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  1. Just got the manual so my Up n Down is now complete. Also here's some more random rares I have.
  2. I took screenshots of both games Duck Wolf is top Sahara is bottom
  3. This isn't 2600 related Here are some rarities I have for some other systems
  4. I know I'm just going to get whatever I can get I'm NOT planning to get everything lol
  5. I agree I've switched over to CIB collecting. I might go for boxed uber rares too...money is not an issue for me lol.
  6. I see the Up n Down manual the same way i see a music machine manual (which i have). While it's super rare it simply doesn't command the same value as the box.
  7. Thanks for that.... a challenge huh Guess I'll have to go crazy again to get it lol
  8. Is the Up n Down manual expensive? I couldn't find out much about those.
  9. You made the right choice going out lol Me and s***s got a little carried away at the end there lol
  10. Yeah I was a little surprised myself it ended that high... Bidder s***s was not playing around! lol
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