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  1. You can download them one at a time here: http://www.atarimania.com/pgemainsoft.awp?type=G&system=8
  2. I recently bought a Dell Optiplex mini tower with i5-3570, 500GB HD, 8GB RAM for $121 on eBay (with Windows 10 64bit activated). I upgraded the GPU to GTX 750 for $32. So I spent $153 (including tax & shipping). Haven't tested it on recently released games yet, but it seems to meet at least the minimum on most things I've looked up. Older games (early 2010s) play great on high settings.
  3. I believe I read that for the full size version they are not make regional versions--the same version will be used in all regions. The outlet adapter would be different though.
  4. I got the EON 64 new on eBay on Nov. 30 for $99.98 with free shipping (and no sales tax at the time). At the time I thought the price had been dropped, but the seller has since increased the price to $149.95 so he probably made a mistake on the listing I bought. I agree I wouldn't pay $150 for it.
  5. That's a bit harsh. I bought a Retrotink 2X in 2018 with the older firmware. It's buggy, and the audio quality is not very good on N64. I never used it on anything besides the N64 as I haven't had a need for it. I picked up a new EON 64 recently for $100 (less than I paid for the Retrotink), and I prefer the EON 64 since I don't need to use a USB power cable or N64 S-video cable.
  6. The RetroTink 2X and EON 64 line double without adding lag. Both have a smoothing option. Neither will add black bars on the side to force the picture to 4:3 so make sure your TV is able to do that. If you go with the RetroTink, you can use it for multiple consoles, but you'll also need a video cable for each console (S-video cable for N64), and the RetroTink uses a power cable. The EON 64 does not need a power cable or S-video cable. I'm not familiar with the LevelHike cable, but the Hyperkin cable has a similar price with poor reviews.
  7. If it's based on the buyer's location, why is it that sometimes eBay charges me sales tax and other times not (I'm in Illinois by the way)? And I can't seem to figure out if sales tax will be charged until I put something in my cart--which means I don't know for auctions until after I've won. I just checked the last 15 items I've purchased on eBay, and I was charged sales tax only once. I looked at that particular listing--seller is from another state and I couldn't find any indication in the listing that sales tax would be charged. It just says "Taxes may be applicable at checkout" but it says the same thing for the items for which I didn't pay sales tax. I recall at least one other item last year that I was charged sales tax unexpectedly so it's not just this one seller.
  8. Try a 2-player game and see if the Ranger works for player 2. Don't use the second port though as that's for players 3 and 4; you'll have to hot swap controllers in the first port. I believe player 1 and 2 are reversed for 800XL compared to 2600.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Paddle-Controller-Pair-for-Atari-Flashback-9-HDMI-Console/264581464144
  10. Is there a way to switch between the left and right paddles? I believe the Atari 2600 uses the left paddle for player 1 whereas Atari 8-bit and Commodore 64 computers use the right paddle for player 1. This may vary by game, but I just tested a few games on each system.
  11. The 8-Bit Guy did a video on this topic just under 3 years ago:
  12. This is the most comprehensive video I've seen. Not my video although his name is similar to mine. If I do a Google Shopping search, the non-deluxe version shows up as available at a Walmart store about 1/2 hour away for $44.88. Not available for shipping.
  13. I'm assuming you have Stella 6 on your R77 compared to Stella 3.9.3 on the FB9. Would it make sense to compare the FB9 to Stella 3.9.3 running on a PC (connected to the same TV using the same HDMI cable)?
  14. 30-day warranty. Customer pays for shipping & handling if you have a warranty claim. Wow. https://www.atgames.net/arcades/faq/
  15. It's a line doubler rather than an upscaler, which is how it avoids adding lag.
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