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  1. Congrats Decle ! Been a few years now since we first met up and you began tinkering with the KC and it's dodgy 4-track cassette deck. Can't believe we finally got to see Jack Lalanne boot up and invite us into his gym (pretty darn woofy smell by now I suspect) , an historic achievement. Something I have waited for since 1981 when first saw the brochure advertising it. We did fail to consult our physician before hand though as the marketing blurb advised ....
  2. I managed to snag the Basic Cassette and Cartridge , although I have a reverse engineered version by Decle.Thought I did ok to pick up crosswords 3.I was huge on my reserve for crosswords 2 thinking that was mad territory 😬 and just missed out. Crosswords 3 went for more than I paid for the shrink wrapped Jack Lalanne last year , maybe someone really just needed to complete the set. Guess if you have to wait a few years to ever see another one appear you may think it’s worth it. Is it typically kc owners bidding ? , that’s a small market. Are we at new price points or was this a random blip
  3. That would be me Steve , Decle persuaded me not to use take the wrap off to test it in the kc as we had no other cassettes at the time. Luckily got another jack few months later and the French Never imagined the geography cassette would go for so much ....
  4. Random eBay find for "Mattel electronics" here in the UK Radio Rentals rented Tv's and appliances via Thorn group (EMI records) and they rented out inty cartridges ..assume they rented out the master component itself but found nothing online about that sadly Mad now but TVs cost a lot in the 70s and early 80s and had reliability problems ..most people rented them Thorn were involved in the early KC development on the tape side
  5. Never knew that existed ...the holy grail if that ever hit ebay
  6. Very interesting on the GI side of things , thanks for sharing
  7. That one in the UK would be mine , the tape drive is "working" (thanks to Decle my unofficial Mattel service agent here) in that it now it can fairly consistently save and load BASIC programs for which we have previously shared video clips on the forum. Mechanically it has had a good overhaul with new belts and break calipers, soldered on a loose connector to the tape head and sorted a burnt fuse on the main KC on the board responsible for driving the unit. Got the KC from Canada three years ago and had been sitting in a blokes garage for decades so no chance of double counting it with other KCs out there. Our copies of Jack and Conversational French still will not load. They are more hefty in terms complexity to load than simple basic programs.We have some good leads of what might be causing them to not to load now that we hope to investigate this year (probably partly with Decle as a remote surgeon) Have a few BASIC data cassettes , boxed Conversational French and a Jack loose. I also have a Jack shrink wrapped. I have the original box , fairly decent but attacked by a squirrel on one side apparently. The interview on the forum with Stephen Maine is interesting , it seems that Mattel might have abandoned working with EMI on the tape making itself at least and gone elsewhere. EMI they had patents on "watermarking" which made it difficult to copy their tapes apparently and Papa intellivison has a document where Mattel visit EMI and mentions there was a test batch of tapes produced. Papa intellivision documents briefly mentioned a UK sourced tape drive , we assumed this might have been Thorn EMI. Still no idea which third party actually manufactured the tape drive and the electronics behind it. There is no markings as we have found. Commercial 4-track for normal tapes only was introduced in 1979 by Tascam so cannot imagine it could have been too many other companies who had that tech in the time frame the KC was developed in. Always been under the impression copying the tapes would be difficult because of some sort of protection like this or biased in a weird way but maybe that is not the case ..just painful since its 4-track. How many units exist ? 20-30 maybe ….
  8. Excellent video , both in it’s content and presentation
  9. Managed to bag the Jack Lalanne cassette for the keyboard component for $469 with quite a bit of paw biting near the end of the auction. Decle will now have no excuse but to get in shape when he gets to look it over.
  10. I brought a loose one in July 2018 on eBay with no box or manuals for usd 1,195 stick it on eBay for the best price imo
  11. Thanks ,made it an exciting finish ..the other half was amused at my total panic very last minute on the sofa with the ipad (cheers for that Lathe!) Nearly got distracted myself as binge watching Netflix and tired. Had not got "intellivison" in the title but just "keyboard component 1149" so you had to be picky in your saved searches to see it. Figured it was a couple of AA legends watching it too. Reunites it with its original kc brought from the chap the other year so had too much emotion bidding to be fair. Decle will be pleased to lay his paws on it although can't see him doing an half an hour tear down and video on how it works being done for it
  12. A right dog fight in the end but managed to get a KFC microphone from the seller of my keyboard who found it eventually , nice to keep everything together. https://www.ebay.com/itm/323741268654?_trksid=p2471758.m4704
  13. Great idea , would be nice to know for some of us especially that are a bit remote or outside the states where forum members are roughly. I know of only 3 in the UK including myself.
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