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  1. I posted this in the Wanted section but seeing as this is the thread dealing with these minis... Does anyone have an instruction manual for the WalMart version of Q-Bert (the Arcade Classics)? I somehow lost mine and would like someone to scan their copy and post it in the Wanted section so that I can print it out and put it in my binder. I have a binder for all my notes and scores for each mini arcade I have. It's been a fun project so far and seeing my scores over time I hope to see my progression with each title. Anyway, if you can help me out that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Woo Hoo!! Thanks Vince! That's exactly what I am looking for! I'm going to print this out this morning. Perfect! One down, one to go! Thanks again Vince!
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for the instructions that shipped with the little mini arcade games made by The Bridge Direct (or Basic Fun as they are known as now). I am happy to just have a scanned copy of each but would prefer to have the actual sheet. I seemed to have misplaced mine and now with Covid and being at home a lot, I went and organized all my goodies and these two have not shown up. Anyway, I am looking for the instruction sheet for the following: Arcade Classics #1 - Pac-Man - This can be the instructions from the boxed version from Wal_Mart or even the bubble packed ones sold elsewhere. The instruction sheet is the same as is the game unit. Got this one thanks to Vince!! Thank you! Aracde Classics #4 - Q-Bert - This is the instructions from the Wal-MArt exclusive (Boxed) version of the game that features the modified NES rom in it. Again, all I am looking for is the instruction sheet or even a nice scan of the instructions. If anyone can help me out with these two, I'd appreciate it!
  4. Hi everyone! I have some goodies to sell once again. All prices are in US funds and shipping will be in addition to the prices. Time to get these goodies to someone who will appreciate them in their collection. Let's start with the Atari 2600 'zines that are being published monthly. I am selling the first 21 issues of the series (they are currently up to issue 25 I believe): These sell for about $10 each but prices fluctuate. I am selling the whole lot of them for - SOLD Next up, I have a lot of various Atari 2600 game books that are based on the individual companies that made games for the system... there are also books based on Arcade conversions and the sports titles. Selling the whole lot for SOLD And lastly, I have a pile of Atari trading cards I've been collecting and earning: I don't have a price in mind so I will leave it up to the buyer to make offers. Please note, I will have a few more cards to include with this lot. I will add an additional pic when I can. I would prefer to sell the entire lot of these as well. The only exception would be the duplicate Golf Tourney cards... I will sell one of those separately and the other will go with the lot. SOLD Thanks for reading and please contact me with any questions you may have. Of course, I am always open to negotiating so please don't hesitate to discuss. Have a great day!
  5. Well this is an easy pass then... man I would have been really disappointed to play through the game and not get some sort of mech fix. lol Saved myself a little bit of cash at least.
  6. Question about this re-release... I missed out on the original release and when I heard about it, the Wii version was over-priced and even then finding a copy for sale was tough to find. Anyway, my question is this: How much of the game revolves around the mech combat? I'm all for another 70+ hour adventure - especially now with covid - but I will admit I'm more interested in the mech stuff and the characters are more secondary. The idea of playing through this re-release on the Switch along with the sequel and the other game all on the Switch really has my interest piqued! Oh the reason for the 3DS version not doing well was that the New 3DS was required where the majority of 3DS owners didn't have the New 3DS as well as Nintendo likely released a smaller run of these carts. I considered picking up a New 3DS just to play this but reading a review or 10 told me that this version of the game didn't warrant a purchase of a handheld console that I already owned just to play this one cart. Anyway, this Switch edition has me excited! It's less than 2 weeks away and I'm looking at going on a long adventure in a new world. If someone can give me a time frame on the amount of mech fun I can expect, that would really help my decision to enter the world. I guess I should use the correct term, how much of the game evolves around using your frames (I believe that's what they are called)?
  7. This game is a blast to play. I was cautious about the crafting element but after playing for a few days I'm really enjoying it. Although frustrating to have your tools break after a couple of uses is a pain but at least you can easily make a new one. I don't think the pole vault will break though as you will need it to get back to your home. Unless that changes later when you place bridges down etc. I don't recall seeing Wisp before... I've helped him out twice already. Same with Gulliver... saw him twice and tomorrow is Turnip day! Looking forward to the markets! lol I haven't gotten into making my house a home yet but I will eventually... I've been busy with other stuff. lol I really wish Nintendo would return some NES games to the series... even if it was something that you purchased from the eShop. Would be a cool integration.
  8. The island is per Switch... we have a copy of the game and my son is going to play it on his Switch so we can visit each other in the future. I haven't posted on here about it because I've been busy playing and having a blast! I love the polish on this game... all the little touches are amazing! Now I need to renew my Nintendo Online subscription so we can visit others online... but that's a ways away for me. What did everyone name their island? I went with Fantasy... Fantasy Island! lol Shows my age I suppose but that's ok. This game was the reason I purchased my own Switch.
  9. To me, it's magic. lol I need to play my Dragonstomper some more to see how the 'load' screens are handled. Admittedly, I haven't played my cart much since getting it but when Albert made it for me, he tested it out and it worked for him. I'll try to spend some time with it this weekend.
  10. I know Albert can do this for you... he did it for me! I have a cart of Dragonstomper in my collection. No I need to spend some time and enjoy it some more. Just email the store or Albert and he can get it done for you. Which Starpath game are you looking at made into a cart?
  11. While some of the things you guys are talking about are a foreign language to me, I do find it interesting how the changes that are made to the game impact on what we see. I'm enjoying following the development of this title and will soon try out the demo as I recently received my Harmony Encore cart. I will continue to watch this thread and I look forward to future developments and the eventual cart release!
  12. There's a pretty cool thing going on this weekend on the 2600club.com website! There's an Atari Golf tournament going on! Submit your best score this weekend and you can win an Atari Golf tournament card! I submitted my score this morning and have my fingers crossed that I make the cut! Anyway, go to 2600club.com and check out the details! I believe the details are in the latest Zine issue as well but I haven't ordered that issue yet. You can find it on Amazon under Atari books... it's issue #21. Good luck to all competitors!
  13. How are users finding posts that are over a decade old... it's becoming less than funny. On another note, I haven't seen The Golden Ax on AA in years.
  14. Ordered my Harmony Encore and today in the mail it arrived! I'm so excited! I'm looking forward to loading up an SD card and having a blast! A big thank you to the people involved in making these carts available!! Thank you!!
  15. bump for a new month... and to celebrate that I ordered my Harmony Encore cart!
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