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  1. Considering this is a UK based console, having the Intellivision carts are very obscure. I'm ok with 12 games per cart... Cloudy Mountain being included in the first collection would be awesome! It's my all time favourite game on the Intellivision and should play just fine with the Evercade controls. I hope Tommy can make sure Super Slap Shot Hockey is included in one of these two collections as hockey is needed on the Evercade! This collection has me excited for the Evercade again... the Indie Collection is going to be awesome and so is the Codemasters collection but I've never cared for the Worms franchise. It always surprises me when the Evercade folks make an announcement! And to think there are arcade collections to come at some point this year!
  2. Thanks for letting me know... I'll check it out.
  3. I know this is an old post but I wanted to know what Goblin Chaser looks like... what kind of game is it? The write up on Good Deal Games has me intrigued.
  4. I have owned all PS systems with the exception of the PS3. I played FO3 and NV on the 360 and have kept the games since. At first I thought I would have to buy new (pre-owned) 360s to keep playing those games but now with the back compat of the One X and Series X etc, I am super happy to keep playing the games when I want to. One interesting thing is with MS buying Bethesda and already owing Obsidian... there's a good chance we will see another Fallout game from Obsidian. At least I can hope. I won't even get into the exclusivity idea that may follow.
  5. I will be getting a Series X sometime in 2021... no rush for me as I'm enjoying my One X and pretty much only play Fallout games on it. lol I also intend on grabbing a PS5 as well. I enjoy all the systems... maybe even get an Amico. lol
  6. I am loving the game on my Xbox One X... it plays really well in my opinion. I have about 5 hours into the game... would've been more time but I share the console with my son and he gets his game time on there as well (not Cyberpunk but his other games). There was a second update on Saturday morning but I haven't noticed any changes. The game is so new to me still and I'm still learning what I'm doing. Overall, it's been a treat to play. I haven't noticed any bugs or screen/graphic issues... I do notice that sometimes the screen does a little scramble but those odd moments are intentional I believe. The learning curve of the controls is giving me a bit of a challenge... while you can make the combat a shooter, you can also tackle things using your hacking skills and I find that a lot more fun (almost like being a magic user in a D&D style RPG). I do appreciate the challenge as it's a new game for me (not sure how the Witcher played and whether there are similarities between the two games) and other than the Fallout games, this is the only action RPG I've gotten into in the past few years. I'll have to see how the game performs over the next 10-15 hours. Might have a better answer for you.
  7. Going to be a fun return to the Ghosts and Goblins universe in February. This was pretty much the only thing that got my attention from the Game Awards.
  8. Played this morning and went to play this afternoon and there's another update for the XBox. From what I played, it's amazing. I'll be going back to it later this afternoon to play some more. I'm excited to see what happens next and to do some exploration. It was worth the delays etc as CDPR has knocked this out of the park.
  9. I'm hearing the base consoles aren't doing so well with it... I'm downloading and installing the update for my One X and will see how it performs. I will upgrade to the Series X next year some time but I'll be ok playing it on my One X until there are some games I want on the Series X.
  10. This is terrible... I love Mega Man (and even Street Fighter to a degree) but this is not something I want.
  11. The USB charging was solved for me by plugging the USB cable into my USB charging port on my PC, wall plug and power bar. Lot's of options... I could also use my XBox/PS4 I suppose. Anyway, the Lynx carts should be here tomorrow so I'll get to enjoy them... it's been a long time since I've played Lynx games. Looking forward to the ones I've played and some of the games I never had the pleasure to try. I'm hoping for a Lynx collection 3 with STUN Runner on it... maybe in 2021? The Indie collection is an instant must get as it has a lot of interesting titles on it! Anguna being a big one for me! Pre-order for May perhaps? And as for Worms collection... ugh... I have tried to enjoy these games years ago but always played them for a bit and left them feeling bored. I like the fact that these versions of the games have good single player games in them (as the Evercade is primarily a single player system). The price is low enough that I will gladly pay it to give the games a chance.
  12. PS1 yes... and its a polygonal game to boot... I'm interested to see some sprite based 2d PS1 style games. That Piko 2 cart also has the first GBA game on it... some overhead racer. So perhaps NeoGeo is a matter of getting a license to make the carts. Evercade has a BIG announcement next week... I'm guessing it's the arcade releases but a NeoGeo announcement would be arcade and BIG news! (After all... the NeoGeo always had that MEGA flash on the screen for the games. lol
  13. That's just absurd... if not fake. I can go on Amazon and grab a system for $1700 Canadian if I HAD TO HAVE IT! lol I will wait until the new year for a system as I cancelled my pre-order a month ago. Figures... my son decided he wants a PS5 now... just a couple weeks after I cancel the pre-order. Oh well... I have current gen game to enjoy. lol
  14. The soccer (football) title is a PS1 game from late in the life of the system. I believe it was a budget title of 5 on 5. Looks interesting to see the Evercade doing a PS1 title. We will see how it plays... I've never played the original (I think it was a Euro only release).
  15. The difference between the S and X is the graphics output... I don't see MS coming out with a Series X exclusive anytime soon as the consoles just released. Thinking back to the XBox One and XBox One X... there was never an X Exclusive there either so I don't think they will do something like that.
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