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  1. Yes, your circular buffer seems to be working well. The <PG UP> and <PG DN> addition would be nice. Just more natural that way than the CTRL E and CTRL X combo.
  2. Tim, There is a setting you can write in PI.CONFIG you can set that will set you to the time zone of your choice. I have to look up the specific command when I get back home. Beery
  3. Thanks for the feedback Matt..... and for the explanation!
  4. I should report I was able to do a complete backup from a 40 MB HFDC image to a subdirectory on the PI without issue. It took over 3 hours to copy all the files, but it works nicely!!! Beery
  5. Matt, I'm not sure if this is a TIPI issue, a "local" issue to me, or what. If you would, see if you can telnet into 9640News.ddns.net:9640 You should not be able to connect, as AT&T blocks the ports at either my AT&T router, or at the tower for my cellular internet connect. If your TIPI/PI locks up, then I think there is something that may require investigation. From the telnet connection when I try to open, I do not get a response back from the PI/TIPI. It hangs waiting on a connection or a no-connection response. Now, if I use my local IP 192.168.x.x:port address, I can connect to the system. The 9640news.ddns.net site points at another computer on my network, just not accessible but the IP address is being updated on no-ip.com. I don't know where the failure to report a connection is arising from. If you can generate a lock-up on your end, then I don't know if this particular situation is something you can address. If you get a refused connection and no-lockup, then the issue is completely on my side with my AT&T cellular firewall.
  6. I used the EVEN, however, at the end of the source file, that last byte wasn't captured in the object file. I'm not sure if it was the way the object file was written with perhaps testing for a NUL for the end of record, or if it was something else.
  7. I love this update. Presently using it to do a complete backup of my HFDC drive to a TIPI path. It removes my need to use DM2K for the TI-99/4A and the special DSK0 usage. I'm copying right now my hard drive on one system. With my other system, I went and tested how many files it would catalog in a TIPI directory with 2800+ files. It only got 241. Realistically though, I would manage a directory like that from a Windows share. I like the way you can tab from the left to the right window. If you can implement the <PG UP> <PG DN> keys at some point in the future, that would be nice.
  8. I came across what I believe to be a very obscure assembly and linking issue with GenASM and GenLINK I had a source file, that at the tail end of the source code, I had unlabeled source BYTE instructions with the last BYTE instruction a >00. The BYTE >00 was on an even boundary, so if I had an additional BYTE, it would have completed the word. When I linked the file, it ignored the >00. As the code above was a string with text, >0D,>0A,>00, the >00 was not part of the object file written. At least, during the disassembly with DiskAssembler, it did not show up in the disassembly. And, when it linked the next object file that object file added it's code over the Even boundary where the byte >00 resided. It took some time to find out why the code I had suddenly had display issues writing text to the screen. Beery
  9. Well, I went to grab the zip file, and the zip file was not found. Looks like he has the webpage up, but I guess the program is not ready for release yet. Beery
  10. Just saw the Geneve version of DM2K is now up and it is in 80 columns. Definitely going out to grab this file this evening!!!
  11. Interesting..... I'm going to send you a PM with some code. Beery
  12. Thanks for the image and the source. I've got a V0.99 image I have modified that looks for the TIPI but it requires at least a disk controller besides the TIPI in the PEBox to boot from the TIPI. Haven't quite figured out why yet as to what is happening. I have code that is modified to load from the SCSI and IDE in addition to the HFDC, however it has failed on the IDE load testing so far and not sure why. Maybe there is something in your code for the SCSI that might be an ah-ha moment. Beery
  13. And, it should be noted, the content in PC99/CYC is still a compilation that is still being sold to this day. I've used my legitimate purchase of the CYC several times pulling up manuals that Mike has typed in to find answers to some things I could not recall. Beery
  14. OK, there was a simpler solution and I have forwarded you the files. The default will be to have ECHO OFF, so that if a user wants to ECHO something from their autoexec, the existing ECHO <string> works. If you want to see what your AUTOEXEC file is processing, then have at the starting point, ECHO ON. The full range of 256 characters are now defined by default on bootup. See note about EXEC/GPL needing to restore character set after exiting as programs like MyWord changes some of the definitions. The built-in Telnet client now has a flashing cursor. Gives local access to the PI if needed. I think the code was about 250 bytes for the built-in client. Time for bed after I check the last message.
  15. Well, I am putting myself to get one. Not necessarily going to install it as I do have 1 MB in one system, and about 1.3 MB in the other (primary) system. Getting it for insurance purposes as the moment. Beery
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