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  1. Give it another go.. saved each as new jpeg files and dragged files to attach...
  2. That's weird @DZ-Jay , the pictures render when I use my web browser that I used to post but when looking at the post on my phone I just get a blue link showing the name of the JPG I uploaded, if I then click on the name I see the pictures. Always worked before just attaching JPG files to a post. Forum technical issue ?
  3. French Ron The Cat ...slimmer and much more sophisticated than normal Ron
  4. Amazing work @decle & co , the Intellivision world's equivalent to landing a man on the moon. We can all finally learn french with Mimi along with some wine. Glad you came over to visit my sick keyboard component in 2017 and that I could come along for the ride. Below is a 1980 newspaper advert featuring the keyboard component and Conversation French
  5. Great find , who would of thought a boring company annual report would have this bit of treasure in it
  6. Congratulations on joining the KC club , all look in nice condition. Does the tape drive work any , any plans for repairs ?
  7. wow ......I can imagine bidding on sealed french going 1k + easy
  8. Just purchased a copy to go along with the first book on my shelf ..
  9. My shrink wrapped basic tape - it has the computer blurb on the top bit like the early boxed games .. copy right 1980 on the bottom
  10. Here you go scans of everything including a pic of the bottom
  11. Conversational French - my one has white tape cases with all white sticker with black writing and the box has the "Alouette Language Service" logo on the back which was not on earlier boxes I'm guessing. My box is more brown colour as well ...
  12. The cocktail theme would of appealed to Mattel's upper middle class target market back in the day ..not sure how educational or kid friendly that could be marketed as Mind you they had blackjack and it would fit nicely with that and the poker and blackjack guy could of moon lighted as your bar tender as well
  13. Consumer electronics show on youtube labelled 1982 mostly in german I thought it was 79' but Mel Brooks History of the world is on laserdisc and that came out in 81' Two small clips of the keyboard component , can hear Jack Lalanne in the background on the first one Go to 21.15 & 26.05 , in the video for KC 22.28 for some screen shots of intellivision games Best thing next to being there , lots of retro tech and bad fashion .....
  14. Fantastic , about time Don and Utopia got this recognition. Ground zero for sim games ...
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