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  1. There's also the Supercard Pro. I have one and it works just as well as the other offerings. Out of curiosity, what 5.25 floppy drive was it you found?
  2. For protected images (STX), the only real viable option is the HxC2000-firmware based devices like PLM mentioned. Flashfloppy works great as far as regular ST files, but at some point, Keir has said he's going to look into adding STX support (probably with the same results and limitations as are in the HxC2000 firmware). It's also very likely that PLM has the games you're looking for adapted to HD play, and tested for functionality (thanks for all that hard work PLM), you'd just need a HD derive like a UltraSatan or SatanDisk to put them on..
  3. Here's a writeup on a 4-tos switcher, it appears to be similar to Peter's post above: http://atari4ever.free.fr/hardware/zip/4tos_swc.zip This is the setup I'm going to use on my MegaSTE, I may work on this sometime this weekend, keep a stock 2.06, the 2.16i from Peter, the 1.62i, and I'm not 100% sure what on the last (Emutos maybe?).
  4. I strongly suspect that the PT-35A would supply enough power for the system. Anybody know what the output power is on the stocker?
  5. It doesn't use any -12v, I'm running a Meanwell RD-50A in mine without issue (although it was a tight fit, and required me modify the power supply mount a bit, it does fit).. The RF shield would PROBABLY fit back on, but I left if off. I also could have installed it with the connections on the right and not had to extend the wiring. I'd also wager a RD-35A would power the machine just as well, but it's the same physical size as the RD-50A. I'd also bet that MeanWell makes an open frame supply that WOULD fit fine on that mount, and supplies enough power for the machine. I had to take a tiny bit of metal off the bottom of the MeanWell to make it fit between the mounting posts on the original power supply bracket, you can kind of see it in this picture:
  6. Yep, 5 minutes and some white double face tape, and done, lol. The XF551 does work now with the modded SDrive-Max, where before it wouldn't work at all (the 1050 would occasionally work with it though). I'll give it a two thumbs up, lol. I've got 2 more boards (plus the IC and resistors) here for this 'gen 1' version if anybody stateside wants them, just let me know via PM. The IC does rest right on top of that crystal, and the 6 pin header sits just flush with the board (had to tack solder 3 leads on the other side to get it to stay), but it does fit.
  7. Got the v1 board installed in my Sdrive-Max a few minutes ago, and I was able to test it with a 1050 drive as 1, and images loaded on 2, 3 & 4. Everything appears to work correctly. Didn't get a chance to check it with my XF551, as I've had a part fall out of the drive mech, lol. I think it's either weight or shielding for the top head..
  8. I got my v1 boards in today and put one together. Haven't installed it in my SDrive yet though. I'll try to work on that this weekend. I have to say the boards from OSH Park look very nice, I dig the purple color too, lol.
  9. Adding Asus VE278Q (I'll add more soon as I can test them out) Working: Model / Resolution / NTSC/PAL: ASUS VE278Q 1280x1024 NTSC / ? (Using a DVI to HDMI video only cable, couldn't find a spare DVI/DVI cable, will update this soon as I do) BENQ BL3200PT 1280x1024 NTSC / ? Dell U2412M: NTSC only Dell U2913WM: NTSC/PAL Dell U3011 1280x960 & 1280x1024 ?/PAL Dell U3014: NTSC & PAL HANNS-G, Modell HC194D 1280x1024 ? / PAL HP EliteDisplay E241i 1536x960 ? / PAL HP Compag LA2405x 1536x960 ? / PAL HP LP2065 1536x960 ? / PAL HP LP2465 1280x960 & 1280x1024 ? / PAL LG 24MP47HQ: NTSC only LG E2242T: NTSC only LG E2441V: NTSC only LG IPS LED 24EB23 1536x960 ? / PAL LG W2600H: NTSC and PAL NEC Multisync LCD1970NX 1280x1024 NTSC / ? NEC Multisync EA190M (Rev 1A) 1280x1024 NTSC / ? HP LP2465 NTSC & PAL Samsung SyncMaster 2443BW 1536x960 ? / PAL Not working Acer S243HL monitor Dell U2713HM DVDO iScan VP50 scaler (!) JVC DILA X7500 projector HDFury Vertex HP Compaq LA2205wg Lumagen Vision HDP scaler (!) Pioneer Kuro KRP-600M (Elite 141 series) television
  10. The BENQ BL3200PT, NEC 1970NX & EA190M were all tried with my NTSC 800XL, not sure how I'd test it in PAL.
  11. Works (1280x1024 Sophia): BENQ BL3200PT NEC Multisync LCD1970NX NEC Multisync EA190M (Rev 1A)
  12. Looks like even though mine says no seeders or leechers, I'm still sending out data to whomever wants it:
  13. I got a couple Rosewill power bars free buying some other stuff on NewEgg the other day, and they have switches on each output, might make it easier to turn things on in whatever order you'd like..
  14. Some of those 'hit and run's may be like my download.. I use a seedbox with Deluge client, but after the download, it shows 0 seeds, 0 leechers. I'll leave it up, and hopefully it'll seed out.. Works much better for me though if there's an actual tracker involved with it (shows no trackers at all).
  15. I missed this post originally, but I've tried it on my BENQ BL3200, and the Sophia works fine in 1280x1024 resolution.
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