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  1. hi I do but im not doing it at the moment .. i do have stock tho so please try again in a month. thanks. michael
  2. dude... very persistent... i'll wrap one up tomorrow and see how much it weighs and then i'll send you an overall price. hows that? michael
  3. thanks! The word 'reproduction box' is on the inside on one of the box flaps.
  4. hi guys I make Atari 2600 vcs reproduction console boxes plus repro game boxes. All retyped with all original fonts, retouched and professionally assembled from scratch with no scans or jpegs used. They're all on my etsy shop. Take a look and spread the word if you can. Thanks! https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/boxingatari
  5. hey - i make reproduction console game boxes and was thinking about doing the Colecovision console Box. Can you tell me where you go the hi-res pics from for your box please. thanks. michael https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/boxingatari
  6. its way too much and just not worth my time or your money. sorry ...
  7. For sale: limited edition reproduction Atari 2600 boxes. comes with cardboard inserts ...
  8. i think what i'll do on the next batch is have a line which says something like : 'not an original box' to stop future confusion etc.
  9. dude... these are very cool. There are no repro boxes anywhere and every atari ive seen unless you want to pay thousands of dollars, always comes in a battered useless box unearthed from a loft here, a shed there. I havent created these to flood the market with fake/real heavy sixers. These were created for all the collectors out there that remember the atari from their childhood, have bought one from eBay OR still have one but could never get hold of that perfect uncrushed box without spending another few hundred dollars. These boxes are a handshake with your past, to protect, house and display your memories for years to come and personally, outside of the fact that I've remade them, I think they're fairly awesome.
  10. these boxes are on white board. Theyre also slightly thinner than the old brown cardboard boxes plus theyre so 'new' looking. It would be difficult to get these mixed up with the originals.
  11. Hi everyone I'm selling reproduction Atari 2600 Console boxes, the 'chess piece' ones on Etsy.com under 'boxingatari' They're very high quality and all hand reset by me so no scans or lo res jpegs. they come complete with all the cardboard inserts, paddle tubes, joystick boxes and cherry leisure power pack box as well as marketing brochures, instructions and invites by Cap Atari to join the club. Check them out here: https://www.etsy.com...hop_home_feat_3
  12. hello everyone.. I'm looking for the hi-res artwork that was on the main console box. Does anyone know where I might find this... thanks! michael
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