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  1. Seem difficult to conver casette version to xex or art version? I would like to play Dynamite Dan, but I can only find casette version of it from atarionline.pl and I don't have way to play it. Is there diskette version of every game or was some only in casette?
  2. Now I have a working TOS with IDE support. Thanks for involved. I have tested it with CPU relocator and CPU it works. Now I have a problem with Lightning's jumper settings, I ques. It doesnt boot, but seems that jumpers are for a Cloudy TOS board. There is no guide for "how to set up Lightning with onboard TOS". http://wiki.newtosworld.de/index.php?title=Cloudy
  3. But it is IDE enabled as it is patched with this https://github.com/czietz/ideboot/ It is clear that problem is eproms or patched images. Maybe i wold just try to burn normal tos to them and see if they work at all.
  4. Lightning board is not connected at all. This is just test after TOS change. I haven't patched TOS files myself. Never used ST, wouldn't know what to do or how.
  5. Friend of mine made those files to me and I burned them to eprom. When I trun Atari on I get this error screen: I really would like to get my Lightning board in use. What is problem / what I have made wrong? I have set of these M27C256B https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000110450926.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dlfNGNq
  6. I bought TOS2.06 from exxos, but chip is 32pin. Can I use TOS 2.06 with STfm? What kind of eprom I should get for that?
  7. How well usb part works? Is possible to use as a hard drivè? I send a mail to Alan Hourihane and asked about MonSTer. He saisd that there will be new patch of MonSTers early next year.
  8. Plan is to get netusbee and transfer files through LAN. Does anyone know what is situation wit MonSTer cards? Those are what I really would like to have.
  9. I want "set and forget" setup, just like my amigas are. Why I would like to change sd or CF card? Is there a risks that they get broken often? etc? I don't want to worry to remeber that my Atari has a "tail", whem I move it.
  10. Hello I really would like to get MonSTer, but seems that they are not availlable. http://www.fairlite.co.uk/AtariKit/monster/monster.html If I try to order I get to paypal, but when I'm tryin to pay I get this : We're sorry, ST/MegaST MonSTer isn’t available at this time. With some googling seems that situation has been this from 2017 What are my other options? Are there any? I don't want to get ultra satan. I really want HD solution to be internal.
  11. https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy/releases/tag/v2.2a FlashFloppy is free firmware for cheap Gotek floppy emulators 15- 20€ from China. Lattest version has Atari's ATR file support. Question is, what else is needed to use it with Atari? Goteks have a standard 34 pin floppy connector.
  12. utri007


    Cartridge arriwed today and it works just like expected. Thanks.
  13. utri007


    Got PM from tmp and paid AVG cart already.
  14. utri007


    I asked it last december, on this thread but also with PM. Never got any answer.
  15. Even when my machine look totally different, it seems to be same machine. Game controllers has these kind of connectors, anyone know about these? Actual mother board is really small
  16. This one doesn't have a remote, wich is needed with game menus in article. Though article machine doesn't seems to have buttons like this have. It doesn't have game disk either, I ques I need to dig it from internet. But maybe I should wait until I get it, it migh be something else.
  17. That is excat same machine I bought 10€.
  18. It cost me a 10€ and I bought from online second hand store, because I can't found any info about it. So I haven't get it yet. It is Starway VCD-901B What it could be? Some kind of late Famicon clone?
  19. utri007


    I would be interest for one cart. Is it so that there ia new batch coming?
  20. I would interested if someone could fix 800XL Computer in Europe. I got nice looking Atari 800XL without a PSU, so I bought PSU from Retro game supply. When I turn it ON, it has a red screen. No obvious damage anywhere. If you have good hints to me for to try?
  21. I have looking for a AV mod kit for Intellivision without luck. It is seamingly easy to find one, but http://www.coolretroprojects.com/ I can't buy one and he is selling these on ebay for 50€ + postage. Right Retrofixes is also selling one, wich is now out of stock and he says that it doesn't work with PAL console. https://store.retrofixes.com/products/intellivision-composite-upgrade-amp-kit-coming-soon Any ohter places?/ Hints?
  22. Both contorollers had a cable problems inside of game controller. I managed to make them work so that I could test machine, but it is still impossible actually play anything. Thanks to mr_me for a hint to short pins.
  23. Happy to say, it wrks! But not so happy to say that both controllers has a problems. Shorting pins I could start a game. I connected controllers and both has a lots of problems. All numbers doesn't work, one has stuck to down. etc. I have undestadn that there is multiple possible reasons for that.
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