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  1. I received the GD and it works a treat- thanks Saint! The OSSC is a little temperamental with the Jag (with or without the GD), but does work. I played Atari Karts for the first time today :-) Is there a zip of all the marquee files anywhere, as it would be nice to see the game graphics in the menu?
  2. Given the time this is taking I'm going to try out my Skunkboard that I never played with. Please could someone PM me where I could find skunkboard Jag roms as I haven't had any luck finding?
  3. The problem with social media is that it is a hate amplifier. The example of Facebook's rise in Burma and what it lead to (as the main source of so-called Internet) proves the point. Saint is a great guy, and I've bought all his previous products, and pre-ordered this one. He is utterly trustworthy and reliable. And patience is a virtue :-)
  4. MegaSD- I've paid £56 taxes and receiving tomorrow via DHL. Free trade my ass
  5. I get the no tracking information message too. And now I understand why there are Customs charges despite being in Europe. I guess Customs are ensuring every single package gets appropriate paperwork & charged, hence causing a delay. Bless their cotton socks.... Not a tax haven in this regard is it??
  6. The same thing has happened with Terraonion in Spain. No progress with Customs there since 23rd August due to the large number of MegaSDs they are shipping at once. I’m one of them 😞 This is with DHL too rather than State-owned, dare I say it less efficient postal services, although I guess DHL just has to wait for Customs like everyone else...
  7. GBP is $1.20, was $1.45 before the shenanigans. Once the shenanigans are over I'd expect Sterling to return to previous levels. The end date for the current mess is unclear though, as we have the worst politicians for 100 years. Imagine if Chamberlain had returned from Munich but there had been no Churchill to take on Hitler? Unfortunately all our politicians are Chamberlains nowadays. But enough of that :-) I know it's not usually done to talk of roms, but where can they be obtained in the appropriate format? Are we allowed to ask or does such discussion require end-to-end encryption in a darkened room?
  8. It takes time to solder in listening devices
  9. Enjoy, folks. Totally jealous here 🙂
  10. I have a Sony BVM-20F1E and a PVM-14L2MD, both of which have a "Female RGBS SCART to 4 x BNC adapter cable for Sony PVM/ BVM monitors" connected: https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/sony-av-accessories/sony-pvm/sony-pvm-scart-converter-bnc I then use RGB + CSYNC SCART cables with my classic consoles to connect to the Sonys, but also could connect to any TV with SCART inputs, OSSC (to a video projector or TV) etc. For the Jag I bought this SCART: https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/atari-jaguar/ATARI-JAGUAR-RGB-SCART-CABLE-COMPOSITE-SYNC-CSYNC
  11. I'll only post once more about Brexit, because it's not fair to derail this fine thread. I'm an optimist, and today's meeting of Johnson and the real president of Europe (Merkel) was very positive. They are aiming to solve the ridiculous and unnecessary 'Irish backstop' issue within 30 days, and then the remainder of the withdrawal agreement can get approved in the House of Commons, which includes remaining in the single market. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-49427674 "German Chancellor Angela Merkel has suggested an alternative to the Irish border backstop - a key Brexit sticking point - could be found within 30 days." Sorted.
  12. This is the extreme position. We would charge you guys import taxes and tariffs too. The UK economy is larger than the bottom 19 EU countries (of 27 in total). Currently Boris Johnson is in bluster negotiation mode. It will settle to a single market outcome IMO, as Germany will want to sell its cars to its largest European market (the UK), I assume Germany is in recession. I doubt Merkel wants to worsen that situation, bottomline. Personally, worst case, I'll buy local. Good for the UK economy and all that :-) Certainly, not buying foreign goods would improve the appalling trade imbalance the UK has. And we'll save the £37 billion divorce settlement with the EU (that a 'deal' would require). This is a complicated issue, not helped by having the worst politicians in 70 years. Even so, I'm hopeful a brinksmanship settlement will emerge. Brexit is a distraction. What matters is the JagSD :-)
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