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  1. I just took delivery to the UK of the Dragon cart with the 1292 and G7000 adaptors yesterday. Roland filled the cart with software for both machines. Packaged well and landed here quickly, all safe and sound. Absolute diamond bloke, amazing pricing on these carts and Roland is very informative and a pleasure to deal with! Great guy, great product and great service! 👌
  2. Thanks I’ll have a look 👍
  3. Thanks for the replies. I’m going to look into programming this system and see if it’s something I could get into.
  4. Hi - my retro console collection is expanding, and I'm strongly considering adding the G7000. One of the things I enjoy is playing the arcade conversions on 70's and 80's hardware for their quirks and charm. And also for making something happen that we could only dream about as kids of the 80's! It surprises me that there doesn't seem to be any arcade ports for this? I understand Atari had the rights to most, and even KC Munchkin was removed from sale for what I'd say is scant similarity to PacMan. But I wonder about the home-brew scene. Is anyone doing a John Champeau style renaissance of arcade ports for the G7000? And if not... WHY NOT! 😆
  5. This is nothing short of incredible. My favourite games are Gorf and Qix. What a beast of a port this is! Better than the ports on all other consoles of the era, and even the C64 version which I always thought was killer. I just can't wait to play this with my AtariVox. Soooo cool!!! As for Qix as shown on the livestream, damn yes I'm eager to throw my money at you for that!!! It looks superb, the resolution doesn't detract from the strategy of the game at all. I can't wait to try it!
  6. You've summed the sparx rules up quite comprehensively John! The only other thing I would add is that when they change to super sparx, they chase you up your stix as you are drawing. Once you have completed the line the super sparx continue on their path. Suffice to say that a spark is designated to move either clockwise or anticlockwise around the perimeter and cannot change its direction. You probably knew that already! One of the first things I do on a new wave is make up the trap as you described at the top of the screen to trap the new sparx. Somehow, occasionally one or two do actually escape eventually. No idea how, and it can take a while (sometimes I can spend ages completing a wave the way I play, trying to maximise my score). More than happy to answer any other questions! Jase
  7. Probably a cart sent out to reviewers in games magazines pre production, with the ROM being swappable for future games to be reviewed before release. Nice item!
  8. I got it wrong - I was writing from memory. Having checked out the manual, it appears there was to be speech in Qix originally (that would have been amazing!) but the idea seems to have been ditched for some reason. There was a potentiometer to be mounted on the board for controlling the volume of the generated speech, which would be sent through both amps. From what I can tell, the sound samples are selected from EPROM u27 and processed through DAC's. The whining background noise I suspect is from an oscillator somewhere but I can't see that!
  9. I can offer some info as a gamer on that score, being a huge fan of the game and owning a cab. 😁 I've also researched the game online for years, looking for any info I didn't already know, quite obsessive of me but it just intrigues me so much! I have manuals, the flyer, loads of spare parts. 🤓 Such a strange, abstract game with a fantastic curious name, and awesome sounds!🙃
  10. Thats excellent to hear, a big part of the Qix vibe are the sounds! Other than MAME I've never heard a good representation of the ominous sounds heard in Qix. Actually, it doesn't! The board indeed has the socket for the TMS5200, but it was never populated. The code in Qix never tries to access the chip neither. Oddly enough, the manual states that the sounds are shaped through that chip, so it seems that originally there would have been some kind of filtering through it. I'm not sure what you mean by this? There is no Speakjet chip in Qix neither?? I truly hope you manage to achieve something close, and thank you for trying to make this happen!
  11. No I didn’t, I’ve just been running the carts on my jr until a tried and tested fix is found.. if it ever does! Seems we both have the same version PAL 7800’s, the issues are the same?
  12. That’s interesting! Would be cool if there is a mod...
  13. Hi Al - thanks for the reply! Yes I’ve read about these rogue 7800’s, I was guessing maybe mine was one of them! As for the replacements, thanks for the offer but it’s fine! I do actually like to run 2600 games on a 2600, mainly to impress friends on the new innovations from you guys, but also for the sheer fun of it. By the way, my only regret with my order is that I didn’t order them all to be boxed. I’m so impressed with the Galaga and WoW boxes that I’d like to be able to have them for the remaining 6 carts! Is there a way I could do this, do you offer these as a separate item? I’ll likely order one or two other carts at the same time to make it worth your while! And finally, thank you so much for this amazing site! It truly is a superb experience buying new games for my old Atari’s, and they are all incredible! Cheers Jase
  14. Yes I have a harmony cart and it works fine!? The power supply is the original Atari one. I have no problems opening up the 7800, I fitted an A/V mod to it. I’ll have a look and see. What happens is it just boots to the internal game, Asteroids. It’s as if there isn’t a cart plugged in. I’ve checked and checked that they are plugged in correctly. Very strange!
  15. Hi - I just took delivery of 2 7800 home brews and 6 for the 2600, along with the fantastic Atarivox, and I’m really amazed with the quality of the games and their presentation! It’s like being in the 80s again, buying new games for the old VCS! My usual choice is to play on my 7800, but I found that Space Rocks, Star Castle and Scramble won’t boot. They work fine on my 2600jr though. Anyone know why? My 7800 is a PAL version. TIA
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