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  1. He has a new website although the repair information seems to still link to the old website at least for now: http://carlsenelectronics.net/
  2. Are you using lr-atari800 or standalone Atari800? If using lr-atari800, see if this helps: https://docs.libretro.com/library/atari800/ Option = L1 Select = Select Start = Start Reset and Exit Emulator should be the same hotkey combinations that you use with other lr emulators.
  3. I read through the comments to the video. One person said if you see a computer that is yellow only on one side, it's actually the non-yellowed part that was in the sun. Several others mentioned that their computers turned yellow while stored in the attic (heat but no sun).
  4. There was a major update to Recalbox recently. Atari 8-bit and 5200 are now supported.
  5. What kind of games are you looking for? Do you want to play the C64 version of the games you enjoy on your Atari computer? Or are you looking to discover games that aren't available on Atari? You said you are looking for "old" C64 stuff, but I recommend also trying new C64 games, which are constantly coming out. I prefer the forums here, but lemon64.com is another resource to check out.
  6. Does the power LED light up? If not, I think that indicates a problem with the switch or power supply rather than a problem with the ICs.
  7. https://thejoystickshop.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=3 Looks like they are sold out.
  8. I can confirm that 2600-daptor II works on Nexus Player Android TV. I use original joysticks on 2600.emu (and emulators for other consoles) but the paddles don't work in 2600.emu. For RetroArch, you'll need a controller with multiple buttons. And then I'm not sure if Stella through Android RetroArch will support Paddles. In RetroPie, I've read that lr-Stella does not support paddles but standalone Stella does.
  9. https://youtu.be/O6WFbdXeLNc?t=200 See video at 3:20 - do you mean on the right of the screen? I would be surprised if that's something you can interact with.
  10. Sold for only $16? Anyone here the winner?
  11. Can you play Master System and Game Gear roms from the SD card in addition to Genesis roms?
  12. The full size version with a working keyboard is still coming in 2018, right?
  13. An Atari trackball with a 2600-daptor II works well in Mame (although a mouse or modern trackball also works). I don't think paddles or a driving controller will work well for Pole Position in Mame, but I haven't personally tried. See below -- although the Pole Position wheel is larger on the arcade machine, I believe it works the same way as a spinner. From: http://2600-daptor.com/2600-daptor.htm: The driving and paddle controllers do *NOT* work for "spinner" games like Arkanoid or Tempest.
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