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  1. I probably posted on Digital Press many years ago that I was looking for these games but I don't have a racket boy account so I don't know if one of those is me or neither is. As far as hardest to finish sets go, or at least as far as sub-100 game libraries go I think it has to be a tie between this and the Mattel Aquarius. I still haven't finished that set either. I've managed to track down a boxed copy of Melody Chase but finding a copy of Chess is its own special kind of nightmare. Something tells me that the TRS-80 may take the cake if you're going after third party titles.
  2. I think it has to be at least 15 years ago now but I bought it in a lot of games on eBay. I don't remember what I paid for it but it probably wasn't more than 75 to $80 and it came with several other games that I needed I remember going after it for that game alone and I've had it ever since. Grand slam tennis and spiders I bought on eBay to I paid $250 for spiders the Grand slam tennis I bought around the time that lady was selling all the other ones for $42 but I know it wasn't bought from her. it's not even in that great of shape I just bought it because it was a really decent price. Does anybody have any idea what a box to complete Red Clash would even go for nowadays?
  3. Are those bootlegs or original releases? Never heard of them.
  4. So I finally finished this up today after years of staying at it so it is definitely possible to do even still. Hopefully you all enjoy the video as I'm so happy for my milestone!
  5. Any interest in trades for Bio Force Ape? If not then I can see if I have some cash by the end of the week.
  6. Would you be willing to trade Atlantis? If so what are you interested in?
  7. Wow! The Yamaha and the poke together sounds just amazing! I can't wait till I can purchase one of these.
  8. I just got to microvision that is bad also so I would take one of these screens as well Edit: I just took a look at my personal system and it's just starting to show signs of leak although it's not very bad. Let's make that two screens that I need.
  9. I have lots of us Xbox games as well as some Genesis and Saturn. Do you have a list of what you need would be an awful lot for me to list or take photos of. I could help you out though.
  10. Video Speedway and Pinball on CDi are all you need.
  11. I have a spare shell that I could sell or trade. I don't know what it's even worth to sell by itself. shoot me a PM and let me know what you can offer.
  12. Are you doing any trading right now or just selling?
  13. I was finally able to source a loose copy of Backgammon for the APF for a good price too but I really need any others. Can anyone help me out?
  14. Couple games that come to mind. Private Eye by Activision. This is an incredibly deep game is also nerve-racking an edge-of-your-seat. You have to be very fast plan your routes and draw maps to finish it. It was a very well made and deep game but it's well worth checking out. Shuttle Orbiter by Avalon Hill. Another very deep game with some very mild puzzle elements to it. It's a game that can be completed but takes time to master will take you several games and tries to be able to finish it.
  15. Still nothing, bump. Really hoping someone will come through with any of these.
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