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  1. That’s interesting! Would be cool if there is a mod...
  2. Hi Al - thanks for the reply! Yes I’ve read about these rogue 7800’s, I was guessing maybe mine was one of them! As for the replacements, thanks for the offer but it’s fine! I do actually like to run 2600 games on a 2600, mainly to impress friends on the new innovations from you guys, but also for the sheer fun of it. By the way, my only regret with my order is that I didn’t order them all to be boxed. I’m so impressed with the Galaga and WoW boxes that I’d like to be able to have them for the remaining 6 carts! Is there a way I could do this, do you offer these as a separate item? I’ll likely order one or two other carts at the same time to make it worth your while! And finally, thank you so much for this amazing site! It truly is a superb experience buying new games for my old Atari’s, and they are all incredible! Cheers Jase
  3. Yes I have a harmony cart and it works fine!? The power supply is the original Atari one. I have no problems opening up the 7800, I fitted an A/V mod to it. I’ll have a look and see. What happens is it just boots to the internal game, Asteroids. It’s as if there isn’t a cart plugged in. I’ve checked and checked that they are plugged in correctly. Very strange!
  4. Hi - I just took delivery of 2 7800 home brews and 6 for the 2600, along with the fantastic Atarivox, and I’m really amazed with the quality of the games and their presentation! It’s like being in the 80s again, buying new games for the old VCS! My usual choice is to play on my 7800, but I found that Space Rocks, Star Castle and Scramble won’t boot. They work fine on my 2600jr though. Anyone know why? My 7800 is a PAL version. TIA
  5. This is awesome!!!!!!
  6. Jase

    7800 Qix

    Qix is my all-time favourite game! So much so that I bought the arcade game. I would LOVE to see this on Atari 2600/7800. I can see the 2600 being an impossibility, but the 7800 has to be do-able? And it HAS to have the abstract quality of the original, no silly pictures to spoil the vibe! I hope this can happen!
  7. Jase

    CX80 woes 😕

    Thanks. Ill do the neccessary first as suggested, but Im feeling certain it will be an IC fault. Moreso with the cursor moving right whether you roll the ball left or right. The harmony cartridge Ive considered but now Im wanting the Concerto cart as I use the 7800 mostly! I cant seem to find a cart for sale, are they available yet?
  8. Jase

    CX80 woes 😕

    Hi - no I dont have any true TB software yet. Also, I forgot to mention it actually goes right whether you roll it left or right. Im thinking a logic fault on some exotic rare IC knowing my luck!
  9. Jase

    CX80 woes 😕

    Hi peeps, I really hope someone can help here. I recently bought a new (but opened) CX80, and was disappointed to find it wouldnt move left properly. It was very erratic. I tried it in my 7800, 2600 and 800xl, all the same. The switch was in JS mode. I contacted the seller and he said hed noticed the same (!) so had no problem with me returning it. So Ive imported another one from USA, and this one was unopened. Surprisingly it has almost the same fault, only it wont move left at all! All other functions are ok. Before I go through the hassle of returning it from here in the U.K., are there any things I can try? Ive opened it up and I cant get the PCB out easily. It seems like Im likely to snap a mounting post or something. Thanks in advance!
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