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  1. I apologize its an Sdrive-Max its not an SIO2PC its a standalone with an SD card. It emulates another disk drive. So basically im trying to do a drive to drive copy.
  2. I have a Atari 800xl, Atari Max, and 2 1050 drives. I've been loading Atari Dos 2.5 on the Atari Max, the 1050 is set to D2. Then I choose the option to duplicate a disk. When it prompts me I mount a game image on the Atari max and put a blank disk in the 1050. I have Pitfall on Atr, XEX, and bin. Dos gave me an error message when I tried to copy the ATR version so I used the XEX wich dos copied right to the disk. When I start the computer with just the 1050 hooked up as drive #1 it reads the disk and then just says ready. How do I boot it? Or can I only transfer ATR files to disk? If so is there a better disk copier? Im guessing its a copyright issue?
  3. Thats interesting, thanks. So I guess I can't connect to the remaining bbs sites either?
  4. I was watching the Atari store demo on YouTube and it got me thinking, they say it can give stock updates. I'd like to try it does the app still work? I'm considering buying it and an Atari modem.
  5. Thank you for all the information. Have you used any of these? I like all 3 options especially the SDrives. I do want to eventually be working with a true 5 1/4 disc, so no matter the "go between" it would need to play nice with the 1050's. Now in theory could mount an image on the SDrive and use Atari Dos to just do a disk to disk copy from the S Drive to the 1050? Now the SIO2PC looks good to, how good does it work? It looks like I have to buy APE from atari max so im looking at like a little over 100 which has me worried if its glitchy. I have access to a windows xp desktop, windows 8 laptop, and a windows 10 desktop i can use as a host.
  6. I started setting up my Atari stuff and right now I have an atari 800 xl, 850 serial converter, 2 1050 drives, A 1010 data cassette and a 410 data cassette. I don't really have any software and I'm trying to get that solved. I've been using one of those dollar store cassette adapters and playing wave files off my PC. I'm a little confused with all the adapters out there what is the best adapter that will allow me to copy from a laptop or PC to the atari 1050 drive. I have plenty of blank 5 1/4 disks I just need a way to put disk images onto a floppy I don't want to have to be tethered to another PC to use my atari. Also is there a simple way to copy a cassette to disc so it loads faster?
  7. Hey Doctor, There are tons of programs to go from tape to disk, but I was looking to go in reverse, Disk to tape. I was trying to use the .Cas files to transfer the images from my PC to my atari using the cassette adapter I was telling Swami about. I really dont like using cassettes otherwise, they are very slow. Really my problem is I dont have SIO2PC yet and I was trying to get games from my PC to my Atari without it , the only way I can transfer files from my PC to my Atari at the moment is via wave files. So I just wanted to make disks into waves and send them over to my Atari and load them into the ram, or save to cassette if there isnt enough ram to load both the utility and the game. Once in the ram or on cassette I could use one of the tons of cassette to disk apps and save it to a blank disk on my 1050. But I dont think I can do that.
  8. Hey Swami Im using one of those cassette adapters like everyone used when portable CD players came out. You plug the little mini plug end into the headphone port of the PC, then you convert the .CAS file to a .WAV file using A8cas-convert. Then start your atari and when the bell goes off to press play, press play then play the wav file in media player at 50% volume. Then just wait as the Atari loads it.Just keep an eye on the tape player because some games stop the tape for a second during loading, if the tape stops turning you need to pause media player, then once you hear the bell again play the wav file again.
  9. Looks like copying disk images to cassette images is a lot tougher on an Atari than a Commodore. I was hoping to get away with not SIO2USB for a while , but I cant find any software that lets you load a disk and save it to tape. If I could get it to tape, then I could play it onto my Atari and then save it to a DIsk. Does the Atari plotter make good print shop type things? Im on the waiting list for a 1027 head for text. I was trying to keep everything Atari, but it maybe worth getting the adapter and running an epson printer.
  10. Hi Everyone, I've wanted an Atari Computer for a very long time, and the other day I was walking through the video game store and they had one that came in on a trade. I picked up an 800 XL from the store then got a NOS 1010 Tape Drive, and 2 1050 Disk Drives, along with a few games from eBay. I had a few questions. Right now I am using a cassette adapter to play games from my PC through the tape drive. But most files are ATR's. Would I be able to load an ATR image on an emulator then save it to a CAS image? I know I could open a disk image on my real C64 and save it to tape or Vice versa, is the same possible on my Atari? I plan to buy SIO2USB eventually, but until then could I do that? I have tons of blank 5 1/4's so I wanted to just save the images to disk on my Atari after. I remember reading something back around the late 90's that you could build an adapter to attach to the Atari and use a PC disk drive for storage. Is that idea still around? Or are we all just using SIO2USB now? Also are there any Atari Printers that are usable today? Id like something with color or at least capable of graphics? Unfortunately I threw away my old Panasonic KXP2123 printer because I couldn't get color or black and white ribbons anymore. Is there a real version of Pong (video Olympics) for the computers? And I found space invaders the other night but it didn't have the little shields you hide behind in the bottom of the screen is that just a rewrite for the computers?
  11. I'll take 2 Print Heads, and 2 Rollers. Please let me know when they will be ready..
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