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  1. Damn dude! Why do you post something like this!?!?!? You know I want it but I must resist. You always do great work... the Atari 2600 system I got from you is a beauty! Someone needs to grab this!
  2. I ordered a Founders Edition so it will be interesting to see if I receive it in Canada by Christmas. I can hope but if it doesn't show until next year, I'll be ok with that. I have a few carts still in the shrinkwrap so I have lots of 'new' games to play anyway. Seems like I put a new cart in the system and it takes a while... a long while for me to want to change to a new cart. lol
  3. I went and got the Founders Edition of the VS but have the standard handheld... I guess I'm weird. lol
  4. Welcome to the world of Evercade! Seems like even though I played a ton of games over the years.... there are always some gems to be found in these carts that you had no clue about. I even had a few games that I dismissed because I thought the game wouldn't be good and when I gave the game a few minutes, it turned into an hour or two. lol Enjoy the fun!!
  5. I'll give the Ascent more than a good amount of time as that style of game is something I find I enjoy quite a bit. As for the downloads... I set that up a few days ago so they are done downloading... now I need to get some time on the machine. lol And I totally agree that GamePass is very good indeed! My son is playing tons of games on it on the Xbox X... and when he gets his PC in the next month or two, he will be using GamePass on there as well. Lots of fun to be had all around!
  6. Well after planning on grabbing the All Access package deal when my subscription ended, I discovered that they sold out of the All Access packages online. Serves me for procrastinating I guess. Then a couple weeks after I was sitting in a parking lot about to do some shopping when I was looking at my twitter feed and MS Canada had posted that they had some Series X systems available. I went to the site and setup an account etc as fast as I could and placed an order. My wife was asking if something was wrong because I looked panicked... as I was messing with my phone feverishly for a minute or two. I told her what that the Xbox's were available and I might have one! It took about a week and it arrived. Nobody in the house remembered what it was... it was just something for Dad. lol I set it up and my son was like... "Where did that come from?" lol. I installed a few games and I have to say, the transferring of game saves was a breeze! All that cloud stuff actually works I guess. Now to stop playing Fallout games on it and start things like the Ascent and Flight Simulator!
  7. All I've managed to do with Indie Heroes so far is read the manual for a short bit. I've been busy that I haven't had a chance to try out the games and there are a bunch I really want to play. Quest Arrest and Anguna are two at the top of my list. I keep pre-ordering the new releases and during the winter months I'll have more time to play my Evercade. Speaking of new releases... did you see the packaging for the Founders Edition of the VS? Looks pretty cool... I'm going to have some serious fun with that system this winter! And to think I wasn't going to get a Founders Edition but decided to get one instead of a regular one... the black console with the red looks pretty sharp.
  8. I've been using Videogamesplus.ca for my Evercade orders and they offer free shipping on the pre-ordered two packs. I did purchase the VS System from Funstock as the special edition was only available from them. I've looked at Amazon but the Canadian price is usually more than my other options so I've stayed away for Evercade purchases.
  9. Thanks for posting this! I went and grabbed all of these... mainly it was for Syndicate Plus. I was going to buy this on GOG when they mentioned they were taking the game down and missed the deadline.. this turned out really good as free is better! lol Looking forward to playing some in depth Syndicate and trying to get into Syndicate Wars (I didn't care for it back in the day but maybe I'll appreciate it now). Thanks again!
  10. There are some great titles on that cart! I am a Crystal Castles fan and also really enjoy Food Fight... both I believe are on that collection! Adventure is a game I always give a playthrough every time I load up this collection! Glad to see another Evercade fan enjoying the system!
  11. Don't think Evercade released an email but they did a reveal on Twitter of this new collection for next year. I'll grab it for the variety of titles it has... and the fact that I don't believe I've played any of the titles on the cart. I'm waiting for the second shoe to drop and have Evercade do another reveal on twitter with the other title that will release along with the Renovation collection. It seems they like the dual releases. Another thought is with the purple VS carts... will they release a 2 red carts at a time or a red and a purple? Or 2 reds one month and then 2 purple carts the following month.
  12. this renovation collection is pretty much all new for me. It's exciting to see some pretty cool games on it too. 2022 looks to be kicking off with a bang! And we all know that Evercade releases two at a time so I'm wondering what else is next? The fun just keeps on coming! Two weeks to go until we see the latest releases! I'm excited for the Indie Heroes collection! Anguna on Evercade will be a blast! Likely the first title I try! lol
  13. Isn't this supposed to be a remake of the old Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance games from the OG XBox era? I saw screens and it looks a lot different. I'll likely give it a try when I get my Series X... it's on it's way! lol I'll give my son the One X to play on. Looking forward to experiencing the faster load times too!
  14. Agreed on Nintendo... you want their games? Get a NES Mini/SNES Mini... or a Switch and online to play the old school titles. Capcom seems like a logical step... same goes for Konami. Capcom has their titles on various systems so this seems like another revenue stream for them. Konami also would be interested in making money selling their licenses. These two companies could perhaps go to a 4-8 games per cart deals with Evercade/Blaze so that they can maximize the revenue per cart. I could see something like that to stretch the money out for the licensing. Midway is interesting as the ownership of the licenses seems to always be in a constant state of flux. If Evercade/Blaze can wrangle something with Midway... I would be excited for their console and arcade releases! One other company that I wonder about is Sega... on one of the videos released by Evercade/Blaze, the person from Evercade mentioned he would love to get games from Sega in the future. Sure it's nothing concrete but there's always a possibility of this happening!
  15. It's not hardware rental though.. it's a loan basically where you make payments and then you get to keep the system. I was about to do this option last week but ebgames in Canada sold out of the systems (likely due to the E3 showing by MS the days prior). I was fortunate enough to snap up a system yesterday as Microsoft had some systems on their webstore. They sold their allotment in an hour or so.
  16. Just ordered a Series X but have had Game Pass Ultimate for a couple years now I think. When you take out the cost of XBox Live from the annual cost of Game Pass Ultimate it makes it pretty reasonable... especially when you have a kid downloading all the games to try out (I haven't bought a game in a long while). I'm looking forward to playing The Ascent next month. Should be interesting (it was the only thing in the lead up to the release of the console that had my interest).
  17. At one point I was thinking I would just wait for the VS System but I saw the bundle and thought I'd catch up on the new releases in one shot. lol I'm not in a huge need to have every cart but so far I have them all... I think once I get my fill from a cart I will sell it. Some of these carts have a ton of replay value while others have limited (to me) play value. Once the cart combo unlockable games are discovered, I may re-evaluate my cart shelf and sell some. Or I just look at the pretty cases and leave them be. lol Now that Intellivision cart is going to be AWESOME! And the next one they release is going to be my favourite as it will have Cloudy Mountain on it! That cart can have ust Cloudy Mountain on it and I would buy it! lol Bitmap Bros is the Speedball cart right? I remember playing some Speedball in the 90's and liked it quite a bit. I look forward to delving deeper into those games! All the arcade releases are going to be great... the Atari cart is my least anticipated cart but I think it will be the one to surprise me the most. Actually the Gaelco cart is the one with the most surprises as I don't know many of those carts. Breakthru arcade on the Data East cart is gonna be a great blast from the past. Hmm... 2022... Konami... please Konami?!?!
  18. Yeah it lasted through the weekend I think and officially sold out early the following week. I haven't purchased myself much this year (other than the 2 Evercade carts a few months ago) so I took the plunge. I've been looking at buying an Xbox Series X but they have been hard to find at retail. Oh well.. no rush on that one as long as I can find one by 11-11-22 (Starfield lol). Don't see that being a problem. lol Back to the VS System... I'm excited to play some arcade titles (and that Intellivision cart!!!! Woohoo!) on it and discovering the hidden games that can be unlocked using different combinations of carts. This makes me want to have all the carts... just in case. lol Start saving and by November you might have enough to pick up a system and a cart!
  19. Yeah that price tag did have me doing a double take. lol But if it works like the regular SSD in the Series X then it's an investment. An investment I will make later on at some point.
  20. I'm looking at going the All Access route myself. The price is right as the total is slightly cheaper than buying the system and 2 years of Gamepass (in Canadian dollars anyway). No need to pay it off early either as there is no interest so you are better off putting that money away and earning some interest instead. My current MS Sub expires at the end of the month so I figure I'll go 'All Access' in the next week or so. I'm looking at playing The Ascent in July! On another note, the idea of buying a tiny SSD expansion in the future is enticing... not that I need the space, but just to have it and you wouldn't even know it by looking at the system on the shelf! lol
  21. Well that's pretty cool. I guess I will have my name in a credits roll then. Again, this wasn't the reason I purchased the founders edition but it'll be a cool thing to look at and see all the other founders on the list. Thanks for shining a light on this for me! I'm looking forward to the VS system and the 6 pack of carts with it... they each have great titles I want to play... but more importantly, I look forward to finding unknown gems on each collection!
  22. Well I didn't think I was going to order a founder edition as I thought it would be too expensive compared to ordering it locally. Turns out to be about the same. As a result, I went to Funstock to see if there were any left and they did so I went ahead and pre-ordered one! I like the look of the full black controllers and the system looks great as well! Now it's just a long wait until November. Arcade games coming to the Evercade... I can't wait to enjoy some of these old favourites and to discover the new gems!! As for this credits stuff... what exactly are they meaning with this? We get out name in a manual or something or is it in the software of the VS system in some screen? I'll go with it but it didn't have much impact on my purchase.
  23. The initial draw to the system was the variety of systems that they planned on carrying on the system. With some NES, SNES/GEN, Atari 2600/7800 to start and with Lynx in the 'coming soon' column, I was intrigued. The fact that it was a portable was cool as I could play it anywhere and IF I wanted to play on my TV, I could link it to my tv using a cable (which I haven't bothered with as the portable works great on it's own and as I couldn't be bothered to look for one of the cables). So why did I buy it? Price was a great factor, the collectability factor sure helped with the cool manuals and cases. At the time I purchased it, the Technos collection was out and that collection and River City Ransom was worth it. Why do I like it now? Simply every time a collection comes out, I find myself questioning some of the carts and then I play some of the games on a cart and I find myself hooked on a game that I had no idea it would be as good as it is. Sometimes I find a game on the cart that I like more than the other game on the same cart the I thought was the reason to buy the cart in the first place! Another reason I like it now... the ARCADE titles! I'll admit that Atari Arcade collection is pretty weak in my opinion (that and the fact that I have some of those titles on my Arcade Legends cabinet). The others do get me a bit excited as they are filled with familiar titles and some unknowns which is where I may uncover some treasures! Looking forward, I will be picking up the VS system and all future carts as they are fun to experience and the price is incredibly right for me!
  24. I'm going to assume that the Atari Arcade collection will be the pack-in with the VS. Makes no difference to me though as I will get the whole lot just to add more games to the ever growing Evercade collection! If we wait long enough... the Evercade may have the largest game library of any system. lol Well... maybe not. On another note, Evercade VS is going to be revealing the VS bundles by the end of next week and with all the trackball games on the Atari collection... could we see a trackball controller released in a larger bundle? I'd be all over something like that! I'd likely pick up an extra trackball controller or two (or three) for some of those games!
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