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  1. The Lik-Sang sticker is nice! Loved that site, had all kinds of interesting stuff there.
  2. Maybe that's an idea for a future colour scheme - 'nicotine shadow', anyone?! Still torn between black and SF, one has the retro nod, the other is very sleek. My first SNES, purchased in 1992, never suffered with the yellowing. I eventually sold it in 1997 (stupid). Less than a year later I bought another one, second-hand, and that had some of the yellowing. I still have that one, carefully boxed and stored.
  3. That might be a bit too accurate for my liking I'm sure it will be fine, just thought I'd ask. It's between SFC and black for me.
  4. Hi Kev, I was wondering if the plastic shell on the Super NT is susceptible to the 'yellowing' that affected the original SNES? I really like the look of the SF model, but wouldn't want something that will be at a higher risk of something like that.
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