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  1. If you reviewed the Intellivision version and that's a screen shot of your game, I don't believe your review. In order for you to be happy with that game, the music box should be shot. Other than that, the Carnival port to most systems is a good game. Some have more features than others but all are pretty good. Sheesh, I think I just did my own review of the game!?! I think I'll quit my job and do this full time!
  2. Ok time to play this game for real. See how I do...
  3. Todd... is that you? lol As for my fastest time... I don't recall ever completing a game of this. I think I tried it at a friends and blew the engine a couple times and went on to the next game. lol I should try it one of these days.
  4. What a fun demo... yes it's short but it's a marketing tool. We all know Moon Patrol and this is just a taste of what to expect... it's meant to leave you wanting more. I like the powerup too. Looks like a fun title that is expected for launch. This just gets me excited.
  5. Thanks for posting this! I enjoyed it a lot! Even though I've heard interviews with David Crane in the past, it amazes me that I always seem to learn something new about the ol' 2600!
  6. As one of the lucky people who got to play the game during it's voyage around the world tour... I will be looking for the unlimited release in the AtariAge store. I had a lot of fun during my week or so with the game... I didn't get enough time to really get good... heck I wasn't even decent at it by the time I was mailing it off to the next participant. I remember writing my review of the game and posted my thoughts in that thread. Some fun stuff there... it was such a fun idea and a fun project to participate in. Glad to hear your work will continue to be enjoyed by more and more fans! Congrats!
  7. Thanks for the info... I guess this is something to be expected. Perhaps you'll encounter some homebrew style arcade games further on?
  8. Did they place any arcade games into the new game? What Sega games are in it? I love this aspect of the games.. walking into a store and buying usable items, dropping money into a game and actually playing it. That stuff is great. Have fun with the game!
  9. added a set of Zelda Slurpee Cups
  10. I usually end up doing a nod or two and just say 'nope' and shut it off and night night. lol
  11. Prices adjusted for a weekend sale! Ends Sun Nov 24 at night (when I change them back).
  12. new goodies added tonight... always open to offers as well!
  13. I particularly like the accent colour myself but the screen does pop more when you remove the accent colour. It'll be interesting to see which setting people prefer. I'm thinking I'll go with the accent myself. Then again, as you said, some displays may have issues so it will depend on our tvs as well. This is looking better and better for the 2600! Keep up the amazing work!
  14. I'll likely get both. I want a single title that will sell me on the system and I don't know if there will be one for launch. I'm liking the idea of a back compat Xbox Next so I can carry my Fallout and Wasteland titles forward to it. As for the PS5, I'm sure there will be something exclusive that my son will want. lol I can see this being on a Santa list. lol Amico, hmm give me an updated Cloudy Mountain... or even let me play the original Cloudy Mountain on it at launch and I'll buy it. Having fresh hardware and that game is an instant purchase!
  15. Prices have been reduced on all remaining items!
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