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  1. I read and heard on several podcasts that future PS4 games are to be compatible with the PS5 before they are released. I believe it was effective with all releases after July 2020. Although... in the great scheme of things, it doesn't impact on my decision to get a PS5 or not. If there's a PS4 game I need to play, I still have a PS4. If anything, there's time now before the PS5 comes out that I could finish playing those incompatible games and trade them in. Lol I don't tend to keep games when I'm done with them.
  2. It's amazing how your imagination can take over your thoughts... for me I only saw the box in a glass case and saw ADVENTURE in the glorious orange box! I saw the hedge maze and the Dragons and characters and my Dungeons and Dragons thoughts kicked in... I had to have it!
  3. All the carts have a little something for everyone. Even that Piko sports cart has a few games that interest me... and I thought a sports-centric was a bad idea for sales. Now this Indie Heroes cart is awesome! It's like a Mega Cat or Piko cart where I don't recognize or even heard of a bunch of the games... you're going to find something that you enjoy and because you have all the other titles, you're going to try out each and will likely find more goodies! Looking forward to checking out Arrest Quest, Anguna, that horizontal shooter and a few others. I like that they have added colour to the Arrest Quest game just for the Evercade edition! Oh and this will be the next release to have a reversable case cover! Wonder what it will look like? Will it be like the Lynx one (same but different) or something completely different? 2021 will be a lot of fun on the Evercade!
  4. I understand the arrow way of thinking but I've always grabbed the 'arrow' by the '<' and used the '-' as the blade to attack with. The duck thing has always been lost on me but in the early 80's you had limited graphics and had to use your imagination.
  5. I'm ok with the $70 games.. makes them $90 Canadian for me... add tax and they will be a cool $100 and change. I got a disc based PS5 as I will resell my games after I'm done and recoup some of the cost... it's rare that I want to keep a game after I've finished with it. There are exceptions but 90% of the current gen games are play and sell... it's why I don't go digital in the first place. Sure I'll grab some indie games from time to time but I'm also spending a lot less on those. I'm looking forward to the next generation and I'm hoping to be playing some Gran Turismo in 2021... I skipped GTSport. Never played Demon Souls so that'll be a launch play for me. Looking forward to it. I will get a set of headphones at some point... my 6 year old pair of Golds are finally starting to fall apart. lol They still work great but the covers on the cushions are peeling. They'll work until I get the ps5 ones... man they sold really fast!
  6. So that explains the sales spike of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S! lol
  7. I bought a 4K TV a few years ago and bought the Xbox X and its pretty cool to see the upgrades they made to my Fallout games (the only reason I have my Xbox is so I can play the 360 and Xbox One Fallout games lol). I don't do digital as I like to recoup some of the money I spend on the games after I am done with it. 90% of the time I lost money but I'm ok with that as once I'm done with a game, I rarely go back to it. When I don't sell (like the Fallout games) I keep them and their system forever. Once I get the Series X... the One X is going up for sale. lol As for the space constraints on a system... it's not the inconvenience of re-downloading something, its the download caps that some providers put on people. Thankfully I don't have that issue but there are lots of people that do.
  8. I won't be buying a Series X anytime soon... there's just nothing releasing with the system other than Gears Tactics. I already have Game Pass on my One X and I'll upgrade to the Series X next year at some point... maybe when Bethesda unveils their Space Fallout/Skyrim game. I'm curious to see how the Series S does... I have absolutely no interest in that system and I question why they brought it to market. I know they wanted to have something at a low entry price point but it seems to be stripped down and I feel that it will get a lot of negative word of mouth once it hits the consumers. Did they mention if the ~200GB of SSD space that the Series X uses for system data is the same for the Series S? That would make the 500GB SSD only 300GB... I hope both MS and Sony have portions of games that can be removed. Is it me or are these companies so late with information because they don't want to let the other have the last laugh or something? With the price holdup it seems like all the announcements are months old... like they should have been done in June/July... I guess it fits the whole '2020 is weird' bit eh?
  9. Just saw this... holy cow! CPUWIZ... take care and I look forward to reading your future posts for a long time! All the best!
  10. So I guess there is some kind of licensing issue preventing the sale of the Namco Collections in the US? Your store seems to have all the other titles available. Looks good! Let's see the Evercade site update the retailers links to include Songbird!
  11. Really looking forward to the two Lynx collections! Will be a lot of fun to revisit some old games and explore and discover new ones!
  12. Glad to see that you have it figured out. It was one of the only games that have had me stumped so far. I have a bunch of titles to try out yet but I'll make my way through them eventually. lol
  13. Select your game mode that you want to play and press the X button... not the A button. Pressing A takes you back one menu... pressing X will start the mode. Let me know if this helps... everyone needs to play and enjoy some Magical Drop II! It's fun!
  14. It's baaaack! New goodies to sell... special edition!
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