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  1. Well that's pretty cool. I guess I will have my name in a credits roll then. Again, this wasn't the reason I purchased the founders edition but it'll be a cool thing to look at and see all the other founders on the list. Thanks for shining a light on this for me! I'm looking forward to the VS system and the 6 pack of carts with it... they each have great titles I want to play... but more importantly, I look forward to finding unknown gems on each collection!
  2. Well I didn't think I was going to order a founder edition as I thought it would be too expensive compared to ordering it locally. Turns out to be about the same. As a result, I went to Funstock to see if there were any left and they did so I went ahead and pre-ordered one! I like the look of the full black controllers and the system looks great as well! Now it's just a long wait until November. Arcade games coming to the Evercade... I can't wait to enjoy some of these old favourites and to discover the new gems!! As for this credits stuff... what exactly are they meaning with this? We get out name in a manual or something or is it in the software of the VS system in some screen? I'll go with it but it didn't have much impact on my purchase.
  3. The initial draw to the system was the variety of systems that they planned on carrying on the system. With some NES, SNES/GEN, Atari 2600/7800 to start and with Lynx in the 'coming soon' column, I was intrigued. The fact that it was a portable was cool as I could play it anywhere and IF I wanted to play on my TV, I could link it to my tv using a cable (which I haven't bothered with as the portable works great on it's own and as I couldn't be bothered to look for one of the cables). So why did I buy it? Price was a great factor, the collectability factor sure helped with the cool manuals and cases. At the time I purchased it, the Technos collection was out and that collection and River City Ransom was worth it. Why do I like it now? Simply every time a collection comes out, I find myself questioning some of the carts and then I play some of the games on a cart and I find myself hooked on a game that I had no idea it would be as good as it is. Sometimes I find a game on the cart that I like more than the other game on the same cart the I thought was the reason to buy the cart in the first place! Another reason I like it now... the ARCADE titles! I'll admit that Atari Arcade collection is pretty weak in my opinion (that and the fact that I have some of those titles on my Arcade Legends cabinet). The others do get me a bit excited as they are filled with familiar titles and some unknowns which is where I may uncover some treasures! Looking forward, I will be picking up the VS system and all future carts as they are fun to experience and the price is incredibly right for me!
  4. I'm going to assume that the Atari Arcade collection will be the pack-in with the VS. Makes no difference to me though as I will get the whole lot just to add more games to the ever growing Evercade collection! If we wait long enough... the Evercade may have the largest game library of any system. lol Well... maybe not. On another note, Evercade VS is going to be revealing the VS bundles by the end of next week and with all the trackball games on the Atari collection... could we see a trackball controller released in a larger bundle? I'd be all over something like that! I'd likely pick up an extra trackball controller or two (or three) for some of those games!
  5. I think it was Combatribes... which makes a Technos arcade collection a possibility. I wouldn't mind having Double Dragon arcade to play... I enjoyed that game a lot more than the NES version. It will soon be revealed anyway... it would be interesting if Blaze combined arcade games from different companies on a single cart, but I doubt that will happen! So if we end up with one Technos collection and I'm assuming the other arcade will be Data East. That will be another interesting collection. This week will be a fun one to see what's coming soon!
  6. That 7800 sure looks awesome (and tempting!) but I must resist for now. Just wanted to post that Bradd1978 sure does great work! I should know, I bought a 2600 from him a few years ago and it's awesome!
  7. I remember looking at the mail order listing of all the games and there were 'coming soon' or something in place of the price and that was where I got my new games info from. It turned out that some (possibly a lot) of those titles never saw the light of day. It's where I had my dad mail order a copy of Donkey Kong for the VCS. It was the only title I ever got via mail order as a kid.
  8. I have enjoyed the Oregon Trail one for a while now... takes me back to the mid-80's when I played it in Elementary school on an Apple. Good times. Eventually, I plan on passing it on to someone else to enjoy. As for Carmen Sandiego... it was a pass for me. I never cared for the show or the earlier games... but I do like to burst into singing the "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego" bit at random times... lol.
  9. Ahh I see... oh well.. Blaze has been super busy getting licenses so Gods will have to be a no-go. Not a biggie for me... perhaps Cadaver or Magic Pockets could be an unlockable. If they have any representation in these unlockables that is. Who knows but it is fun to speculate.
  10. I'm wondering what the VS will have in store for the unlockable games in the future? Could Gods be an unlockable game using the 2 cart method? But it could also be Magic Pockets at the same time. Who really knows... lol. It will be fun to learn what cart combos unlock what. It's going to be fun! On another thought... could there be a second collection with Gods, Cadaver and Magic Pockets? Might be a bit thin in content but I'm thinking Gods would be the main draw... who knows.
  11. I'm sure I will like all the Speedball games as I enjoyed Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe (I think that was what it was called) and with one of them being a SMS game is good news for more SMS releases in the future! Xenon brings a shooter that looks like a lot of fun and the Chaos Engine is another cool title! Overall, three types of games and they are all top tier for me! It'll be a lot of fun to try out! a bit of a bummer is the May releases getting delayed until July due to component shortages. The good news is the impact won't affect the fall releases.
  12. I hear ya... I support videogamesplus.ca as they are a Canadian company and there is no custom/duties fees. They've been my go to company for Evercade goodies right from the beginning! Speaking of Worms and Indie Heroes... I need to get my pre-order in soon too!!
  13. During a live stream of the Intellivision game list reveal there was some discussion about one of the arcade releases being Bad Dudes due to something the person from Blaze had on a shelf in the background. So it seems like we will be getting a Data East arcade collection or at the least, an arcade version of Bad Dudes seems likely. And to make things more exciting is that the reveal of all the 2021 collections will be completed by the end of May. So in the coming few weeks we will see the arcade collections (These will feature the Purple boxes by the way) and the remaining collections to be released in 2021. I believe this is a combined 5 collections to be revealed. Sounded like 2 arcade collections and 3 regular collections. Oh and to make things even more interesting, there is a possibility that there may be additional releases from 2022 that could get moved up to be released in 2021. Time will tell on that. I appreciate the under promise, over deliver style that Evercade has used. Much better than showing something that doesn't get released for years.. if ever.
  14. Slap Shot Hockey!!! Finally there is a hockey game on the Evercade. SOLD! lol Add to that some personal favourites as Snafu, Thunder Castle and Night Stalker makes this collection an easy purchase... especially when I will be able to play it on the Evercade VS this holiday! Oh and Princess Quest? That's a real winner for the Evercade as it adds a new spice for people who have the previous collections! Man... this Evercade just doesn't give up eh? The price is certainly right for me!
  15. I'm guessing that the future arcade collections will include a Namco collection for the Vs System. This will allow Namco to sell another collection on the Vs System of the arcade versions of the same titles. Double your money, double your fun! lol Tomorrow is the Intellivision Collection reveal! Looking forward to learning of the complete list.
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