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  1. Hello, thank you for you answers. I meant it for PAL Atari 8bit computers (with Super/Ultra video mods) and S-Video modified 2600. But I don't insist on S-Video connector itself. Yes the O.S.S.C lacks S-Video. But the SDV500 seems like a better option, because of SCART (all signals in one) plus it can handle RGB as well (for Atari ST). Does anybody have it (SDV500) , can confirm it does not have possible lag issues? Thanks, Peter
  2. Hi, do you have experience with Ambery S-Video to HDMI Converter Scaler (item#DVH3). I'm mainly concerned about the conversion lag, is it something to worry about ? I have tested their S-Video to VGA converter, I'm ok with the image quality but for the future use the HDMI seems to be better option. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Peter
  3. Hi, thank you very much for your answer. It seems that dell does not support PAL on s-video input. The monitor itself is 60Hz and that seems to be the problem, it can't handle 50Hz s-video?. I won't go for NTSC mod, I will try to get LCD TV or TV monitor wit S-video instead.
  4. Hi Sugarland, I would like to ask about the Dell 2007FP lcd. I have just bought this monitor because of S-Video input. But with my 800XE (65XE) the screen is black just the S-Video input logo keeps flashing. Did the monitor worked for you before you installed the UAV board ? Thanks in advance, Peter
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