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  1. I have a Sony BVM-20F1E and a PVM-14L2MD, both of which have a "Female RGBS SCART to 4 x BNC adapter cable for Sony PVM/ BVM monitors" connected: https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/sony-av-accessories/sony-pvm/sony-pvm-scart-converter-bnc I then use RGB + CSYNC SCART cables with my classic consoles to connect to the Sonys, but also could connect to any TV with SCART inputs, OSSC (to a video projector or TV) etc. For the Jag I bought this SCART: https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/atari-jaguar/ATARI-JAGUAR-RGB-SCART-CABLE-COMPOSITE-SYNC-CSYNC
  2. I'll only post once more about Brexit, because it's not fair to derail this fine thread. I'm an optimist, and today's meeting of Johnson and the real president of Europe (Merkel) was very positive. They are aiming to solve the ridiculous and unnecessary 'Irish backstop' issue within 30 days, and then the remainder of the withdrawal agreement can get approved in the House of Commons, which includes remaining in the single market. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-49427674 "German Chancellor Angela Merkel has suggested an alternative to the Irish border backstop - a key Brexit sticking point - could be found within 30 days." Sorted.
  3. This is the extreme position. We would charge you guys import taxes and tariffs too. The UK economy is larger than the bottom 19 EU countries (of 27 in total). Currently Boris Johnson is in bluster negotiation mode. It will settle to a single market outcome IMO, as Germany will want to sell its cars to its largest European market (the UK), I assume Germany is in recession. I doubt Merkel wants to worsen that situation, bottomline. Personally, worst case, I'll buy local. Good for the UK economy and all that :-) Certainly, not buying foreign goods would improve the appalling trade imbalance the UK has. And we'll save the £37 billion divorce settlement with the EU (that a 'deal' would require). This is a complicated issue, not helped by having the worst politicians in 70 years. Even so, I'm hopeful a brinksmanship settlement will emerge. Brexit is a distraction. What matters is the JagSD :-)
  4. For homebrews etc is it worth getting a bigger SD capacity? If bigger than 32GB you need to format the card as FAT32 of course, which I did recently with a 128GB microSD for a Sega Saturn + Phoebe setup. Worked fine. I like Samsung and Sandisk cards, and Samsung are cheaper especially at the higher capacities.
  5. As well as Jag CDs, Minter's VLM would be awesome...
  6. What a fantastic 24 hours in Atariland :-) Also, last night I found my 7800 that I bought years ago brand new, along with a load of carts, many still in cellophane. With a 7800SD coming soon I think I'll keep it!
  7. #212 for me. I would have been quicker, but some of us have work to do More seriously, this thread has been quite a journey, and it’s amazing what Saint has achieved 🙂 I’ll add the JagSD to my LynxSD and NGPC-SD 🙂
  8. I researched it. Yes that's the one. Nothing available yet.
  9. Thanks. I got the NGPC rommed up and working last night. As you say, it doesn't need any software on the SD card, unlike the Lynx. I will get a replacement backlit screen later. I did this recently with the GameGear and Lynx 2 (McWill screens), and they look great now :-) Is it McWill doing the new NGPC screen?
  10. I have 2 of these and finally getting round to setting it up. Unlike the Lynx SD there is no software on the SD card. Does it need software/frontend, and if so where does one obtain this from? Supplementary question is- the dark non-backlit screen of the NGPC sucks, what can be done about it?? Many thanks!
  11. I have pretty much every everdrive-type device available. I have skunkboard but no roms for it, so it is the only everdrive I have that is unused as a result. I would like skunkboard roms but don't know where to get them... Terraonion's NeoSD has enabled me to play every NeoGeo game on MVS and AES; the NeoGeo is my favourite classic home system of all time, and easily the best arcade experience IMO. Terraonion's MegaSD will enable MegaCD games to be played on an everdrive for the first time. Meanwhile I have an Everdrive X7 on an Analogue Mega Sg. Beautiful.
  12. Many thanks- your efforts are greatly appreciated. Huge respect. I'm sorry if I appeared somewhat impetuous, which is certainly not the case. I've ordered everything that Saint has produced, as well as Terraonion and Analogue's products, and am a big fan of classic gaming :-)
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