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  1. Great thanks for the replies McWill and Necrocia. Necrocia your horizontal lines are as I am experiencing. I will retry recapping first - as it is likely due anyhow and then consider a replacement LCD. Ill let you know how it goes. Cheers.
  2. G'day, I recently was lucky enough to pick up a Lynx I with a collection of games. Unfortunately, while games do run, there are black horizontal lines on the LCD display. Of note, the lines are not consistent in either position, or number and vary as the console is on over time. Consequently, I suspect it is associated with a power issue. I have spent some time checking all electrolytic caps (with a cheap ebay ESR meter) and they seem to be in good working condition. Additionally I have attempted to measure voltages in accordance with schematics while providing power (desktop supply) over the 9V battery inputs, yet I have been unable to isolate issues. This is compounded by confusion of the appropriate ground point to measure voltages, noting I am currently measuring continuity between the +ve battery terminal, the gold ground areas around the board (ground plane?), Vin and Pin 3 of the power module; while the power module GND point does not have continuity/is not common to the –ve battery terminal. To assist could someone provide a few key locations to measure voltages in order to begin to isolate the issue and the appropriate ground point, or alternatively any other experience with such issues? Thanks in advanced.
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