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  1. Non VBXE required ? Nice. Will this cart play on an Atari 800 or 400 upgraded with the Incognito board ? You are sorely tempting me to get a 1200XL or 130XE or XEGS again....
  2. Here are some photos of the manual before I shipped it. I didn't know if anyone would ever ask.. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10iUX9yW1JEY7IWAIJduJQrCx9ALFHQ3L The manual for the CX85 10 keypad https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18L2H-kIH0syBtWqTuk5Sp529_ZNwYIaK?usp=sharing Omniview 80 manual with the Ramrod and Omnimon manuals and notes. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NqS51266Y4xuX3R5E5S-QKnY6393czyM?usp=sharing
  3. A MIDIMate interface for the Atari 8bit computers. Plugs into the SIO port. Works with MIDI Music System 1.0 and MIDI track III. Includes two 1/4 " to RCA adapers for the Sync In and Out ports. Includes original disk and manual for MIDI Music System software. It also can convert AMS music to MIDI format that is uses. (.MUS file extension.) Includes a CD of the entire archive of the 3000 public domain MIDI files that can be played with this interface from the Action Annex BBS. I was co-sysop for a few years back in the day. This was the very same interface Donna used to make audio tapes and test her composition. How's that for maximum compatibility? Since all the MIDI Max interfaces are sold out at Best Electronics, this may very well be one of the last few times you will ever find a vintage equivalent interface like this. Until someone remakes the interface for the 1088xl or finishes the reverse engineering of an equivalent. SOLD!
  4. I don't think you can use this with the Fastchip since the Omniview rom add on is mapped to the same space. C000-CFFF . However, on the ram rod board you can pull the Omniview out and put the Omnimon in. There was also a piggyback board for the Omnimon to add to the ramrod so you could switch between the two option roms.
  5. I did dump the custom roms that I had with my 800 Ramrod board. It's an interesting combo. Someone did all the mods mentioned in the manual and included the fastmath. I ran this dumprom utility and saved the results. Also, just for being thorough i did the dump on the Omnimon 800 4kb eprom. Enjoy! AtariROMDumper.atr OMNI800.rom omniview800_c000.rom
  6. Bravo.. Now my next project is to rework a failed Atari 800 power board and get rid of the bad power supply caps, chop out the 5V and 12V regulators and just power the computer with a multivolt class 3 switcher supply like from a small ibm pc desktop supply. I have about 3 +5/+12VDC supplies rated for 2A each that look clean on the scope. Not pulsing, but were used to power external hard drive and cdrom drives.. I'll post the mod to the 400/800 internal board so you keep the SIO and video sockets. Here's the supply I have.. $5.99 Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Vktech-Adapter-Hard-Disk-Power-Supply/dp/B00D2LS2AO
  7. I discovered some RFI interference that bleeds into the Atari 800 video display circuit from when I have the SIO2PC cable plugged in. It's an AC ripple leaking into the display. I think a protection cap from RT/.TX to ground and possible a diode forward biased from the Atari to the 800 to the PC on the ground side might be in order. If I unplug the SIO2PC cable while the Atari is running, the ripple goes away. I am going to do some more probing and testing to figure out where the rogue signal is coming from. It affects both of the SIO2PC cables I made with either a female or male plug in on the Atari end. Then again the shitty RFI that radiates from the power panels on the other side of my apartment wall might be cause. There are a bunch of breaker panels and transformers less than 6ft from the machine/analog monitor.
  8. Please show us a picture of the drive jumpers, the cable, and the atr 8000 board. The doctor and I can verify you have the right settings. I used to have two of those. Always turn on the atr 8000 first, the the atari. Does it make any noise on the audio channel at all? a "brrrrt", or a squeal, or 'ba deep ba deep ba deep " of a normal load? What DOS disk do you have in the drive? just curious.
  9. An Atari 130XE 64KB with a Omnimon XE ROM upgrade for software development. The Omnimon mod is switch select on/off for compatibility. Includes one Wico Commander joystick with the grommet repaired. I am old skool tech from 1990 onward. Cleaned, inspected, works great. Includes 1.5 A power supply brick, not the cheap 1 A. Built in programming BASIC ROM. Includes monitor cable for composite, luma/chroma (best), and mono audio. The case is slightly yellow, but a good candidate for retrobrighting. The 1702 monitor was the best television computer monitor in its class with great color and low dot pitch. Works on Apple, Commodore, Amiga computers. It is also a great regular NTSC television. Ships from 98686 USA 30 lbs Dave 360 nine 8 o 79 eight 4
  10. This is a strange motherboard, runs for about two hours then locks up with video and audio random scrambles on the screen. When powered cycle it will run normally for another 1-2 hours. I tried swapping out the OS card, RAM, and POKEY with known working chips. The board was cleaned and so was the keyboard. Case was cleaned. A good candidate for retrobrite. It might be one electrolytic cap on the middle left of the main board that needs replacement. The keyboard port works, video port works, SIO port works, all the joystick ports work. Includes keyboard, power socket works. The electrolytc caps, and regulators on the power supply board were replaced and tested ok for voltages. Shipping from 98686 17lbs.
  11. Here is a working, hard to find 80 column display card from Newell Industries called the Ramrod. Paper manual and installation instructions included. This card replaces the OS card with a OS B, The fast math ROM, and your choice of Omniview, omnimon, or 4KB SRAM in the address space of c000-cffff. Incliudes the Omniview 80 column display rom add on. Toggles on in basic or DOS by jumping to address C000 or calling x=usr(49152). You can also swap that rom chip for the Omnimon for assembler/testing/cracking. Included is 2 2KB SRAMs it you want to use that 4KB space for programs. The display looks best using a monitor that uses separate luma and chroma and plug in only the luma. Manual and documentation on archive.org Free flat rate shipping USPS to the US.
  12. Sorry for the delay the flu bug bagged both my girlfriend and me. Yes, you can use other physical disk drives mounted as D2: if you want to in tandem with the SIO2PC as D1: running RespeQt. You can also boot from the sio2pc on D1: , then turn on your disk drive as D1: and use it on the 8bit. You can even mount a new blank image as D2-8: on the RespeQT software and write to it from DOS XE running on your 8bit. I think you need a 10502pc or APE to write floppy disks directly with the SIO2PC RespeQT cable. Anyone tried it? Right now I will just order some 3d printed cable ends. When I get some time, I am ordering some sio cable shells printed. I am still tempted to get with the future and start CADing up some prototype parts for a machine I have in mind. (Like a year from now). Cheers.
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