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  1. "How do I calculate the correct value of REMAINER field in a vertical scaled object?" Do you need to calculate REMAINDER bits, or just initialize REMAINDER bits? My understanding, from a version of the Software Reference, is: ...that you initialize the REMAINDER bits when create object list and when you recreate the object list after every vertical blank. ...the hardware updates this on a per scanline basis, in between vertical blanks.
  2. Unsure of your experience with Jaguar programming. 1) Have you successfully displayed other image data in scaled fashion? 2) Successfully displayed other image data in non-scaled fashion?
  3. " Some times the OP draw more scanlines(extra scan line with random pixels) " Are extra scanlines drawn before your bitmap, or after your bitmap?
  4. Off topic, if not related, but... Was there any relation between World Tour Racing (WTR) and Checkered Flag (CF)? Thought i read one time WTR started off being named CF2, but that seems odd given that WTR was coded by different development company than Rebellion. Any chance we will ever see source code for WTR? Bob
  5. Any chance we can get photo of vladr and Wave 1 Games next to monitor displaying their games? Would be nice to put face to the game creators. Bob
  6. Any off chance you have a copy of the Primate programming language post? I seem to recall the 32 bit version stepped up to 32 monkeys and an error checking goat. I have searched for that post/text and cannot find it anywhere. -Bob
  7. Is that the same image of cornboy from Jaguar Interactive, from 20 years ago?
  8. What exactly do you want to do? You can pass --alpine command line argument to VJ, and then inspect memory, registers, etc. Bob
  9. Definitely have never seen that bonus round. Like i said, i always got stuck on level 64, so i probably wasn't that good at game. I would play from level 1 as well, intentionally not completing warp/bonus round, so i could garner as many extra lives as possible for level 64. Thanks for links, Bob
  10. Can anyone provide a link to a a correctly displayed version of this bonus round? I'm the original poster. It's been ~20 years since i played heavily, but i don't remember any bonus round other than bacon. Maybe a correctly displayed 'melt-o-vision rings bonus round' video would refresh my memory. What were the conditions that caused a player to enter anything other than the bacon bonus round? I wasn't very good at bacon bonus round, probably completing bacon bonus round less than 10 times. If i recall correctly, i always got stuck on level 64, and wasn't good enough at getting to-and-through the bonus rounds to skip past level 64. Bob
  11. Minute 29. Thought i had copied the current time link, but didn't. Maybe this link will work better: https://youtu.be/8NVLXA05Lx8?t=1741
  12. Am i the only person whom has ever played Tempest 2000 much and not seen the following bonus round? Never beat the game, but i got to at least level 64 numerous times. Bob
  13. Is the Iron Soldier II soundtrack available anywhere? Used to stick my copy of IS2 CD in stereo and listen to on stereo system, but sold my copy back in '99. Bob
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