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  1. Does anyone else compare Vlad's stunrunner to I-War's between stage bonus rounds? Bob
  2. One of the more mind boggling statements by the developer was: 'trying to secure some funding' while on trip to childhood country. I'm not sure whom would provide any funding for an Atari Jaguar game after 1996, let alone in 2019 when the comment was made.
  3. I second the notion that it doesn't appear the game will materialize. Expo demonstration was Oct 2019. Near the end of 2019, the developer was talking about buying parts to manufacture the game, preorders, discussion of how waiting until 2019 was over before taking orders to minimize tax payments, etc. Don't think we've heard anything since. Bob
  4. Is this the demo you reference:
  5. Are tracking numbers being emailed to recipients?
  6. Received my Skunk Board Saturday. Was able to upload a ROM to it. More importantly able to upload an early small bit of code i wrote that writes directly to address of current line buffer. More advanced code i had running in Virtual Jaguar, is not working on Skunk, due to Virtual Jaguar not correctly emulating the Jaguar. Really nice to just plug a USB cable between laptop and skunkboard (versus 20-30 year old deprecated port connectors). Anyone having trouble getting the USB drivers to install, make sure you have your PC/laptop audio turned on, and ensure you hear a sound indicating that usb cable is connected. I spent 45-60 minutes trying to debug why USB drivers wouldn't install, only to find out i was using a bad USB cable. Plugged in a good USB cable, heard the sound, and sure enough the drivers installed successfully. Any chance you could share video of you assembling a Skunk Board? Think it would be interesting viewing for some us purchasers. Bob
  7. You holding off on invoices that were requested a few days ago? I'm in no rush. Just want to know if i missed an invoice or not. Bob
  8. Have you tried turning it off and on again? FWIW, I'm from the US. Bob
  9. Believe you just click the Add To Wishlist link (below the orange price box) to get added to waitlist. I'm not Al though. Bob
  10. Can you post the waiting number of specific dates? For example, what waiting list number is on 2020-01-01, 2020-02-01, 2020-03-01, ... 2020-12-01. Might save you some time if you could do this. Waiters wouldn't know exactly where they fall on this waiting list, but would have some idea of where they fall on the waiting list. Bob
  11. Are Nuon controllers available at reasonable price? Or perhaps other controllers can be hacked to work with Nuon enabled dvd players? Controllers looked expensive on eBay.
  12. What is the blue screenshot trying to display? I don't see a repeating tile, shifted by one pixel, for each row of tiles, in the screenshot. Is the screenshot produced after blending with the repeated tiles? Also, not the issue, but should UPDA2 be or'd into B_CMD? Bob
  13. Has there been any update from VladR about the game he intended to release this year? Believe he demoed something at Portland Retro Gaming Expo, a thread got locked, and then i haven't heard anything about it since. Bob
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