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  1. Any off chance you have a copy of the Primate programming language post? I seem to recall the 32 bit version stepped up to 32 monkeys and an error checking goat. I have searched for that post/text and cannot find it anywhere. -Bob
  2. Is that the same image of cornboy from Jaguar Interactive, from 20 years ago?
  3. What exactly do you want to do? You can pass --alpine command line argument to VJ, and then inspect memory, registers, etc. Bob
  4. Definitely have never seen that bonus round. Like i said, i always got stuck on level 64, so i probably wasn't that good at game. I would play from level 1 as well, intentionally not completing warp/bonus round, so i could garner as many extra lives as possible for level 64. Thanks for links, Bob
  5. Can anyone provide a link to a a correctly displayed version of this bonus round? I'm the original poster. It's been ~20 years since i played heavily, but i don't remember any bonus round other than bacon. Maybe a correctly displayed 'melt-o-vision rings bonus round' video would refresh my memory. What were the conditions that caused a player to enter anything other than the bacon bonus round? I wasn't very good at bacon bonus round, probably completing bacon bonus round less than 10 times. If i recall correctly, i always got stuck on level 64, and wasn't good enough at getting to-and-through the bonus rounds to skip past level 64. Bob
  6. Minute 29. Thought i had copied the current time link, but didn't. Maybe this link will work better: https://youtu.be/8NVLXA05Lx8?t=1741
  7. Am i the only person whom has ever played Tempest 2000 much and not seen the following bonus round? Never beat the game, but i got to at least level 64 numerous times. Bob
  8. Is the Iron Soldier II soundtrack available anywhere? Used to stick my copy of IS2 CD in stereo and listen to on stereo system, but sold my copy back in '99. Bob
  9. Have successfully blitted horizontal line. Thanks all, Bob
  10. Shamus, Today I located Jaguar Technical Reference Manual Revision 8, dated 28 February, 2001. Past week i had been using one dated 1995. 15-20 years ago i used one purchased from B&C Computervisions. Revision 8 has more information that i had ever prior seen (ie: pin descriptions). Revision 8 also had this little tidbit, which i was unaware of: The blitter pointer registers, which are written at addresses F0220C and F02230, appear for read at F02204 and F0222C. This error was also present on version 1 silicon. Workaround:Read them at the incorrect addresses. That presumably explains why Virtual Jaguar's, running in Alpine mode, Dissasembly Browser showed nothing written to F02204, when i wrote value1 to A1_FLAGs, but would show value2 at F02204 and F0220C when i wrote value2 to A1_PIXEL. Will have to look at FLAGS and B_CMD register flags later and possibly older versions of Virtual Jaguar, to see why the blits are failing. Bob
  11. Anyone ever have problems writing to blitter registers, using 68000? Is there a known bug in Virtual Jaguar? Virtual Jaguar crashes on a number of commercial ROMS for me. When i tried writing value1 to A1_STEP register, Virtual Jaguar would not show anything written to F02204. When i wrote value2 to A1_PIXEL register, Virtual Jaguar would then show value2 written to F02204 AND F0220C. I read some documentation suggesting not writing to the Tom registers using 68000 (due to bugs), and thought perhaps that was the issue. I'm fairly certain that when i fooled around with BJL 15-20 years ago, that i blitted code into GPU, then used GPU to instruct blitter to perform a line draw. It looks like there is some example code of others using 68000 to setup blitter to perform a contiguous memory copy or single horizontal line draw. Believe i saw an example where only A1_BASE, A2_BASE, B_COUNT, and B_CMD were set to do a contiguous memory blit. I thought i would try the same, blitting a line into a 68000 created bitmap, to prove i could do a contigous memory blit. Once that test worked, try blitting gpu code into GPU RAM space. Then try using GPU to set blitter registers, and see if that helped. I seem to be unable to do even the contiguous memory blit, via 68000 setup, though. Virtual Jaguar becomes unresponsive every time i set the B_CMD register using 68000. I've attached source code. Blitting begins at checkBlitter label. I commented out the B_CMD set, so that someone can run this and see bitmap being displayed by Object Processor. If B_CMD were set, and blit were to succeed, a line of pixels should show up in the bitmap. Any help/insight would be appreciated, Bob test.s JAGUAR.INC build.txt
  12. Thanks for pointing me to the old tools and updated tools. Was able to write a few 68000 instructions to update background color and write to line buffers, assemble and link as abs, then test in Virtual Jaguar with alpine option turned on. Bob
  13. Are Madmac assembler and ALN linking tool available anywhere, for download? I did some google searching, but was not coming up with anything. I had a BJL modded jag 15-20 years ago, and wrote a tiny bit of code. Would like to try again using Virtual Jaguar. Bob
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