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  1. I love Sky Jaguar... great shoot'em up on the Colecovision. One of the games I miss on that system. doubledown is a good dude and I encourage everyone with interest in these to bid as I have had successful dealings with him in the past! Good luck on the sales!
  2. They seem to be done with the Data East and Namco licenses for now (with Rolling Thunder). The license with Taito is new and they have a few games with likely more to follow. Contra marks the beginning of the license with Konami and it makes you wonder what they will follow up with. Oh and don't forget about Basic Fun... they should have a Defender release as shown at Toy Fair and the next PC gaming release of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. (I enjoyed Oregon Trail but I'll pass on Carmen lol)
  3. I wish I was at E3 to get an explanation for the link cable on the 6" cabs. Contra is supposed to be the first to use this feature so we will have to see when they show more details.
  4. Actually, Rolling Thunder has yet to be released from My Arcade. They also showed off Space Invaders and Contra (with a link cable for two player fun) so those two are coming at some point (Christmas I'm guessing).
  5. This is more exciting news than I expected to hear! I love collecting and this will only add to the fun! Of course, adding digital copies is nice but physical is always the thing that I gravitate towards. Thanks for the info!
  6. Hi Tommy, I know you have nothing more to say on this for now but I have to ask anyway. Will we be seeing physical releases for the Amico? I'm trying to get my info straight and the idea that I can get a game pack at retail is super exciting. Cart/card slot for the system seems like a dream I had years ago for a Flashback system. I would love to see that on the Amico! I wish you continued success with the development and rollout of the system. You can count on me for a system pre-order (or day one purchase) on 10-10-2020! Joey
  7. SOLD! I bought a SMS for this game in the 80's and loved it at the arcade. Was never really good at it but enjoy it to this day! I will be making a purchase as soon as it hits the e-shop!
  8. There's something awesome about finding a classic game at an arcade or some random location nowadays. I found a small arcade in town and they had a cocktail Stargate which I had to just look at and admire. They had some other classics (including a half full play choice ten) there. I plan on spending some time there in the coming months. As for Time Pilot, I first played it at a bowling alley in the mid 80's. It was a lot tougher than the Colecovision version that I played a lot of at my neighbours place. A game that I still enjoy today.
  9. Plaque Attack... only because the Actiplaque finally won on this one!
  10. I'm grabbing this collection as you get games for $2 a pop versus the $8 when sold individually. That said, I'll likely grab Time Pilot a little later (Time Pilot is a really fun game). Still seems odd that the CastleVania collection doesn't include Haunted Castle but includes Kid Dracula. Doesn't matter as I'm buying both (and the Contra collection as well). I always wondered why we never got Haunted Castle for the NES... but the CastleVania games were great as well.
  11. It is in full colour? I love me some retro mags and the fact that it's full colour is awesome! Gotta go order #1 and #2 today!
  12. Yeah this seems to be gone from stores... well maybe someone will come across one of these.
  13. The reason these two were shown was because Bethesda wanted to inform people that the next game they are releasing is Starfield which will be in 2020 (when the next consoles are released) at the earliest. And then a few years agter that, you can look forward to ES6. My guess is that Starfield and ES6 can come out maybe 2 years apart (now that they have 3 offices - Maryland, Montreal and Austin). Whatever engine they are going to be using for Starfield will likely be applied to ES6. Give me Fallout 76... make it like Destiny with some cool lore and I'll be playing for a long time. I wasn't interested in getting PvP'd to death but it sounds like they have some checks in place. I just love exploring new areas and this is going to be a huge map!
  14. I believe the Canadian WalMarts should have the Galaga/PacMan/DigDug units this week (they had a June 8th release date online). If I can't find them next time I go there, I might be asking you about those. As for the Tiny Arcades... the local WalMart stocked up on them when I was there a week or so ago and I picked up what I didn't have (loving Ms PacMan!). While they were $25 Canadian, they are about what it would cost to have them shipped. Seems like I need to order the Caveman Ninja and Heavy Barrel direct from MyArcade. I'll get back to you on the new MyArcades... thanks again!
  15. It is the LCD one I am looking for... I know there are two version of it out there. They both have the exact same mini cade unit inside but one has the WalMart box and every other store sells it with a bubble pack. I'm looking for the boxed one as shown in the photo. If you have the boxed one, I'm interested. Let me know.
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