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  1. I'm sure there are quite a few of us that will enjoy this cart.
  2. Looking forward to a Zaxxon release.
  3. Can't wait. This will be a childhood dream. The four carts I've had for the last thirty years are the only ones I've played.
  4. I would also like to purchase an Arcadia 2001 Multicart.
  5. Whoa. Just discovered this topic. I have 2 channel F's ( one for backup ) that haven't seen gameplay in 30 years. If there is any chance of a extra Multi-Cart available for purchase, I would like one. At the very least be placed on a list for the next batch if more is being made.
  6. Like everybody else, I'd like to be added to the Lynx Multi-Card list. Thanks for supporting one of my favorite handhelds.
  7. Every week is more and more impressive.
  8. I always get a kick out of retro arcade photos. Now I wish I had taken some of my own pics when my buds and I hit every strip mall arcade we could bike ride to in the early eighties.
  9. I'm going to see if any are available in the Minneapolis area tomorrow. I pass three of them on the way home from work.
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