechnoVision titles for the Atari, how does Crazy Chicky fit into this mix? and on the box of the Homevision Repro Cart? Also, here is some text I found on the unreleased Homevision H.V.C. system: Video Direct International Home Vision H.V.C. 2001 This game system looks somehow like a CreativeVision, but not exactly. They was a memory module with an alpha numeric keyboard (H.V.C. 2032) with a capacity of 32K RAM. Softwares like BASIC, music and educational games were supposed to came out with this. Was supposed to be released in France. Same maker for the Atari 2600 games "Home Vision". Was to be released end of 1983. Game List: ------------------------ * Falkland War (Ocean Battle) * Third Encounter (Missile War) * Cat and Rat (Cat Trax) * Base-Ball (same) * Space Mission (same) * Mars Attack (Space Raiders) * Up up and Away (Crazy Climber) * Othello (Capture) * Chess (Star Chess) * Alien Invaders (same) My first post here, and I absolutely love all of the information that has been shared in this forum throughout the years. Regards, Emulator 67
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