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  1. I'm using a Samsung Evo Plus 32GB microSD currently, so was going to switch to Sandisk anyway, as that seems to be the most compatible brand. While at it, I figured I'd try their fastest card.
  2. The fast Sandisk card works better than the previous Samsung Evo Plus, but the games are temperamental. However, Battlemorph and Primal Rage work, so I think a fast Sandisk gives the best result I've seen yet. A fair way to go with CD game compatibility, but getting there :-) I'm assuming the CD rips are ok so must be firmware that's the issue, as well as cards.
  3. Does it help to have a faster SD card? I'm going to try a Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB microSD tomorrow. Like others I've found that most CD games don't work.
  4. Do you put the .mrq files in the same folder as the games?
  5. Search 'jaguar+jcd'. This is the page in question, and huge thanks again to nicolaspersijn for uploading these to archive.org: LINK REMOVED
  6. Thanks for this- I'm currently downloading these, and see that you uploaded the jcd files on 29th June. Hugely appreciated!
  7. Really grateful for any help with obtaining a jcd file pack. I can't get cd2jcd to work as I don't have the visual studio update files, and don't have room on my little SSD to extract all 38GB of visual studio bloatware to see if it works, sadly 😞
  8. Which of the 38GB of visual studio files do I need to download before cd2jcd works? The cmd line crashes when I try to run and says is not a recognized program. Where are the rollup packs for cart roms and jcd files, as my set is incomplete? Arcade Projects do this for every arcade system. It must surely be possible for Jag :-) Please PM me if this can't be posted. Cheers. Edit: I found the files. Conversion to jcd remains the problem. Any reason why the gamedrive won't work with CDIs etc? The converter is a pretty challenging program to use. I know, 1st world problems :-) So to summarise- please could someone share a pack of jcd files (CD) and converted homebrew (cart)?
  9. I received the GD and it works a treat- thanks Saint! The OSSC is a little temperamental with the Jag (with or without the GD), but does work. I played Atari Karts for the first time today :-) Is there a zip of all the marquee files anywhere, as it would be nice to see the game graphics in the menu?
  10. Given the time this is taking I'm going to try out my Skunkboard that I never played with. Please could someone PM me where I could find skunkboard Jag roms as I haven't had any luck finding?
  11. The problem with social media is that it is a hate amplifier. The example of Facebook's rise in Burma and what it lead to (as the main source of so-called Internet) proves the point. Saint is a great guy, and I've bought all his previous products, and pre-ordered this one. He is utterly trustworthy and reliable. And patience is a virtue :-)
  12. MegaSD- I've paid £56 taxes and receiving tomorrow via DHL. Free trade my ass
  13. I get the no tracking information message too. And now I understand why there are Customs charges despite being in Europe. I guess Customs are ensuring every single package gets appropriate paperwork & charged, hence causing a delay. Bless their cotton socks.... Not a tax haven in this regard is it??
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